Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How is everyone coping with 2015 so far? I hope the past one month and half has been a fulfilling one! Blogging cause it is Chinese New Year soon and i'm getting excited about it. Mainly excited for the ang bao. lol. Hope i can get more this year so that i can save up more for my lasik treatment (soon). 

No pictures for this post. I haven't taken a real selfie since i put on my braces! I just don't know why my face looks different. My boyfriend asked me the other night while looking at my old pictures, "Where did my baby go?" hahaha. He was joking btw. 

This year might be more exciting than last year. Last year was boring to the max. I absolutely did not try anything new or achieve anything. DDDDD:  So this year i decided to write a list of things to do/goals/wishes in my wishing jar. Hopefully i will ride a roller coaster this year. I never dare to try. One reason is because i have a little heart problem (sometimes it skips super fast out of the blue. I think it is heart palpitation.) Another reason is because i'm afraid i will die of shock. haha. 

I've rode the mini roller coaster in Ocean Park but never dared to try the gigantic one. Let's hope this year i will unlock this achievement!!! 

I wrote things such as:

Learning a new language - Really not sure if i would be able to do so. I stopped learning Korean after a month of class previously, at Beginner Level 2. haha. Maybe i would change learning a new language to learning anything new. That would be easier. Perhaps learning how to arrange flowers? haha. Learning how to make a dress? IDK but will decide when my exam ends. 

Going to Bali and Phuket! - Gosh i have never been to these places. Not even Thailand ok. Hope this year i can visit these places and put another tick on my check list. 

Doing a perfect split - Yup, i will try to do a perfect split by the end of this year and perform to my boyfriend during Christmas. LOL. 

I wrote quite a few things and i will add on as and when i feel like adding! 

Aim to make this year a fulfilling year. You can never go back to 2015 when 2016 comes. It also means i can never go back to 22 when i am going 23. So sad. I can't believe I'm going 22 this year. I only remember myself celebrating my 19th birthday and that's it. Ok or maybe the 21st and that's really it. After 22 it is 23 and after some years i will be dirty thirty. It is true. Time doesn't wait. Kinda regretting why i didn't make full use of my life when i was 21 (last year).  But not too late to start it this year. 


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