Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Thoughts On | Sushi Express

Ok! I'm finally blogging again! I have been trying out new food every now & then so i was thinking maybe i should start sharing my thoughts on it. Right?! I should share right??? Because i'm quite a critic when it comes to food. So if i think the food is nice, then i guess its really nice. And if the food is not nice, i get angry. LOL. 

Sushi Express was newly opened in Jurong Point not too long ago. My bf and I decided to try it out yesterday after seeing long queues the night before we went to eat. Is it really that good? Or is it because its cheap? Enough questions, just try and you will know. So early in the afternoon, we reached Sushi Express. No queues because it was only 11.40am. haha. 

$1.50 PER PLATE. 

There weren't many varieties but they have the basics such as SALMON, SALMON ROE, TUNA etc. 

And i think this is the best maybe because this is my favourite haha. And its only $1.50 ok!!! But you must also think that its $1.50 because they added a piece of cucumber on the rice. Normally u get all the roe on the rice but now its only half of it. 

And then we just kept seeing salmon roes on the belt. 

They have desserts too but we didn't eat it. 

U can watch the video to see some of the variety that they are selling. 

The whole dining experience only lasted about 30 minutes. We ate 10 plates. Basically we were very hungry so we ate super fast. I thought i was gonna get a few plates of the salmon BUT UNFORTUNATELY i think the salmon are NOT VERY FRESH. 

And oh we tried one of the prawn sushi (covered with some yellowish sauce on it) AND I LITERALLY THREW UP THE HALF CHEWED PRAWN. That was the worst one i tried. It tasted super raw. And we only ate a plate of salmon because as i mentioned they are not very fresh to us. But we ate a few plates of some long- yellow -fish -with -silver -coloured -skin -at- the- side sushi. lol. They tasted crunchy. I think those are the eggs. And we also ate a lot of salmon roe!!! 

Overall, i give this experience 3/5. 

Won't dine in at there anytime soon unless i'm craving for cheap salmon roe. lol.  

Ok! Hope this quick piece of information helps. I think the most important thing about sushi is whether they are fresh or not but i really think they are not as fresh as i'd thought they are. And no i didn't get a stomachache. 

Besides, there are a lot of people queuing for it during dinner time! If you haven't try, i won't stop you from trying. Remember to get more salmon roe if you're a sucker for that too. haha. Ok! Chat next time. bye!

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