Monday, March 16, 2015

My 22nd Birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday to myself. Nothing crazy this year, just a peaceful day out with my bf and a dinner with my family. How i wish my mum is here though. Lately i've been preparing for my final exam. I guess too much work makes a human emotionally tired. Everyday, i'm at home sitting in front of the laptop, either studying or surfing the net. I miss hanging out with my friends. Well... just 60 more days to go. You can see from the way i'm writing that i am JUST TOO DRAIN OUT OF 'JUICE'. lol. Where did all my energy go?! 

Nevertheless, a happy birthday to myself. *draining out of energy*. I love my birthday cake. Thanks for all the efforts made. And thanks those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. 

No i was not watching a horror movie. 

I was watching CINDERELLA~~~~~

In case you are thinking how come i never smile with my mouth open now. It is because of my braces. lol. I'm really quite troubled the fact that i have two big gaps in between my teeth now. But all these will end soon ... 'very soon'. 

My bf who plan all these for me :) Yes its pretty empty in the restaurant last night during dinner. But i like it lol. I like that i am not disturbed and it is quiet. We dined at the Peach Garden at OCBC Centre. I actually won't come again next time. Nice first time try though. 

Ok my energy is really draining away... I just can't anymore... I needa leave now and get some more work done. Maybe i should really start motivating myself to exercise: force out some sweat and be a happy girl. 

ok! That's it for now! I hope i will be back very soon. Can't wait for the exam to end. ENDDDDDDDD :((( But end with good results. lol.

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