Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quick update

Blogging right now for a bit. Its coming to the end of my July month. Im suppose to be working only for this month but the in charge asked if i could extend & finish August too. So i was like "ok" but of course a lot of my plans have to change. For example, i wanted to have my tooth extraction start of Aug. Seems like i have to postpone it to start of Sept before school starts. Then, i also have to make plans for middle end Aug now with my mum. I could have accompany her the whole day while she is here in Sg but i can only acc her during the night time now. My tuition schedule is back to normal. I requested to end work at 4pm every Tuesday.

Yesterday, i tried baking cheesecake for the first time (another kind of cheesecake, not the fridge kind but the waterbath kind) and it was a success! Lol. I dont have the digital weighing machine so the portions were not accurate but it was seriously nice too! I also tried baking a cake & did flower frosting for the first time in my life lolol. Was a success too! Looks like im not eating my words this year : try new things to do. I can cancel off the "bake a cake this year" list now. Awesome! Now im only waiting to strike off the roller caster ride from my list. Of course there are other wishes but im not telling haha.

Alright, back to work. Ciao~