Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A reflection for 2014

There goes another year and it means it is time for another yearly reflection! 

I do a reflection post every year. This year is gonna be a little (a lot) different because there will be no pictures! haha. Truth is this year is a really slack year for me. I did not do much and my life wasn't very happening either. 2014 is a slack year for me. But anyway i will still do my reflection on it. 

January: Ok i have to think about this. What did i do in Jan? I came back from Hong Kong on the 1st of Jan. Went to school. Slack in school. Did not start studying. Celebrated my boyfriend's birthday. A month passed. 

February: I spent $100 plus buying all the groceries from NTUC for Valentine's Day. I made macaroon and tiramisu. Made soup and other food. Spent the entire day cooking. Then i told myself, i am not gonna cook for next year's Valentine's Day. We will just dine out. 

March: It was my birthday! My boyfriend baked a birthday cake for me. Started touching my books to prepare for my exam. 

April: School ended and it was revision period. Did more intense revision. Woke up at 10 in the morning and studied till 8pm everyday. Stayed at home every day. 

May: Exam ended. Free from books! Officially started my holidays. Nope i did not travel overseas for the holidays. Stayed at home everyday. My mother came over for 3 days. I was so happy and i ate so much? (Only for that 3 days) 

June: Continued staying at home. Did not hang out much. Boring month. 

July: Another boring month. Received my exam result. It was a total disappointment. This was when i knew UOL exam is tough! And now i am pretty much more clear to how i should tackle the exam question, especially theory questions. There are tons to write. I wrote too little during the exam. And so instead of graduating next year, my graduation delayed one year. I exceeded the number of subjects i can take for the following school year. So i had to split them to two years instead. I tried to give myself comforting reasons e.g. I can do my braces. I will be less stress. I have more time to do other things. 

August: Started teaching my first student! 

September: New semester is starting soon. Another boring month. Didn't hang out. Didn't do anything fun. But started getting more serious about my braces treatment. Cleaned my teeth and etc. 

October: School started. Started teaching my second student too! 

November: My grandma came to visit us. She stayed for a month. 

December: Got my braces on! This is the only thing i was happy about for 2014. At least i did something that i will remember and will benefit me in the future. 

Ok this pretty much sums up my whole year. Its been a quiet year for me! haha. I prefer staying at home this year and i don't know why too. Maybe it is because the last few years had been tired for me.

One thing i can say is that i've definitely grown more mature. Some things become clear to me. However, i'm still figuring out who i really am. I'm in this confuse stage where my true identity is unidentified. My life has a 360 degree change. I don't know which is the true me. Guess it will take time to see. 

Looking back this year, i wish i had done something crazy. It's alright. Maybe it will happen in 2015. 

I wanna ride roller coaster. I wanna go to Phuket and Bali. I wanna visit my Grandmother in China. Have not seen her for 10 years! I wish my braces will be done next year in December. What else? Oh yes i wish i win 1 million Toto. I hope i save a lot of money. I hope i save enough and be ready to do Lasik one and half year later. (That is in May 2016) I wish KCYMjewelry will expand. Honestly i'm pretty surprise that i'm still doing this now. Its been a year and a half since i first started calling it KCYM. Perhaps i will be studying about designs and stuff next year? What about learning French? I completed my basic french lesson in Poly. Maybe i can pick it up again? I will write down all my wishes and goals and put 'em inside a glass bottle! hehe. 

My bf and i haven't decide what to do tomorrow for the countdown. Most probably we will just be at home. I really am in this 'home mode' this year. 


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