Monday, November 17, 2014


Alright! Last post i said i decided to go for an alternative dental clinic for braces because the price that Unity Denticare quoted me was too expensive. 

It was when my friend introduced me to Alfred Cheng's clinic that i decided to do it at there! YES. IM GOING TO ALFRED CHENG ORTHODONTIST CLINIC for my braces. 

I have heard of this name when i searched 'braces' on google. I have also read posts about doing braces treatment there. Initially it didn't cross my mind that i wanna put this in as an option until Unity quoted this bomb price for me. My friend also told me that they are quite good and i can go and try it out! 

I was like 'OK i know they charged $4066 (inclusive of GST) for full braces and the first time payment if you are doing the treatment will be $535.' and 'yeah... plus they are specialist i will just do at there.' oh ya plus subsequent instalment is only $107 every month. So i went ahead and called them for an appointment. 


I was consulted by Dr Wee instead of Dr Cheng as Dr Cheng's next available slot is next month Dec 4th. lol. I didn't want to wait so long plus i don't really mind who is doing my braces as long as they are professional. 

Called them on Saturday and went for the appointment that coming Tuesday. Pretty fast right?! Just a few days of waiting!

Dr Wee looked pretty young but he had a mask covering his face so i really am not certain. haha. He was not very hyper and was pretty calm kind of person. 

So i sat there in the room, he examined my teeth a little. OH YA BTW I ASKED THE STAFF IF THS CONSULTATION WOULD BE FREE IF ITS JUST A SHORT CONSULTATION. This is because i have a X-ray photo ready and i just want to know about the prices that's all. So there is nothing much for him to do if say i don't want the treatment. So it will be quite unreasonable to charge me $60 for consultation fee for just a simple examine right? So she said it would be free if its just a short 5 min one. 

First question from him was 'Why do you want to do your braces?' 

I told him i wasn't satisfy with the top part of my teeth. The whole consultation was pretty fast as i know most of the cost from them and i know which teeth i need to extract as well. Its just that i want to double confirm that my information is up to date! haha. 

'Can i just do the upper part of my teeth? How much would it be?" 


"But..." he continued, "It depends on your bite. If your bite is not good, we have to do the bottom part too." 

"Then upper and bottom braces will be how much? How much for downpayment? How much is the cost of my extraction? Which teeth do you suggest me to take out? How much will the instalment be?" 

That was pretty much the questions that i asked him. 

So pretty simple 

Full Braces: $4066 after gst
Half braces: $2.6k 
X-ray and mould: $535 (it is included inside the braces price) 
Instalment: $107 after gst 
Extraction: About $800 per tooth (those that need surgery) but can use Medisave. Normal tooth is $80 per tooth. 

I was counting that i need to extract 3 teeth inside the gum and that would be like 2.4k. But can use Medisave. But.... Medisave is also your money right? haha. And i'm using my dad's medisave. 

OK. So i went ahead to do the x-ray and mould. He said he need a copy of the x-ray and the one i took in the phone can't be use. 

So my first payment was $535 after GST. That is the X-ray and Mould. Included inside the braces price. 


The next day, i changed my mind and decided to go for half braces instead because i only don't like my upper teeth that's all. Plus i can save close to 1.4k! The only thing i was worried about was the bite that he told me. Now i just pray that nothing goes wrong and my teeth be good. Don't play tricks on me. 

So i was confused with how the extraction will be now that i opted for top braces only. Do i still have to extract the bottom ones? So i called them back and it took quite a long while to get Dr Wee. It was after 4 phone calls back and fro that i managed to get Dr Wee. 

Anyway one of the staff was quite rude. There have a lot of dental assistants in the clinic. The first one i talked to was pretty nice. But the second one i talked to was .... SEE

I called

"Hello Alfred Cheng blahblah (talked too fast but u know what she was trying to say)"

"Hi, i called just now and i think one of the staff asked me to call back an hour later."

"And then?"

"Ah... and then?? erm... I think she said she will get Dr Wee."

"What is it about?"

"Oh, ytd i came for the consultation. Now i changed my mind i want to do just the upper part of my braces. So i want to know about how the extraction will go now... Do..." (I HAVEN'T END MY SENTENCE)

She interrupted, "Have you done your treatment?"

