Thursday, December 3, 2015

My very first experience with Jean Yip (A short one)

As you might know, i've been troubled with acne problem this year. I was trying to find solutions for it. A few months back, i decided to go to Jean Yip and see if their facial package can help me! Wait, if you are here to read about whether the facial was effective then i'm sorry because i'm not here to talk about the facial package because i didn't buy it. haha. I just wanna share about my very first time experience having a consultation with them!!!

Before i went to Jean Yip in Jurong Point, i had searched on reviews about them. I didn't get much out from the internet. Ok! So it seems like i must try it myself!

The reason why i wanna try Jean Yip was because they have that magnifying machine that can show your skin condition beneath.

Ok so i went into the shop. Waited for someone to attend to me. A lady came and i told her i was interested in knowing about their facial package. I asked if a consultation is free. She said yes and she brought me into one of the rooms.

Very quickly, she used that magnifying machine and screened the part on my arm WHERE IT IS THE SMOOTHEST. She said this is what good skin looks like (pointing on the screen). Then she used the machine and screened my face. And said "now ur skin looks like this... u see the difference???"

My first thought was it was as if she already know my skin is gonna be very bad. I think its one of their selling technique la. Like show u the good and the bad. Like without much examination, she could see my bad skin condition.

Everything was so quick. She talked very fast. She shifted the machine here & there. My nose, a part of my cheek and my smooth arm part. I was not able to catch up.

So she said that at my age (i'm 22), i'm lacking of collagen (as shown on the screen) SO SHE RECOMMEND ME TO TAKE A FACIAL PACKAGE THAT CAN INCREASE MY COLLAGEN as well as deep cleansing.

I told her about my acne problem on my cheeks. She told me i have little collagen. I don't get it. But anyway my skin looks really bad on the magnifying machine haha. I can see my black heads and a lot of dirty stuff la! haha.

She quickly told me now they are having a national day promotion. u buy 10 get 10 free at $1888 before GST.

I was like ok let me think about it thanks.

As u already know, i didn't buy in the end. First thing was because ITS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR ME. Plus i am only have pimples on my lower cheeks, the rest of my face looks fine. I just want to find the root of the problem. So far no one was able to tell me. I was dying!!!

Second thing was because she talked really fast. I couldn't connect with her. I also feel she wasn't sincere about treating my problems. It feels like she wanna quickly tell me about it and that's it she's done.

Third thing was because i'm afraid my acne problem wasn't because i have low collagen level. Even that i also don't know if low collagen level was true. Maybe she just anyhow say, u won't know. But after she said that, i bought collagen drink. LOL. Vain but better be safe than sorry. Have been drinking my collagen drink for 3 months already. Will do a post on that.

SO! That pretty sums up my very first experience with Jean Yip! Asking me if i would go there for facial in the future? I would say No. I think there are better ones out there waiting for me. I dislike hard-selling and dislike untrue information.

I will do a full blog post on my acne problem in the future when its all healed! I found something miraculous i can't wait to share it with u all BUT i must be certain that this thing really works. I'm still testing on it now.

Can't wait! See u guys soon!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Thoughts On | Sushi Express

Ok! I'm finally blogging again! I have been trying out new food every now & then so i was thinking maybe i should start sharing my thoughts on it. Right?! I should share right??? Because i'm quite a critic when it comes to food. So if i think the food is nice, then i guess its really nice. And if the food is not nice, i get angry. LOL. 

Sushi Express was newly opened in Jurong Point not too long ago. My bf and I decided to try it out yesterday after seeing long queues the night before we went to eat. Is it really that good? Or is it because its cheap? Enough questions, just try and you will know. So early in the afternoon, we reached Sushi Express. No queues because it was only 11.40am. haha. 

$1.50 PER PLATE. 

There weren't many varieties but they have the basics such as SALMON, SALMON ROE, TUNA etc. 

And i think this is the best maybe because this is my favourite haha. And its only $1.50 ok!!! But you must also think that its $1.50 because they added a piece of cucumber on the rice. Normally u get all the roe on the rice but now its only half of it. 

And then we just kept seeing salmon roes on the belt. 

They have desserts too but we didn't eat it. 

U can watch the video to see some of the variety that they are selling. 

The whole dining experience only lasted about 30 minutes. We ate 10 plates. Basically we were very hungry so we ate super fast. I thought i was gonna get a few plates of the salmon BUT UNFORTUNATELY i think the salmon are NOT VERY FRESH. 

And oh we tried one of the prawn sushi (covered with some yellowish sauce on it) AND I LITERALLY THREW UP THE HALF CHEWED PRAWN. That was the worst one i tried. It tasted super raw. And we only ate a plate of salmon because as i mentioned they are not very fresh to us. But we ate a few plates of some long- yellow -fish -with -silver -coloured -skin -at- the- side sushi. lol. They tasted crunchy. I think those are the eggs. And we also ate a lot of salmon roe!!! 

Overall, i give this experience 3/5. 

Won't dine in at there anytime soon unless i'm craving for cheap salmon roe. lol.  

Ok! Hope this quick piece of information helps. I think the most important thing about sushi is whether they are fresh or not but i really think they are not as fresh as i'd thought they are. And no i didn't get a stomachache. 

Besides, there are a lot of people queuing for it during dinner time! If you haven't try, i won't stop you from trying. Remember to get more salmon roe if you're a sucker for that too. haha. Ok! Chat next time. bye!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


No pictures, just words.

