Thursday, November 12, 2015


No pictures, just words.

This year is definitely more exciting than the previous year but still not fulfilling enough. I really spent a very dull & boring 2014 when i was still 21 years old :( . I regretted that i didn't try to do something new that year. So i'm telling everyone who is in their 21st now that you must achieve as much as possible! To me, being 21 is a big deal. And i actually wish my age just stop there haha i don't want to go any older than that. But anw i must accept that my age will get bigger. I may get older every year but i hope this doesn't stop me from being young at heart. My family & close friends are telling me that i'm getting too mature i'm dying of dull life. My life is dry. Really? ya la... minus all that partying & drinks & hanging out with friends. I pretty much stay at home every day. Either at my house or at my boyfriend's house. We hardly go out shopping too. Is this how i should be living? Should i be doing more meaningful things than staying at home?

So this year i decided to step out & really reach out to new things. I listed a few goals to do for 2015 such as learning a new music instrument, going to Bali, saving, getting good exam results. I'm quite proud to say that i achieved more than half by now already!!! The other includes an impossible dream and that is winning TOTO. haha. But i won't give up. LOL. I'm excited to list down my 2016 goals. Will do that on 31st december. I have no idea what i will write!

These little notes for myself keep me going. I will write a more detailed post of what i accomplished nearer to the end of 2015. I can't wait to write about the end of my braces procedure. Oh yes!!! My braces!!! They will be done by next year! Oh finally something to look forward to. Actually its not really the end because i only did the top & now i might be having problem with the bottom. That is another story. Will blog about it when everything is settled. I also can't wait to write about my acne problem. Everything is not settled now. Again, will blog about it once my pimples and scars are really gone and NEVER COMING BACK.

I was really super upset over my acne problem. I think it was one of my lowest moments so far. Ok... will blog about that soon. I can't wait to share if this particular product that i'm using now is curing my acne. We will see and i will tell you!

*abrupt end* Bye~~~

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