I wasn't sure what she meant, "Sorry what treatment?"

She did a quick sigh and sounded pissed off and said,

"Wait" and held my line. Thinking she was trying to get Dr Wee.

Came back 1 min later. She said like in a du-du train manner "Dr Wee is not around. You can call again later. Ok thanks bye bye." AND HUNG UP THE PHONE.

I WAS LIKE .... WHAT???? I haven't even said finish "oh ok thanks bye-bye." haha. Plus, her 'and then' was total rude i think. What do you expect me to say? One of the staff asked me to call back later and i do as per instructed and you asked and then? Your and then was as if you were pissed with me. Plus, i don't get what your treatment means? Does it means I'm having the braces on already? Or does it mean the first consultation? Sorry but i'm not an expert in braces and i really don't know. You don't have to let out your pissed off sigh right? 


Well, guess they had a busy day. Nevermind. 

So when i finally got in touch with Dr Wee. He explained the bite thing patiently to me. The connection was pretty bad and it got cut off 3 times. LOL. I thought he would be pissed in the 3rd 're-trial' call but he didn't. So it was all 'GOOD' GOOD? 


Dr Wee referred me to Oral Maxillofacial Practice. Called them immediately after the braces appointment and managed to book the braces to be done on Thursday. So the consultation to the extraction all happened in that week. 

OH MAN THAT WAS SO MUCH FASTER THAN UNITY I SWEAR. I'm not saying Unity is not good but i don't feel right doing the braces with them that's all. haha. 

OK. Stay tune for the extraction surgery. Will have some bloody pictures. 


Part 1 braces consultation with unity denticare
Part 3 Dental Surgery at The Oral Maxillofacial Practice
Part 4 The end of my braces after 1 year 3 months


  1. Hello do you know if the price is still the same now?

  2. Hello do you know if the price is still the same now?

    1. Hi, yes i think it is still the same :) u can always give them a call. Im still visiting them for my monthly treatment.

  3. Thanks! Planning to make an appt tmr. 😃

  4. Thanks! Planning to make an appt tmr. 😃

  5. Hello. May i know that 4066 includes the extraction price? Or its separated? Thankyouu

    1. Hi, it excludes extractions :) the place u r extracting is at Novena mt elizabeth specialist centre. The oral maxilofacial practice :) .

  6. How much is the consultation fee?

    1. Consultation fee is free if it is only a short one like 5 minutes. Otherwise, u have to call them & ask!

  7. His nurses are always so rude and horrid to the patients

  8. Is Dr wee good? Dont which doctor to consult. Dr alfred or dr wee. ><

    1. I have never see Dr Alfred before. But Dr Wee is quite cool. U ask him qns he won't be angry. Haha

  9. Hi ! I was wondering .. have you gone to this clinic yet !!??
    My suggestion is .. preferably Dr Wee !!
    I had a bad experience with Alfred Cheng ! 😤

  10. Oops ! Sorry Kacey .. my question is to the "unknown" sender who asked about which doctor to see! ��

  11. Oh .. Kacey .. this is for you !
    May I ask if Dr Wee do a good clean up on your teeth after the removal of the braces ??

  12. Yeah he did. My teeth was Super flat when everything was done .

  13. Oh wow !! Lucky you !!!
    Does Dr Wee did a thorough cleaning?
    As in clean the inner sides of your tooth (top and bottom front) ..?

  14. Alfred Cheng did not do a thorough cleaning for me though !!
    When i ask him to clean for me ...his reply was shocking !!!
    He replied : " That is not my job! "
    Wow !! What kind of dentist is he ??
    oh ya i forgot .. he dun call himself a "dentist" he called himself an "Orthodontics" ..
    So may i ask if anyone knows .. is it not an "Orthodontics" job to do the cleaning of a patient's teeth at the end of the braces sessions ..? leave alone during the course of the braces on .. obviously he never done any cleaning ..
    I have only one remark or rather an affirmation from Alfred Cheng that he will do a thorough cleaning up for me when all is done !!
    But at end of it what I get is "It's not my Job" ... OMG !!
    I just felt so cheated !!
    Waiting patiently and eagerly for my braces to remove .. and what i get is a great disappointment !!
    may I know ... if anyone ever had such experience ..?
    Please comment !!

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