This year is definitely more exciting than the previous year but still not fulfilling enough. I really spent a very dull & boring 2014 when i was still 21 years old :( . I regretted that i didn't try to do something new that year. So i'm telling everyone who is in their 21st now that you must achieve as much as possible! To me, being 21 is a big deal. And i actually wish my age just stop there haha i don't want to go any older than that. But anw i must accept that my age will get bigger. I may get older every year but i hope this doesn't stop me from being young at heart. My family & close friends are telling me that i'm getting too mature i'm dying of dull life. My life is dry. Really? ya la... minus all that partying & drinks & hanging out with friends. I pretty much stay at home every day. Either at my house or at my boyfriend's house. We hardly go out shopping too. Is this how i should be living? Should i be doing more meaningful things than staying at home?

So this year i decided to step out & really reach out to new things. I listed a few goals to do for 2015 such as learning a new music instrument, going to Bali, saving, getting good exam results. I'm quite proud to say that i achieved more than half by now already!!! The other includes an impossible dream and that is winning TOTO. haha. But i won't give up. LOL. I'm excited to list down my 2016 goals. Will do that on 31st december. I have no idea what i will write!

These little notes for myself keep me going. I will write a more detailed post of what i accomplished nearer to the end of 2015. I can't wait to write about the end of my braces procedure. Oh yes!!! My braces!!! They will be done by next year! Oh finally something to look forward to. Actually its not really the end because i only did the top & now i might be having problem with the bottom. That is another story. Will blog about it when everything is settled. I also can't wait to write about my acne problem. Everything is not settled now. Again, will blog about it once my pimples and scars are really gone and NEVER COMING BACK.

I was really super upset over my acne problem. I think it was one of my lowest moments so far. Ok... will blog about that soon. I can't wait to share if this particular product that i'm using now is curing my acne. We will see and i will tell you!

*abrupt end* Bye~~~

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Update of my Braces Journey

Hello~~~ It's been 9 months since i have my braces on! Just a quick update: The gaps are clearly closing up. The back teeth are going forward. During the first 2 months, there weren't any obvious change. The change was observed after 4 months. I measure the gap every time after i went for treatment. I'm glad that my teeth are moving quite fast!

Also, i did not have any ulcers so far. No pain for me too. The pain after every treatment is very bearable. I think my teeth are coping the pressure super well. I went for my treatment today and Dr Wee helped me bond the most back tooth as well.

I really hope it can be done by next year before March! Only 5 more instalments to pay. hahaha.

Ok, i shall take a picture from photo booth now to show the progress.

Purple arrows means the gaps formed due to extractions are closing now. However, new gaps formed (at the red arrow) because the rest of the teeth at the back are slowing moving in ONE BY ONE. My progress at both sides of the teeth are different. My left side is closing better than my right side. 

Ok i'm happy! BTW i only have upper braces done. 

That's it for now. Click "My Braces Journey' under label for the old entries! bye~

Monday, September 21, 2015

Kinohimitsu Detox Tea: No more bloated stomach!

I am specially writing this review to share with everyone who has serious bloating issues. For a few months, i have been suffering from bloat. It was super terrible. At first i didn't realise it because it's been going on and off for awhile already. I can't remember when was it exactly that i started having this issue. 

I remember i had bloated stomach back in 2013. I use to have bloated stomach (that, i know) but that one time was quite serious. I was literally looking like i was 2 months pregnant! I got so confused because i don't think i had that kind of huge bloat before. But after two weeks it started to disappear and i was back to normal. So i thought maybe it was just symptoms before menses. 

Fast forward this year, i've been having a few health issues. I started getting pimples around my lower cheek area and jawline. I googled them and found out that perhaps it has something to do with indigestion. Plus i was having back my bloated stomach for weeks! I really can't remember how long i've been having it la. Its to this point that i get too used to this big stomach. 

I started wearing loose clothes - can cover my stomach. Here's my case: Every morning before my breakfast, my stomach would look like i've already eaten a bit. I don't even need to eat, the moment i drink water, the stomach gets bigger. The more i drink, the bigger it gets. Not including food yet ok? By the time i eat, my stomach expanded to 2 months pregnant woman size. I WAS DAMN SAD I SWEAR. I think i lost my confidence because i looked like was pregnant, my WAIST WAS GONE, i had PIMPLES ON MY LOWER CHEEKS. 

That pimples started all the way back last year December. I was already starting to have a bloated stomach - clearly remember that i chose a dress to wear that can cover my stomach that day. Back then i only had 4-5 big pimples. They got crazy and started spreading out and increasing their 'population' until my left side of cheek currently has 14 PIMPLES. ARGHHH!!!!! 14 !!!!!! 

I don't use to have pimples one ok :( That was super disappointing and super demoralising. 

Last month during August, i couldn't take it anymore (the bloat and the pimples). I needed to find out what happen to my body. I went to the TCM for consultation. There is a high chance that i'm suffering from poor indigestion problem. True enough the doctor told me that my large intestine is not working very well. I asked her if she could prescribe me any medication to reduce the bloat and improve indigestion. She suggested to do massage for me. I DON'T WANT TO DO MASSAGE LA, but i began massaging my stomach every night before sleep. DIDN'T IMPROVE MUCH :(  

I even spent $250 for a health check up because i thought the bloating issue was quite serious. 


Then one day my bf and i passed by Robinson at Jem. I saw the brand Kinohimitsu's collagen on the shelves. I was interested to buy their collagen to try it out because i went to Jean Yip and they told me my face was lacking collagen!!! I was like wtf i'm only 22 leh. Are they kidding me? But whether they kid me or not it has no harm trying the collagen right? 

