Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Is How You Scam The Scammer Back!

Just a week ago, my aunty from Hong Kong sent me a message and asked me to be careful of scammers on phone asking you for money. They will be messaging you via contacts from your contact list. I was like "Ahhh it will never be my turn." And then few days ago my BF told me that if someone uses his phone number to ask me for money, be sure that i don't give because he will never do such a thing. I was still like "Ok Ok it will never be me." 


I was at the airport waiting for my grandma's arrival with my bf when i received this text from a 'friend' on Line. 

Initially i thought she was gonna ask me to do a survey (because that's what most of my 'friends' do on Facebook) And then i know it wasn't her when 'she' didn't reply to my first question. She asked me to buy some iTunes Gift Cards for her!!! 

BAMMM I KNOW IT WAS THE SCAM THAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN CAUTIONED FROM. I immediately told my bf and we started to play along with her. 

Yup, that's how we usually scam people back. YOU OWE ME $$$ first! 

My bf started to take over me and msg her and we were just laughing away... 

I think when she replied 'lol ok', she was probably thinking "OMG THIS GIRL IS DUMB." 

Then we got more excited because it is like we know what she wants but she didn't know that we know. haha! And i just add on to the 'debt' that she 'owed' me. 

Then we started to prank her with a baby story. We actually made up a girl with AIDS and having a baby story. lolol. We were just curious how she will reply. haha. 

Turned out it was pretty hilarious. She just has to accept that she is a mother now and has Chlamydia. lol. Btw i hate how she always answer with a 'NO'. It is pretty dumb right?! I am asking her how is the baby and she said no. What? .... 

I was pretty angry when she asked me not to buy the wrong one. WHO ARE YOU?!!! You are here to scam my money and you order me not to buy the wrong one. 

So my bf and I finally decided not to play anymore because we were getting tired. We eventually gave her the iTunes Gift Card password, taken from Google. :) 

WE BOTH LAUGH OUT LOUD WHEN SHE ASKED "1?" hahaha. Yes 1 today, when you repay me $600 tmr, i will give you the other two. It is a nice deal right? 

Hmm... Scammer is getting angry. 

She got really angry.... 

We ended our day with a good laugh. Pretty dumb scammer. No one in the right mind will buy 3 gift cards for you and show you the password. Use a better reason next time. 

Fortunately i don't have many friends so it was very obvious that she is a scammer. hahaha. 

BE CAREFUL GUYS! And I hope you will do one nice job when you meet with this scammer on Line. Scam her back!!! 


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