Friday, August 21, 2015


That moment when i clicked in to view my results.....

I wasn't really ready to see my results because i was afraid of seeing the same thing again - disappointment. Last year i scored badly for all my modules.
Year 2 modules:
Principles of Banking and Finance - 43 (My most confident subject got 43...)
Corporate Finance - 55
Principles of Accounting - 55
Microeconomics - 37 (Failed, i knew i wasn't gonna do well but i really wasn't expecting a FAIL)

You need 40 to pass.

That sums up my horrible exam experience with UOL last year. So this year i really pushed myself to study hard. I changed my learning and studying techniques. 

Cut short, my marks for this year are:

Financial Intermediation: 75
Investment Management: 70
Microeconomics: 74 (retake)

I got all first class grades!

Don't believe? Ok here's the proof!


Side note: I'm selling my FI written essay notes. Sold to anyone who wants to read it. Please scroll to bottom to get more info. 

Pretty much sums up my pleasantly shocking exam experience this time. I had all As! That huge jump of my grades was unbelievable. I'm so happy right now! Overjoyed. I screamed at 1.30am when i saw the result and my whole family came over to check. Like, is this real? 

So in this part of the post, for those who don't want to give up so easily just because u scored badly first time, pay attention! I'm sharing some of the studying tips. (Please don't follow if its not suitable for you.). Actually just one tip la, or two:

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE STUDYING. You must understand every concept, every detail (especially microeconomics or math related modules) and every other possible questions that you may ask yourself.

Lastly practice doing. For essay writing questions, keep practising on finishing within the time limit. We tend to write too much on one question and have no time for other questions. I practised a total of about 30 completed FI essays before my exam day. So basically when i went into the exam hall, it  was just like i was practising at home. At ease and at calm.

Theory (qualitative) questions need an introduction, body and conclusion. I think this is pretty standard when you need to write an essay. Make sure you have good introduction to summarise what u are going to talk about. Consult the UK revision lecturer if you can write an essay format using passive style (i.e. writing 'i' 'we' in the essay). Your body will need evidence/ readings you read from essential readings and subject guide. Lastly your conclusion must answer the question. Essay should not be about how much you memorise. It should be about using what your studies and answering the question. I did this for my FI and i got 75. Although not the highest, but it is still the basic u need to do if u are aiming for an A.

For quantitative questions, our examiner don't like to repeat questions from past year paper. They always come with new questions that u don't see before but with the same concept. So u need to know your concept very well (actually this applies to qualitative questions too) and be able to twist around the concept and apply on the question. Not easy for me because i am not a Math person but definitely fun for me when i practise doing quantitative qns.

VOICE RECORD YOUR LECTURE. It works for me. Whenever I'm studying something that i got stuck with, i listen back to the lecture and see if i miss out anything.

Where is the exam venue held?
In my previous post on UOL, i mentioned that the final exam period is in MAY. Your exam venue will be in SINGAPORE EXPO HALL. Every single student studying the same subject as you will be taking the paper. Rows and rows of chairs and tables will be neatly organised in the big EXPO hall. Everyone will be doing their super last minute memorisation/study.

Prelim Exam
There are prelim exams in SIM before your final exam. Prelim exams are usually held in end of February to Mid March. About two months before your final exam starts. Venue is SIM grand hall. The top level in SIM.

Is it compulsory to go for prelim? NO. i didn't attend prelim papers. I don't find it useful, especially when the questions asked in prelim are the recycled past year exam questions. You will get access to all these past year papers in your SIMCONNECT or VLE as well. So no difference. It only gives you a preview of an exam atmosphere. However, still try to attend if it is your first time.

Good to know that you won't be alone for revision. SIM and London give you revision before your exam! We call the SIM revision as the local revision where your lecturer give u the class. The London Revision is Overseas UK revision where the lecturers from London will fly to Singapore to give u the revision. 

UK revision usually starts in March to April. Local revision starts in April. You also choose your UK revision timetable! The UK one is a 2 day revision, 6 hours a day. The local one is also 3 hours revision, for 2 days too. 

UK revision really helps because those lecturers are usually the ones marking your exam paper! They also know the subject really well and can give you a clearer explanation than some local lecturers (in my opinion). My CF UK professor was freaking awesome. She taught me all the topics within 2 days, 6 hours a day, and she made me understand the whole freaking subject. She just use 12 hours guys!!! If she is my local lecturer, i am very sure i could get an A. 

Ok i will end it here. Hope this post helps. Don't give up, not yet!
"Be persistent and you will get it. Be consistent and you have it." 



Hi guys! I'm coming back for an update! I think it will be nice to update what happened after i received my results. So about a month ago, I received an email from school that I was invited to attend the Achiever's Event! I was selected to be one of the 17 students to receive an commendation award. This award is for students who are getting First Class Honour Results and are expected to get a First Class Honour next year. Yeap yeap. I'm one of them :DDDDD. hahahahaha.

I was very excited & shocked when i saw the invitation. I quickly called my boyfriend to tell him. My boyfriend was also invited to the Event because he is one of the First Class Honour holder. haha. So both of us attended it.

I was just a little disappointed that i didn't receive a Topper email for FI. lol i thought maybe perhaps i might be the top for FI in my school. But well the topper isn't just from Singapore but the whole world. Then ok lor, confirm not me already. It's okay.

I only had a few photos.

These are all the first class honour holder for 2015. My boyfriend is in the front middle section (giggles*) 

And me receiving my award. I thought they might give me cash or at least some vouchers but no :( .... I received a butter knife from them. lol. Fortunately, there is a certificate for me. I can put it in my portfolio now. lol. sigh... Better if got cash.. LOL. Don't laugh at my video btw. I was called by my proper English name but the Emcee read it a little wrongly. its okay... (directly translated from Chinese.) 

Hope you guys will work hard in UOL and achieve something great too! 

P/S: If you are curious in anything and if i can help, i will answer your question! feel free to email me at or simply comment down below! If you're interested in buying my written essay notes for FI, please email me. Good luck!