Then we searched around for a suitable product to buy AND JUST THEN I SAW KINOHIMISTSU DETOX TEA. "huh? i didn't know they sell detox tea. What is detox tea?" I thought to myself.

I've heard of detox juice and tea and i know it helps to cleanse the body, but i don't know how they cleanse it. NOW I KNOW... I had no clue to what i was going for when i decided to try the Kinohimistu detox tea. 


One reason: it says it helps to improve bowel moments! It says on the instructions that it cleans away all the dirt in your intestines. I was very keen to try them out because i know i have a lot of dirt inside (MUST BE). haha. 

So i diligently drink the tea for 6 days in a row. Wait before that i must talk about what happen on the first day: 

I drank it at 4pm after lunch. At 5am in the morning, i had a terrible stomachache that woke me up. My mind was thinking "wah so fast???!! and why at this time??? Oh so i have to shit. Now i know why it says cleanse. Now i know what it means by cleansing..." 

After the second day, my stomach bloating miraculously (or rather surprisingly) DISAPPEARED!!! It was far better than the size i had before my breakfast every morning when i had the bloat issue. IT WENT BACK TO THE SIZE ALL THE WAY BACK IN 2012. LOL. I CAN FINALLY SEE MY WAIST!!! 

I was so happy i kept smiling and jumping around. The result was so clear. On that day i wore a tight T-SHIRT and went for dinner. Must show off my waist line that has been hidden for the past 1 year plus. 

So i know that the reason for my bloat must be the dirt inside my intestines. I drank it for consecutively 6 days and stop after that because i've been going to the toilet so often it didn't feel normal... I was already passing out watery stuff by the 3rd day onwards. I also stopped because i wanted to see if the bloat comes back if i stop drinking. 

So far it hasn't come back! It's already one month! As of now, i drink it every 5-6 days just to make sure that i don't accumulate anymore dirt inside my body. But beware i know i might need to visit the toilet often the following day. 

There's my result! As for the pimples, i think they weren't as active already. I'm going for facial treatments now to really target my acne problem. Hopefully by next year i am back to that normal me. (that, i mean with my braces done, no acne and no bloat). hahaha. 

Honestly, this tea really gave me back a lot of my confidence. It's not just confidence but i feel less suffocated too. Can u imagine being hungry but your stomach is already so big and you're scared that it gets even bigger if you eat??? 

Ok la i shall stop here. I've finally shared this good news with you guys, i'm so happy!!! 

Please stay healthy. bye! 

P/S : i'm drinking the peppermint one. 

Friday, August 21, 2015


That moment when i clicked in to view my results.....

I wasn't really ready to see my results because i was afraid of seeing the same thing again - disappointment. Last year i scored badly for all my modules.
Year 2 modules:
Principles of Banking and Finance - 43 (My most confident subject got 43...)
Corporate Finance - 55
Principles of Accounting - 55
Microeconomics - 37 (Failed, i knew i wasn't gonna do well but i really wasn't expecting a FAIL)

You need 40 to pass.

That sums up my horrible exam experience with UOL last year. So this year i really pushed myself to study hard. I changed my learning and studying techniques. 

Cut short, my marks for this year are:

Financial Intermediation: 75
Investment Management: 70
Microeconomics: 74 (retake)

I got all first class grades!

Don't believe? Ok here's the proof!


Side note: I'm selling my FI written essay notes. Sold to anyone who wants to read it. Please scroll to bottom to get more info. 

Pretty much sums up my pleasantly shocking exam experience this time. I had all As! That huge jump of my grades was unbelievable. I'm so happy right now! Overjoyed. I screamed at 1.30am when i saw the result and my whole family came over to check. Like, is this real? 

So in this part of the post, for those who don't want to give up so easily just because u scored badly first time, pay attention! I'm sharing some of the studying tips. (Please don't follow if its not suitable for you.). Actually just one tip la, or two:

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE STUDYING. You must understand every concept, every detail (especially microeconomics or math related modules) and every other possible questions that you may ask yourself.

Lastly practice doing. For essay writing questions, keep practising on finishing within the time limit. We tend to write too much on one question and have no time for other questions. I practised a total of about 30 completed FI essays before my exam day. So basically when i went into the exam hall, it  was just like i was practising at home. At ease and at calm.

Theory (qualitative) questions need an introduction, body and conclusion. I think this is pretty standard when you need to write an essay. Make sure you have good introduction to summarise what u are going to talk about. Consult the UK revision lecturer if you can write an essay format using passive style (i.e. writing 'i' 'we' in the essay). Your body will need evidence/ readings you read from essential readings and subject guide. Lastly your conclusion must answer the question. Essay should not be about how much you memorise. It should be about using what your studies and answering the question. I did this for my FI and i got 75. Although not the highest, but it is still the basic u need to do if u are aiming for an A.

For quantitative questions, our examiner don't like to repeat questions from past year paper. They always come with new questions that u don't see before but with the same concept. So u need to know your concept very well (actually this applies to qualitative questions too) and be able to twist around the concept and apply on the question. Not easy for me because i am not a Math person but definitely fun for me when i practise doing quantitative qns.

VOICE RECORD YOUR LECTURE. It works for me. Whenever I'm studying something that i got stuck with, i listen back to the lecture and see if i miss out anything.

