Saturday, November 1, 2014

Progression of my Chilli Plant

I always feel happy whenever i see my babies growing day by day. They were just seedlings two months ago and now they have grown so big!!! 

This is just a short post featuring my plants. haha. Scroll down if you have time to see. 
About 2-3 weeks old 

Nearing end of September 

Somewhere 2-3 days after taking the previous photo. haha. Im so obsess with my plants. Took quite a few of their pictures!

And this was yesterday's!!! Aren't they getting bigger? I am wondering if i should separate the two chilli plants that are in the red and green pot. But i don't have enough space already. Plus then it means i am having 5 pots of chilli plant!!! I won't be deprived of chilli from now on. Don't have to go NTUC to buy them too. hahaha. 

I am also growing Mint!!! The picture is on my instagram. 

Alright, that's all for today. You may be wondering how come i am not uploading my selfies anymore. That is because i am getting a braces soon. LOL. I don't think i will be interested to take pictures when i have them on. Ok actually that's not the reason. The reason is that i am too lazy to doll up. I don't even put on make up when i go to school now. Everything is just kept pretty simple! 

Perhaps you will be able to see some transformation of me (my teeth in particular) two years later. HAHA. I am also getting quite health conscious lately. Drinking either a cup of water or cucumber juice every morning. Sleeping before midnight. Waking up around 8am. Start to eat fruits. And i'm brewing soup every 2-3 days JUST TO KEEP MY BODY HEALTHY ! Learn a lot of chinese soup recipe and all of them are good for the spleen and skin and eyes and blah blah... Can't wait to see if theres any difference 3 months later from now.

Ok. That's really all for today. Have a happy Saturday!

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