Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 going 2015

Baked some cinnamon rolls for Christmas! How did you all celebrate Christmas? This roll took me about 3 hours to do and another 1 hour plus to clear & clean everything. Taste turned out awesome but it gets harder as it sits longer. So it tasted super awesome when its just out from the oven! Soft and fluffy haha. 

Having the cooking mood recently. I'm really luck to be able to eat almost everything while having braces. And sorry for the late of posts! I've being such a home girl lately. Honestly, i haven't been out and about with anyone for months. I prefer to stay at home and be a lazy pig & chill. U know there are times when you just feel like doing this right? 

Sometimes i ask myself if this is right: I was so out-going last time and what happen now? Why am i always home? Why don't i dress up anymore but still like buying clothes & pretty stuff? What is the purpose of buying all these when i don't even go out? Am i lazy? Why is there a 360 degree change in my lifestyle? 

Anyone can answer these questions for me? I like being at home because i can save a lot of money. I can wear comfy home clothes, no make up, & just chill at home. Ah i think of a possible reason suddenly. It must be because i have very little purchasing power and that is why i feel the need to be at home(?). And also i'm just being very lazy. 

I get tired easily now. I go to bed early now. I wake up at 9am. Start to drink a cup of milk everyday. Pack my room and wash my bedsheets more frequently now. Sometimes i feel like a housewife more than a student. I get frustrated over why this is my situation and there's nothing i can change about it. The only thing i can change is the way i think now. But this is really easier said than done. You speak to yourself that you must think positive but honestly, after all this, how can you still be positive??? 

Sometimes i dream that i smash everything, walk out and never look back. Guess as you age, your troubles increase. Sigh... Things just happen, with a cause, for a reason. 

Thinking when is the day i can have a Merry Christmas. 

Another 4 more days till the end of 2014. Last year i celebrated the countdown in Hong Kong it was pretty awesome. What meaningful things can i do to finish this year's journey? This year has been so fast. 

Everyone says 'Next year will be a better year'. (Just go instagram/twitter/facebook and u will see posts like this on the 31st Dec 2014 haha) To be true, this is just a wish. We can't suddenly solve all the problems. We can't stop working just because we hate our boss or hate our job or hate our colleagues. We can't undo what we have done that make us regret. You simply just can't close your eyes and say "next year will be a better year" because truth is WHAT IS A BETTER YEAR? 

What are you hoping for??? The most irritating thing is to hope for something that you know can never happen. 

I can think of a better year perhaps, for me, that is to win 1 million ToTo. LOL. But i feel winning this kind of money has a price to take. My grandma told me this guy won 3 million lottery and the following month he spent his time in the hospital. He got last stage cancer or something. It was in the Hong Kong newspaper. So she was telling me there is a consequence to everything we do. OK WHATEVER I HOPE I WIN TOTO WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCE! 


1. Stop my self-contradiction. Just because i always think two sides to a coin, i always contradict myself. And i effing hate it!!! Can't i just be one-sided sometimes? haha. I don't know but i need to stop being so soft-hearted. Stop putting myself into other people's shoe. This can be wrong but i think i have to be a bit more selfish if not i am only making myself VERY unhappy. You know? 为自己找想一下. 

2. I WISH FOR WORLD PEACE. Just let me read the newspaper for once that there are no wars, no murder, no political issues or whatsoever. NO NATURAL DISASTER NEXT YEAR. Think that day the newspaper company can have a day off work. lol. Ok a bit unrealistic but i really do wish to world peace. 

And that's it. I think i've grown a little more mature this year compared to last year. Can't wait to see what happens in 2015. Will i win 1 million toto? hahahaha. 


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