Where is the exam venue held?
In my previous post on UOL, i mentioned that the final exam period is in MAY. Your exam venue will be in SINGAPORE EXPO HALL. Every single student studying the same subject as you will be taking the paper. Rows and rows of chairs and tables will be neatly organised in the big EXPO hall. Everyone will be doing their super last minute memorisation/study.

Prelim Exam
There are prelim exams in SIM before your final exam. Prelim exams are usually held in end of February to Mid March. About two months before your final exam starts. Venue is SIM grand hall. The top level in SIM.

Is it compulsory to go for prelim? NO. i didn't attend prelim papers. I don't find it useful, especially when the questions asked in prelim are the recycled past year exam questions. You will get access to all these past year papers in your SIMCONNECT or VLE as well. So no difference. It only gives you a preview of an exam atmosphere. However, still try to attend if it is your first time.

Good to know that you won't be alone for revision. SIM and London give you revision before your exam! We call the SIM revision as the local revision where your lecturer give u the class. The London Revision is Overseas UK revision where the lecturers from London will fly to Singapore to give u the revision. 

UK revision usually starts in March to April. Local revision starts in April. You also choose your UK revision timetable! The UK one is a 2 day revision, 6 hours a day. The local one is also 3 hours revision, for 2 days too. 

UK revision really helps because those lecturers are usually the ones marking your exam paper! They also know the subject really well and can give you a clearer explanation than some local lecturers (in my opinion). My CF UK professor was freaking awesome. She taught me all the topics within 2 days, 6 hours a day, and she made me understand the whole freaking subject. She just use 12 hours guys!!! If she is my local lecturer, i am very sure i could get an A. 

Ok i will end it here. Hope this post helps. Don't give up, not yet!
"Be persistent and you will get it. Be consistent and you have it." 



Hi guys! I'm coming back for an update! I think it will be nice to update what happened after i received my results. So about a month ago, I received an email from school that I was invited to attend the Achiever's Event! I was selected to be one of the 17 students to receive an commendation award. This award is for students who are getting First Class Honour Results and are expected to get a First Class Honour next year. Yeap yeap. I'm one of them :DDDDD. hahahahaha.

I was very excited & shocked when i saw the invitation. I quickly called my boyfriend to tell him. My boyfriend was also invited to the Event because he is one of the First Class Honour holder. haha. So both of us attended it.

I was just a little disappointed that i didn't receive a Topper email for FI. lol i thought maybe perhaps i might be the top for FI in my school. But well the topper isn't just from Singapore but the whole world. Then ok lor, confirm not me already. It's okay.

I only had a few photos.

These are all the first class honour holder for 2015. My boyfriend is in the front middle section (giggles*) 

And me receiving my award. I thought they might give me cash or at least some vouchers but no :( .... I received a butter knife from them. lol. Fortunately, there is a certificate for me. I can put it in my portfolio now. lol. sigh... Better if got cash.. LOL. Don't laugh at my video btw. I was called by my proper English name but the Emcee read it a little wrongly. its okay... (directly translated from Chinese.) 

Hope you guys will work hard in UOL and achieve something great too! 

P/S: If you are curious in anything and if i can help, i will answer your question! feel free to email me at or simply comment down below! If you're interested in buying my written essay notes for FI, please email me. Good luck! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quick update

Blogging right now for a bit. Its coming to the end of my July month. Im suppose to be working only for this month but the in charge asked if i could extend & finish August too. So i was like "ok" but of course a lot of my plans have to change. For example, i wanted to have my tooth extraction start of Aug. Seems like i have to postpone it to start of Sept before school starts. Then, i also have to make plans for middle end Aug now with my mum. I could have accompany her the whole day while she is here in Sg but i can only acc her during the night time now. My tuition schedule is back to normal. I requested to end work at 4pm every Tuesday.

Yesterday, i tried baking cheesecake for the first time (another kind of cheesecake, not the fridge kind but the waterbath kind) and it was a success! Lol. I dont have the digital weighing machine so the portions were not accurate but it was seriously nice too! I also tried baking a cake & did flower frosting for the first time in my life lolol. Was a success too! Looks like im not eating my words this year : try new things to do. I can cancel off the "bake a cake this year" list now. Awesome! Now im only waiting to strike off the roller caster ride from my list. Of course there are other wishes but im not telling haha.

Alright, back to work. Ciao~

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bali Trip

I can finally check off one thing from my list: Going to Bali. I have always want visit Bali but i'm always going back Hong Kong instead of visiting other countries. This time during the holiday, i decided to go to another country instead of typical hong kong (although i love going back to HK). I was so excited but was also extremely worried that i would get cheated. Just speaking from my experience when i was in China Tianjin during my school study trip. I have to bargain with almost everything in China and i hated it. This is the same in Bali. 

Well first day in Bali was a total disappointment. My bf and I arrived at the airport. We did not arrange any transportation to the hotel. We were gonna take a cab instead and i know roughly the price to get to Nusa Dua from the airport. Probably about SGD 20 at most. BUT I GOT RIPPED OFF. URGH. I hate to talk about this but i'm seriously writing this post to warn those first timers in Bali. 

Sure there are a lot of posts and sites about Bali but i couldn't find one that answer my questions. For example, i wanna know roughly how much to get from one place to another (Really dun wanna get 'cheated', NOT EVEN A DOLLAR). Won't you feel like a dumb when you paid $15 for something and later realise that it actually cost $10? At least that is my mindset.

When we arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali's airport), there wasn't anything to shop at the arrival gate. Basically, just some cosmetic and alcohol shops. Definitely not like in Singapore. Then you are already out of the gate after a few minutes of walk after collecting your baggage. 

