Monday, September 21, 2015

Kinohimitsu Detox Tea: No more bloated stomach!

I am specially writing this review to share with everyone who has serious bloating issues. For a few months, i have been suffering from bloat. It was super terrible. At first i didn't realise it because it's been going on and off for awhile already. I can't remember when was it exactly that i started having this issue. 

I remember i had bloated stomach back in 2013. I use to have bloated stomach (that, i know) but that one time was quite serious. I was literally looking like i was 2 months pregnant! I got so confused because i don't think i had that kind of huge bloat before. But after two weeks it started to disappear and i was back to normal. So i thought maybe it was just symptoms before menses. 

Fast forward this year, i've been having a few health issues. I started getting pimples around my lower cheek area and jawline. I googled them and found out that perhaps it has something to do with indigestion. Plus i was having back my bloated stomach for weeks! I really can't remember how long i've been having it la. Its to this point that i get too used to this big stomach. 

I started wearing loose clothes - can cover my stomach. Here's my case: Every morning before my breakfast, my stomach would look like i've already eaten a bit. I don't even need to eat, the moment i drink water, the stomach gets bigger. The more i drink, the bigger it gets. Not including food yet ok? By the time i eat, my stomach expanded to 2 months pregnant woman size. I WAS DAMN SAD I SWEAR. I think i lost my confidence because i looked like was pregnant, my WAIST WAS GONE, i had PIMPLES ON MY LOWER CHEEKS. 

That pimples started all the way back last year December. I was already starting to have a bloated stomach - clearly remember that i chose a dress to wear that can cover my stomach that day. Back then i only had 4-5 big pimples. They got crazy and started spreading out and increasing their 'population' until my left side of cheek currently has 14 PIMPLES. ARGHHH!!!!! 14 !!!!!! 

I don't use to have pimples one ok :( That was super disappointing and super demoralising. 

Last month during August, i couldn't take it anymore (the bloat and the pimples). I needed to find out what happen to my body. I went to the TCM for consultation. There is a high chance that i'm suffering from poor indigestion problem. True enough the doctor told me that my large intestine is not working very well. I asked her if she could prescribe me any medication to reduce the bloat and improve indigestion. She suggested to do massage for me. I DON'T WANT TO DO MASSAGE LA, but i began massaging my stomach every night before sleep. DIDN'T IMPROVE MUCH :(  

I even spent $250 for a health check up because i thought the bloating issue was quite serious. 


Then one day my bf and i passed by Robinson at Jem. I saw the brand Kinohimitsu's collagen on the shelves. I was interested to buy their collagen to try it out because i went to Jean Yip and they told me my face was lacking collagen!!! I was like wtf i'm only 22 leh. Are they kidding me? But whether they kid me or not it has no harm trying the collagen right? 

Then we searched around for a suitable product to buy AND JUST THEN I SAW KINOHIMISTSU DETOX TEA. "huh? i didn't know they sell detox tea. What is detox tea?" I thought to myself.

I've heard of detox juice and tea and i know it helps to cleanse the body, but i don't know how they cleanse it. NOW I KNOW... I had no clue to what i was going for when i decided to try the Kinohimistu detox tea. 


One reason: it says it helps to improve bowel moments! It says on the instructions that it cleans away all the dirt in your intestines. I was very keen to try them out because i know i have a lot of dirt inside (MUST BE). haha. 

So i diligently drink the tea for 6 days in a row. Wait before that i must talk about what happen on the first day: 

I drank it at 4pm after lunch. At 5am in the morning, i had a terrible stomachache that woke me up. My mind was thinking "wah so fast???!! and why at this time??? Oh so i have to shit. Now i know why it says cleanse. Now i know what it means by cleansing..." 

After the second day, my stomach bloating miraculously (or rather surprisingly) DISAPPEARED!!! It was far better than the size i had before my breakfast every morning when i had the bloat issue. IT WENT BACK TO THE SIZE ALL THE WAY BACK IN 2012. LOL. I CAN FINALLY SEE MY WAIST!!! 

I was so happy i kept smiling and jumping around. The result was so clear. On that day i wore a tight T-SHIRT and went for dinner. Must show off my waist line that has been hidden for the past 1 year plus. 

So i know that the reason for my bloat must be the dirt inside my intestines. I drank it for consecutively 6 days and stop after that because i've been going to the toilet so often it didn't feel normal... I was already passing out watery stuff by the 3rd day onwards. I also stopped because i wanted to see if the bloat comes back if i stop drinking. 

So far it hasn't come back! It's already one month! As of now, i drink it every 5-6 days just to make sure that i don't accumulate anymore dirt inside my body. But beware i know i might need to visit the toilet often the following day. 

There's my result! As for the pimples, i think they weren't as active already. I'm going for facial treatments now to really target my acne problem. Hopefully by next year i am back to that normal me. (that, i mean with my braces done, no acne and no bloat). hahaha. 

Honestly, this tea really gave me back a lot of my confidence. It's not just confidence but i feel less suffocated too. Can u imagine being hungry but your stomach is already so big and you're scared that it gets even bigger if you eat??? 

Ok la i shall stop here. I've finally shared this good news with you guys, i'm so happy!!! 

Please stay healthy. bye! 

P/S : i'm drinking the peppermint one. 


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  2. May I know what's the main reason to drink every 5 to 6 days ?

    1. Hi, i was still drinking every 5 to 6 days that period of time. Currently, im drinking once a month? I drink to make sure that i dont accumulate any 'dirt' in my intestines. I was scared my stomach will bloat again if i stop drinking, thats y i continue to drink 5-6 times. Now, i dont have bloat issues. They havent come back since my detox. Hope it helps!

  3. Hi Kacey. Thanks for the tips and you actually reply so quickly. I have bloated issues too and can become quite big esp during evening time. That's why when you mentioned as if 2 months pregnancy, I can identify that. :) This is my 4th day of trying and feels good but stomach still bloated though. Will keep trying.

    1. By the third day, i was already going to the toilet non-stop. And fourth day onwards my bloat was gone. I also eat plain, avoiding fried or too spicy food. I hope it works for u. :) Try to drink lemon water every morning too to cleanse ur system. gd luck!

  4. Hi, I have been drinking the tea for a few days now and have been having diarrhea ever since. Today, I noticed that my stools are too soft and stringy in nature. It has never happened before. May I check if its normal? Thanks!

    1. Yes I had the same thing as u. After a few days it becomes watery.. Then it means u should stop drinking. Cuz u may get dehydrated. Pls drink plenty of water too :)

  5. Hi! I am currently on my 2nd day on this tea. I tried taking it just once a day, not twice, because I get really bad diarrhea 2 to 3 hours after I drink the tea. (Super watery) I don't know if this is normal and if I should continue taking it or if I should even try doing it 2x a day for 6 days. I feel like ai might end up dehydrated and get sick. Can you enlighten me pls?