Monday, March 23, 2015

Taking my body for granted

When i was 9, my mother started forcing me to drink papaya milk saying that my boobs will get bigger after drinking. I hated the taste of milk and i dislike drinking it. She insisted that i shall drink everyday since its the start of my puberty. Something that is good to me now becomes a chore to me. Everyday after school, i would hear the sound of the blender machine mixing that papaya and milk up. 

I would go like "what?! again??? Don't leh... I really don't like it!"

And my mother would say, "Drink it! Imagine the day you wear your wedding dress. You can any kind of wedding dress that you want. You can also wear clothes that will only look good on people with bigger bust."

For the sake of 'imaging' that i can wear any clothes i want when i grow up, i listened to my mother and drank it routinely for about a month. The result was quite obvious. It did started getting bigger BUT i'm not sure if its the effect of the papaya milk or its just because its the start of my puberty. 

I complained about it each time i drank it. Then came the time when my mum finally gave up forcing me to drink her papaya milkshake because she was sick of hearing my complains everyday. YAY!!! I was so happy! No more milk and disgusting papaya taste! 

Then fast forward came to the age of 18, I TRULY REGRETTED NOT DRINKING THAT PAPAYA MILK. I regretted that i didn't listen to my mother and drink it diligently. What a waste. I could have seen better results if i continued drinking. 


When i was 7, i started joining skipping competition in school. I continued participating the annual skipping competition till i reached 10. During that 3 years, my height grew rapidly. I'm always the tallest in class. Because skipping is literally jumping, i grew very fast. BUT I DIDN'T APPRECIATE IT. I felt weird that i was the tallest in class and i hope i didn't grow so tall so fast. And then when i was primary 5, i didn't grow as much and i was HAPPY. Soon the boys and girls started catching up on me and i became the average height girl in class. 

Why was i so stupid? I should have continued joining skipping competition ALL THE WAY TILL PRIMARY SIX. It was that incident that made me give up skipping. I was supposed to join the skipping marathon when i was primary 4. However, somehow, someone replaced me and i didn't get to participate. DEH~~~ The end of my skipping experience. Till now i'm still keeping my trophies. I won the champion individual and pair. The worst i got was third in place. 

So i literally took for granted that i can drink more milk and jump more during my puberty period. After primary 4, i hardly jump frequently anymore. When i was in secondary 2, i started to try basketball. I started wanting to grow taller again. And i knew i have a few years left to grow only. My height was 160cm then. I wanted to be 168cm. So i started playing basketball. Unfortunately things didn't go well because i felt that basketball is too rough for me. So i quit, just a month later. How could i have grow? 

I DIDN'T GROW SINCE THEN.... I stay at 160cm sometimes 159.5cm from then.... 

It's pretty sad for me to look back at it now. I could have skipped more! I should have drank lots of milk!!! I did not like drinking milk. Hardly drank it when i was young. I didn't appreciate the good stuff given to me. 


When i was 18, i started my nightlife. It all started when a friend asked me if i wanted to promote a club. He told me i would be the brand ambassador and promote the club for him. So my main job is to invite all my girlfriends to come and i would get paid. He said its pretty easy money and so i went for it. At the point of time, i didn't have any girlfriends but i managed to invite many (for some reasons). 

In that one year's time, my health deteriorated. I didn't drink enough water daily. I club almost 3 times a week. This heavy partying only lasted for about 4 months. The rest of year was spent drinking at night/ late night gatherings. But I gotta say my life was never this busy and amazing. I lived a pretty dry life, going to school, going home that's all. The night scene introduced me to a lot of different people. My social connection got wider and i got more 'friends'. They were crazy and we had fun. But the fun didn't last. It was about a year's time when i realized this was not what i'm going for. Yes I've already experienced what i wanted to go through when i was young: going to a club and yes i think its time for me to stop. 

I noticed my hairline was getting more obvious. My hair parting was so obvious it felt like i'm losing hair. Luckily the skin didn't go too bad. My eyes were getting smaller and they seem tired all day. I didn't take care of my teeth as well. I took my teeth for granted. I let the food to be trapped inside and i didn't care about it. lol. To me the teeth is not important. I didn't even brush them properly. I don't visit the dentist and i didn't get any teeth cleaning done ever since secondary school. 

YUP THAT'S WHEN RESIDING OF GUM CAME. My teeth gum resided. One of them got very obvious. And now i noticed my four front teeth gum are not balanced. Two of them are slightly resided. 

This is the punishment you get for taking your body for granted. Luckily there's something call gum grafting i think. They can put fake gum and let you have pretty teeth again? Is it? I've searched it on google before. I'm going to do it when i'm older. 


Now that i am officially 22, i take much more care for my body, soul and health. It's just too bad i can't get anymore taller. I wish growing stop only when we are 30!!! 

I take extra care for my skin as well. I started making green smoothies for myself. I would eat things that i normally won't eat, just for the sake of being healthy and having better skin. Currently, i will start trying to cook 雪梨炖木耳 for myself weekly. I always spend money to buy bird nest for myself to consume weekly. Now its still pretty affordable to buy. I got 10 pieces from Hock Hua for $80! One piece each week, that can last for 10 weeks! Maybe i should buy more now since the price is pretty low now. I also drink vitamin C boost daily. One very important thing is that i drink at least 1 litre of water daily now. I can't wait to see the result one year later. Since i am having my braces now and i lack the mood for pictures and outings. I use this time to repair my body. It takes a month for you to spoil your body but it takes a year for you to get back to shape.

As you are getting older, you realise you have more health problems. Not sure if you feel it, maybe you are very healthy but for me, i started feeling like i would die soon. My heart is not in a very good condition lately. Perhaps its the stress that i'm getting. I wish all will be better when exam ends! 

Alright. That's it for now. I'm sure i will feel better very soon. Have you taken your body for granted too? It's time to care for this precious body now! 

And rest in peace Mr Lee Kuan Yew. You will be remembered as our hero and great father of Singapore. Although you are gone, your energy will stay with us forever. You are truly our role model.

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  1. how is your boobs small?! they're at least a B cup right