We have to complete a declaration form indicating where are we staying at etc. The process is pretty fast, basically the officer didn't bother reading it too. He just took the paper from us and let us went through. In the airport, you can also find many tour-around-bali brochures near the baggage area. So that's it, we were out from the airport. 

Then you will see a lot of taxi drivers at the entrance asking you if you are going anywhere. I was stupid, i didn't see properly if the driver was from Blue Bird Group or not. Blue Bird Group is the most reputable taxi group in Bali. They on the meter when you board their taxi, so you won't have to worry about bargaining. The only thing i was a little worried about was that the driver might drive a longer route to earn more money. haha. I'm not innocent with this kind of things at all. I always think about how this person will try to raise the price and etc and try to rip me off. NO! YOU CAN'T! 

But .... yeap.... i kinda got ripped off a little on our first day. So the story continues: 

A driver was asking us where we were heading to and we said Nusa Dua, how much? The driver quoted 25USD. Balinese like to quote prices in USD. My bf was like 25USD? ohh okk u want or not? I immediately went NO NO NO. 25USD IS TOO MUCH. Then i quoted 20 without a second thought. But i forgot one thing: IT IS QUOTED IN USD. so 20USD is like 25 sgd??? 

The taxi driver was like 'Oh ok 20.' and the price was settled. Honestly i would have quoted 15USD but brrrr first timer, what to expect. Then the driver waved at two guys and they 'helped' us with our luggages. I was a bit shock i thought 'wow nice service... help us take luggage too.' 

Then 2 minutes later while still walking to the carpark, i sensed something wrong. Initially i thought the helpers were in the same group with the taxi. i thought its part of the service. And then on the deeper thought, they were wearing different shirts. The drivers were wearing blue and the helpers were wearing white. And then i whispered to my bf, "I think these people will be asking us for tips later. watch out."

BECAUSE I KNOW THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD. And true enough they asked us to tips. Damn i was so pissed off because firstly, my guess was correct. Secondly, I DIDN'T ASK THEM FOR HELP. THEY CAME AND TOOK OUR LUGGAGE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. Thirdly, THEY ASKED US FOR A $5 TIP. They specifically requested for a blue note 50,000 rupiah from my boyfriend. So smart of them, they surely know money changer gives 50,000 rupiah to travellers. 

Well we were so nice we couldn't say no to them. We don't usually reject people you see. But i was like a black chicken already. Face black and super pissed off. I gave one of them 50,000 rupiah and asked them to share. Oh wait i wanna add one more reason to why i was pissed off: and FOURTHLY EACH OF US ONLY HAVE ONE LUGGAGE AND WAS SUPER LIGHT WE COULD WELL CARRY BY OURSELVES. Really angry that they took our luggages and i was so stupid to think that its part of the service (since we are in the airport. Thought they are the airport staff). If i would to go to Bali again (which i definitely am not going back for a long long long time), i will show them my black face and say "DON'T TOUCH MY LUGGAGE THANKS IM NOT GIVING TIPS". LOL. 

Anyway, the other helper came and asked for tip when we already told the other that this $5 is for both of them. Then my bf told them nononononononono and we hop on the taxi and left. Actually its all thanks to that driver. He was the one who asked them to take our luggages. Super hate this kind of thing. If you wanna help, you can actually say "Let me help you with your baggage" before snatching them away from me right? At least if i say yes then i wouldn't feel like a stupid girl because i actually allow you to carry my luggage. But now you are taking them without our permission and want tip from us. wtf is this. Makes me wanna scold vulgarities. 

And this makes me reject all the services i encounter in Bali. Whatever thing that people offered me; I reject. I rejected the welcome hand towel when i reached the resort, i rejected the welcome drink (but i eventually drank it after knowing that its really part of the hotel service). My mind was like :they are gonna ask me for tips. they are gonna ask me for tips. This thought haunts me. 

Wait a minute, i'm not a stingy person but you only deserve my tip if your service is good and transparent (or should i call it clean). You don't just anyhow ask people for tips just because you did something for them and it wasn't even nice. 

Ok... i think I'm complaining too much. Actually this whole trip has a lot of complains. Everybody is praising Bali and the beach and the Bali vibe what not. My bf and I were like WTH we didn't like this place at all. 

So anyway for your info, a taxi ride from Bali airport to NUSA DUA should only cost you around $15 USD AT MOST. And please reject those help with luggages. It saves you 50,000 rupiah. 

We stayed at Bali Tropic Resort and Spa in Nusa Dua for the first 2 nights.  If you search on Agoda, i recommend you to find resorts or hotels that are right next to the beach (if your purpose is to see the beach first thing in the morning in Bali). Bali Tropic is one of them in Nusa Dua. There were tons more. All resorts are just right next to one another, along the beach. So to our left was Holiday Inn, to our right was ... i can't remember but there was Westin, Nusa Dua Beach, Club Med, if you go further and further, it would be Grand Nikko and etc. I would like to show you on the photo here:
from Agoda

All those red buttons at the further right are the resorts next to the beach. Theres one thing i have to tell. There are high and low tides in Nusa Dua. When we reached our resort during th evening, it was the low tide. Basically no sea view to enjoy haha. And people don't swim there. No surfing seen too. Those are in Seminyak and Kuta area which i will talk about in the next post. So if you are going to Nusa Dua, you are really just chilling out, looking at the sea, perhaps play some water sports activities and eat the food in the resort's restaurants. U can go to other resort's restaurant to eat. There are free wifi everywhere, just needa ask the staff for the password. 

