Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kinsa Sushi

When in doubt, sushi.

Went over to my friend's family's restaurant again for Jap food! They serve really fresh food and the salmon roe is much tastier than the ones i ate at Genki Sushi. However, still slightly pricey for me haha. But that won't stop me from dining there because i love good food. 

A kind of fish from Japan i forgot the name. Aono or Ono sth like that. 

And my sister asked for extra topping. We didn't expect so much! haha. Love it. 

I am really hungry while looking back at all these photos. Can't wait for another sushi meal. I have been eating sushi quite a lot recently. Seems like sushi is the only food i won't be bored of eating. Fresh salmon and salmon roe i miss u guys so much :( . Have to eat them again. Ok i know why i am hungry. I haven't had my dinner! lol. Its 8 pm now. I will stop here and have my dinner now. 

Kinda a short post i know. My days are pretty mundane - studying, schooling, and planting. I am offering tuition to pri kids now! Currently have 2 and the max i will take is 4 because i want to focus on them properly. I didn't know i really do have an interest in teaching because i always can't wait to see the kid and teach them new stuff! haha. Perhaps one of my potential career paths is to be a lecturer. 

Alright, time for food. 


Kinsa Sushi 
Jubilee Mall level 2 
Ang Mo Kio Central 

They have officially move to:
4 Hillview Rise, HillV2 #02-02, 669320 

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