Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sis's bday l Sentosa l Movenpick

A little break from studying! Just close to a month more to go till i end my exam! Time has passed so quickly. It will be my last year in university next year! And then i will be panicking and getting stress about what i wanna do next. No no.. i don't mean i will only be thinking about my future when i finish university. I have been thinking about this since i ended Polytechnic! But until now, i am still not hundred percent sure what i wanna do. There are a few different paths that i've imagined. But you never know what will happen in the future. Maybe its totally different from what i've imagined. 

Ok! This month is my sister's birthday month. She was excited about it since two weeks before her birthday. She went taobao to get all her Hawaii theme stuff for the party. She got herself Movenpick Heritage Hotel as she wanted a jacuzzi in the room. 

A day before her birthday, my boyfriend and his mother prepared donuts and sushi for the party. So sweet of them! Of course i helped out too. Learn how to make mini donuts and sushi. haha. 

It was a hot day that day. I was very excited over the onsen that i'll be getting on later. But guess what? The water is soooo hot! hahahaha. I forgot onsen is for the cold weather. I was thinking about cold swimming pool water! A little stupid of me. haha. The lowest degree it could go to was 26 but it was still pretty hot, especially under a hot afternoon. So my bf and I didn't hop on to the jacuzzi, we went out of the hotel room to explore Sentosa. We love to explore new things. We call them adventures. lol. So we left while the rest are decorating the hotel room. 

Free ice cream from Movenpick hotel with free toppings. So delicious! 

Saw a peacock and immediately took photo. Too scared to go near it but, in fact, it was too scared to come near me. I'm really a 胆小鬼. I can't even feed a stingray when we went to the aquarium the other time. All the children were playing with them; touching them and feeding them. I guess i have no fear if i was still a child. I was quite brave when i was young. I wasn't scared of cockroach nor heights. I climbed the rock wall like a monkey during camp and i could run from one end to another on a 5 storey high pole. My boyfriend told me it is because i was stupid when i was young, i knew no danger. But as i get older, you know more and more dangerous things. So you become more and more timid. haha true?? 

My first time on this bridge. Country pumpkin!!! So take more pictures! 
I'm still having braces on and the gaps in-between my teeth is still very obvious. I have mastered how to smile without showing my teeth. LOL. 

When we got back, the water wasn't so hot anymore. So i changed and 'jumped' in! 

And my sister's friends were having fun in the jacuzzi too before they went to swim. 

Trying to be funny while taking photos.

My boyfriend's creation. Look abit like those thai girl in the thai club hor? lol. 

At night, the al fresco was decorated with candles! 50 in total. My sister's boyfriend climbed up and down to put these candles. And her birthday cake on the right side. Hawaiian theme.

My childhood friend, my boyfriend and Me!

His happy face

His sad face. He is very good at acting sad. 

Ok i shall end off with myself in this Japanese style robe. BYE BYE~! 

Time to study again. 

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