We buy our water from the Guardian store just right opposite our resort. Thank god there is a Guardian at our accommodation area. No shopping area near our hotel. You have to get a cab or walk 40 minutes along the beach to Bali Collection (where you can do some shopping and eat some Japanese food). 40 minutes is not long haha. I walked from our hotel all the way to the other end twice. Passed by so many resorts. 

On the rate of 5, i rate Bali Tropic 3. Pool is not super big. Food is not super good. Thankful that bed is clean and no mosquitoes. We can even hang our wet clothes in the room. That's a bonus for us because we were staying there for 8 freaking days. Toilet is the biggest we have seen so far in our stay. We stayed at 3 different hotels. 

I recommend other resorts like Westin, Grand Nikko, even Club Med if you are willing to afford $400 a night stay. These are honest opinions from a fussy person. 

Water sports activities are not cheap! Parasailing is 30USD per person. Each kind of water sports cost you around an average of 35USD per person. But you can get a good deal if you get referred by the locals. We rented a half day car and the driver introduced us to a place where they have water sports. He said he could help us get good price, i thought he was gonna bargain for us. End up we bargained ourselves. 

We played Para sailing, Banana Boat and Jet Ski at 40USD per person. He gave us initially 90USD per person. Can you see the difference now??? That's what i call RIP OFF. We were like what??? so expensive, cheaper. Then he lowered to 80USD and we bargain and bargain and said we didn't bring enough money. 40USD the max. He gave us 45USD. I knew 40USD was ok for him and we pretended to leave and he said ok ok 40USD. There you go, 3 water sports at 40USD. Actually i still considered it to be very expensive. It took less than 20 minutes to finish all these 3 stuff. Para sailing took less than 3 minutes. lol. I was super nervous about that because it seem so high up but it was nothing scary at all. Luckily for me i had someone to accompany me up because they said i was too small a size. 

So that's it for our 3 days stay in Nusa Dua. I highly recommend stays that include breakfast because you don't want to be hungry early in the morning looking for food. There aren't many restaurants outside of the resorts. Food in resorts are extremely expensive too. They are just like the price normally pay in Singapore restaurants: $15 for a pineapple fried rice. $32 for steak. 

Long post but definitely good information for those getting around Bali the first time. 

That's it for now. Ciao~ 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Exam is finally over? Yes its finally over! Almost 3 months of preparation. Feelings after exam? I feel nothing. Honestly i feel kinda lost right now because i have nothing much to do other than studying. haha. But i've already decided to take up some new activities to do such as learning how to make clothes/ learning some art n craft stuff. I'm also looking forward to my Bali trip in June. And this year i must summon ALL MY COURAGE TO TAKE THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE. I'm just really scared that i will die half way due to sudden heart attack or shock. LOL.

Today is the 3rd day of my holiday. What should i do now?! Have to teach tuition later at 3pm. Haven't watched a movie for months. I missed fast n furious and alot other good movies. Luckily the Avengers is still on screen. I wanna watch movie so badly now!!! I'm a movie freak. My poor boyfriend is ending his exam on the 28th. So he can't accompany me to do crazy stuff now.

Finished watching 武则天 by 范冰冰. I've always love Chinese history, especially those in the palace and war time. Maybe a Chinese history book is a good Christmas present. But it must be a book with pictures and real historical pictures. I also watch a lot of chinese documentary videos on youtube. hahaha. Such as Cixi's documentary, the ancient China, Concubines stuff. Aiya, actually concubines stories are the most interesting stories. They fight until they die for power, the survivor wins it all. Its quite a sad truth too. If they don't fight, they will die. Even if they don't want to fight they are forced to fight because others will attack them anyway. Its either you die or you try to fight and get something out of it. Once you're in this game, the optimal choice will be to fight. The equilibrium of a Nash game- fight fight.

Alright enough of the fighting nonsense. Shall find something to do now.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sis's bday l Sentosa l Movenpick

A little break from studying! Just close to a month more to go till i end my exam! Time has passed so quickly. It will be my last year in university next year! And then i will be panicking and getting stress about what i wanna do next. No no.. i don't mean i will only be thinking about my future when i finish university. I have been thinking about this since i ended Polytechnic! But until now, i am still not hundred percent sure what i wanna do. There are a few different paths that i've imagined. But you never know what will happen in the future. Maybe its totally different from what i've imagined. 

Ok! This month is my sister's birthday month. She was excited about it since two weeks before her birthday. She went taobao to get all her Hawaii theme stuff for the party. She got herself Movenpick Heritage Hotel as she wanted a jacuzzi in the room. 

A day before her birthday, my boyfriend and his mother prepared donuts and sushi for the party. So sweet of them! Of course i helped out too. Learn how to make mini donuts and sushi. haha. 

It was a hot day that day. I was very excited over the onsen that i'll be getting on later. But guess what? The water is soooo hot! hahahaha. I forgot onsen is for the cold weather. I was thinking about cold swimming pool water! A little stupid of me. haha. The lowest degree it could go to was 26 but it was still pretty hot, especially under a hot afternoon. So my bf and I didn't hop on to the jacuzzi, we went out of the hotel room to explore Sentosa. We love to explore new things. We call them adventures. lol. So we left while the rest are decorating the hotel room. 

Free ice cream from Movenpick hotel with free toppings. So delicious! 

