Sunday, May 17, 2015


Exam is finally over? Yes its finally over! Almost 3 months of preparation. Feelings after exam? I feel nothing. Honestly i feel kinda lost right now because i have nothing much to do other than studying. haha. But i've already decided to take up some new activities to do such as learning how to make clothes/ learning some art n craft stuff. I'm also looking forward to my Bali trip in June. And this year i must summon ALL MY COURAGE TO TAKE THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE. I'm just really scared that i will die half way due to sudden heart attack or shock. LOL.

Today is the 3rd day of my holiday. What should i do now?! Have to teach tuition later at 3pm. Haven't watched a movie for months. I missed fast n furious and alot other good movies. Luckily the Avengers is still on screen. I wanna watch movie so badly now!!! I'm a movie freak. My poor boyfriend is ending his exam on the 28th. So he can't accompany me to do crazy stuff now.

Finished watching 武则天 by 范冰冰. I've always love Chinese history, especially those in the palace and war time. Maybe a Chinese history book is a good Christmas present. But it must be a book with pictures and real historical pictures. I also watch a lot of chinese documentary videos on youtube. hahaha. Such as Cixi's documentary, the ancient China, Concubines stuff. Aiya, actually concubines stories are the most interesting stories. They fight until they die for power, the survivor wins it all. Its quite a sad truth too. If they don't fight, they will die. Even if they don't want to fight they are forced to fight because others will attack them anyway. Its either you die or you try to fight and get something out of it. Once you're in this game, the optimal choice will be to fight. The equilibrium of a Nash game- fight fight.

Alright enough of the fighting nonsense. Shall find something to do now.


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