Saw a peacock and immediately took photo. Too scared to go near it but, in fact, it was too scared to come near me. I'm really a 胆小鬼. I can't even feed a stingray when we went to the aquarium the other time. All the children were playing with them; touching them and feeding them. I guess i have no fear if i was still a child. I was quite brave when i was young. I wasn't scared of cockroach nor heights. I climbed the rock wall like a monkey during camp and i could run from one end to another on a 5 storey high pole. My boyfriend told me it is because i was stupid when i was young, i knew no danger. But as i get older, you know more and more dangerous things. So you become more and more timid. haha true?? 

My first time on this bridge. Country pumpkin!!! So take more pictures! 
I'm still having braces on and the gaps in-between my teeth is still very obvious. I have mastered how to smile without showing my teeth. LOL. 

When we got back, the water wasn't so hot anymore. So i changed and 'jumped' in! 

And my sister's friends were having fun in the jacuzzi too before they went to swim. 

Trying to be funny while taking photos.

My boyfriend's creation. Look abit like those thai girl in the thai club hor? lol. 

At night, the al fresco was decorated with candles! 50 in total. My sister's boyfriend climbed up and down to put these candles. And her birthday cake on the right side. Hawaiian theme.

My childhood friend, my boyfriend and Me!

His happy face

His sad face. He is very good at acting sad. 

Ok i shall end off with myself in this Japanese style robe. BYE BYE~! 

Time to study again. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Taking my body for granted

When i was 9, my mother started forcing me to drink papaya milk saying that my boobs will get bigger after drinking. I hated the taste of milk and i dislike drinking it. She insisted that i shall drink everyday since its the start of my puberty. Something that is good to me now becomes a chore to me. Everyday after school, i would hear the sound of the blender machine mixing that papaya and milk up. 

I would go like "what?! again??? Don't leh... I really don't like it!"

And my mother would say, "Drink it! Imagine the day you wear your wedding dress. You can any kind of wedding dress that you want. You can also wear clothes that will only look good on people with bigger bust."

For the sake of 'imaging' that i can wear any clothes i want when i grow up, i listened to my mother and drank it routinely for about a month. The result was quite obvious. It did started getting bigger BUT i'm not sure if its the effect of the papaya milk or its just because its the start of my puberty. 

I complained about it each time i drank it. Then came the time when my mum finally gave up forcing me to drink her papaya milkshake because she was sick of hearing my complains everyday. YAY!!! I was so happy! No more milk and disgusting papaya taste! 

Then fast forward came to the age of 18, I TRULY REGRETTED NOT DRINKING THAT PAPAYA MILK. I regretted that i didn't listen to my mother and drink it diligently. What a waste. I could have seen better results if i continued drinking. 


When i was 7, i started joining skipping competition in school. I continued participating the annual skipping competition till i reached 10. During that 3 years, my height grew rapidly. I'm always the tallest in class. Because skipping is literally jumping, i grew very fast. BUT I DIDN'T APPRECIATE IT. I felt weird that i was the tallest in class and i hope i didn't grow so tall so fast. And then when i was primary 5, i didn't grow as much and i was HAPPY. Soon the boys and girls started catching up on me and i became the average height girl in class. 

Why was i so stupid? I should have continued joining skipping competition ALL THE WAY TILL PRIMARY SIX. It was that incident that made me give up skipping. I was supposed to join the skipping marathon when i was primary 4. However, somehow, someone replaced me and i didn't get to participate. DEH~~~ The end of my skipping experience. Till now i'm still keeping my trophies. I won the champion individual and pair. The worst i got was third in place. 

So i literally took for granted that i can drink more milk and jump more during my puberty period. After primary 4, i hardly jump frequently anymore. When i was in secondary 2, i started to try basketball. I started wanting to grow taller again. And i knew i have a few years left to grow only. My height was 160cm then. I wanted to be 168cm. So i started playing basketball. Unfortunately things didn't go well because i felt that basketball is too rough for me. So i quit, just a month later. How could i have grow? 

I DIDN'T GROW SINCE THEN.... I stay at 160cm sometimes 159.5cm from then.... 

It's pretty sad for me to look back at it now. I could have skipped more! I should have drank lots of milk!!! I did not like drinking milk. Hardly drank it when i was young. I didn't appreciate the good stuff given to me. 


When i was 18, i started my nightlife. It all started when a friend asked me if i wanted to promote a club. He told me i would be the brand ambassador and promote the club for him. So my main job is to invite all my girlfriends to come and i would get paid. He said its pretty easy money and so i went for it. At the point of time, i didn't have any girlfriends but i managed to invite many (for some reasons). 

In that one year's time, my health deteriorated. I didn't drink enough water daily. I club almost 3 times a week. This heavy partying only lasted for about 4 months. The rest of year was spent drinking at night/ late night gatherings. But I gotta say my life was never this busy and amazing. I lived a pretty dry life, going to school, going home that's all. The night scene introduced me to a lot of different people. My social connection got wider and i got more 'friends'. They were crazy and we had fun. But the fun didn't last. It was about a year's time when i realized this was not what i'm going for. Yes I've already experienced what i wanted to go through when i was young: going to a club and yes i think its time for me to stop. 

I noticed my hairline was getting more obvious. My hair parting was so obvious it felt like i'm losing hair. Luckily the skin didn't go too bad. My eyes were getting smaller and they seem tired all day. I didn't take care of my teeth as well. I took my teeth for granted. I let the food to be trapped inside and i didn't care about it. lol. To me the teeth is not important. I didn't even brush them properly. I don't visit the dentist and i didn't get any teeth cleaning done ever since secondary school. 

YUP THAT'S WHEN RESIDING OF GUM CAME. My teeth gum resided. One of them got very obvious. And now i noticed my four front teeth gum are not balanced. Two of them are slightly resided. 

This is the punishment you get for taking your body for granted. Luckily there's something call gum grafting i think. They can put fake gum and let you have pretty teeth again? Is it? I've searched it on google before. I'm going to do it when i'm older. 


Now that i am officially 22, i take much more care for my body, soul and health. It's just too bad i can't get anymore taller. I wish growing stop only when we are 30!!! 

I take extra care for my skin as well. I started making green smoothies for myself. I would eat things that i normally won't eat, just for the sake of being healthy and having better skin. Currently, i will start trying to cook 雪梨炖木耳 for myself weekly. I always spend money to buy bird nest for myself to consume weekly. Now its still pretty affordable to buy. I got 10 pieces from Hock Hua for $80! One piece each week, that can last for 10 weeks! Maybe i should buy more now since the price is pretty low now. I also drink vitamin C boost daily. One very important thing is that i drink at least 1 litre of water daily now. I can't wait to see the result one year later. Since i am having my braces now and i lack the mood for pictures and outings. I use this time to repair my body. It takes a month for you to spoil your body but it takes a year for you to get back to shape.

As you are getting older, you realise you have more health problems. Not sure if you feel it, maybe you are very healthy but for me, i started feeling like i would die soon. My heart is not in a very good condition lately. Perhaps its the stress that i'm getting. I wish all will be better when exam ends! 

Alright. That's it for now. I'm sure i will feel better very soon. Have you taken your body for granted too? It's time to care for this precious body now! 

And rest in peace Mr Lee Kuan Yew. You will be remembered as our hero and great father of Singapore. Although you are gone, your energy will stay with us forever. You are truly our role model.

Monday, March 16, 2015

My 22nd Birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday to myself. Nothing crazy this year, just a peaceful day out with my bf and a dinner with my family. How i wish my mum is here though. Lately i've been preparing for my final exam. I guess too much work makes a human emotionally tired. Everyday, i'm at home sitting in front of the laptop, either studying or surfing the net. I miss hanging out with my friends. Well... just 60 more days to go. You can see from the way i'm writing that i am JUST TOO DRAIN OUT OF 'JUICE'. lol. Where did all my energy go?! 

Nevertheless, a happy birthday to myself. *draining out of energy*. I love my birthday cake. Thanks for all the efforts made. And thanks those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. 

No i was not watching a horror movie. 

I was watching CINDERELLA~~~~~

In case you are thinking how come i never smile with my mouth open now. It is because of my braces. lol. I'm really quite troubled the fact that i have two big gaps in between my teeth now. But all these will end soon ... 'very soon'. 

My bf who plan all these for me :) Yes its pretty empty in the restaurant last night during dinner. But i like it lol. I like that i am not disturbed and it is quiet. We dined at the Peach Garden at OCBC Centre. I actually won't come again next time. Nice first time try though. 

Ok my energy is really draining away... I just can't anymore... I needa leave now and get some more work done. Maybe i should really start motivating myself to exercise: force out some sweat and be a happy girl. 

ok! That's it for now! I hope i will be back very soon. Can't wait for the exam to end. ENDDDDDDDD :((( But end with good results. lol.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How is everyone coping with 2015 so far? I hope the past one month and half has been a fulfilling one! Blogging cause it is Chinese New Year soon and i'm getting excited about it. Mainly excited for the ang bao. lol. Hope i can get more this year so that i can save up more for my lasik treatment (soon). 

No pictures for this post. I haven't taken a real selfie since i put on my braces! I just don't know why my face looks different. My boyfriend asked me the other night while looking at my old pictures, "Where did my baby go?" hahaha. He was joking btw. 

This year might be more exciting than last year. Last year was boring to the max. I absolutely did not try anything new or achieve anything. DDDDD:  So this year i decided to write a list of things to do/goals/wishes in my wishing jar. Hopefully i will ride a roller coaster this year. I never dare to try. One reason is because i have a little heart problem (sometimes it skips super fast out of the blue. I think it is heart palpitation.) Another reason is because i'm afraid i will die of shock. haha. 

I've rode the mini roller coaster in Ocean Park but never dared to try the gigantic one. Let's hope this year i will unlock this achievement!!! 

I wrote things such as:

Learning a new language - Really not sure if i would be able to do so. I stopped learning Korean after a month of class previously, at Beginner Level 2. haha. Maybe i would change learning a new language to learning anything new. That would be easier. Perhaps learning how to arrange flowers? haha. Learning how to make a dress? IDK but will decide when my exam ends. 

Going to Bali and Phuket! - Gosh i have never been to these places. Not even Thailand ok. Hope this year i can visit these places and put another tick on my check list. 

Doing a perfect split - Yup, i will try to do a perfect split by the end of this year and perform to my boyfriend during Christmas. LOL. 

I wrote quite a few things and i will add on as and when i feel like adding! 

Aim to make this year a fulfilling year. You can never go back to 2015 when 2016 comes. It also means i can never go back to 22 when i am going 23. So sad. I can't believe I'm going 22 this year. I only remember myself celebrating my 19th birthday and that's it. Ok or maybe the 21st and that's really it. After 22 it is 23 and after some years i will be dirty thirty. It is true. Time doesn't wait. Kinda regretting why i didn't make full use of my life when i was 21 (last year).  But not too late to start it this year.