Thursday, December 3, 2015

My very first experience with Jean Yip (A short one)

As you might know, i've been troubled with acne problem this year. I was trying to find solutions for it. A few months back, i decided to go to Jean Yip and see if their facial package can help me! Wait, if you are here to read about whether the facial was effective then i'm sorry because i'm not here to talk about the facial package because i didn't buy it. haha. I just wanna share about my very first time experience having a consultation with them!!!

Before i went to Jean Yip in Jurong Point, i had searched on reviews about them. I didn't get much out from the internet. Ok! So it seems like i must try it myself!

The reason why i wanna try Jean Yip was because they have that magnifying machine that can show your skin condition beneath.

Ok so i went into the shop. Waited for someone to attend to me. A lady came and i told her i was interested in knowing about their facial package. I asked if a consultation is free. She said yes and she brought me into one of the rooms.

Very quickly, she used that magnifying machine and screened the part on my arm WHERE IT IS THE SMOOTHEST. She said this is what good skin looks like (pointing on the screen). Then she used the machine and screened my face. And said "now ur skin looks like this... u see the difference???"

My first thought was it was as if she already know my skin is gonna be very bad. I think its one of their selling technique la. Like show u the good and the bad. Like without much examination, she could see my bad skin condition.

Everything was so quick. She talked very fast. She shifted the machine here & there. My nose, a part of my cheek and my smooth arm part. I was not able to catch up.

So she said that at my age (i'm 22), i'm lacking of collagen (as shown on the screen) SO SHE RECOMMEND ME TO TAKE A FACIAL PACKAGE THAT CAN INCREASE MY COLLAGEN as well as deep cleansing.

I told her about my acne problem on my cheeks. She told me i have little collagen. I don't get it. But anyway my skin looks really bad on the magnifying machine haha. I can see my black heads and a lot of dirty stuff la! haha.

She quickly told me now they are having a national day promotion. u buy 10 get 10 free at $1888 before GST.

I was like ok let me think about it thanks.

As u already know, i didn't buy in the end. First thing was because ITS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR ME. Plus i am only have pimples on my lower cheeks, the rest of my face looks fine. I just want to find the root of the problem. So far no one was able to tell me. I was dying!!!

Second thing was because she talked really fast. I couldn't connect with her. I also feel she wasn't sincere about treating my problems. It feels like she wanna quickly tell me about it and that's it she's done.

Third thing was because i'm afraid my acne problem wasn't because i have low collagen level. Even that i also don't know if low collagen level was true. Maybe she just anyhow say, u won't know. But after she said that, i bought collagen drink. LOL. Vain but better be safe than sorry. Have been drinking my collagen drink for 3 months already. Will do a post on that.

SO! That pretty sums up my very first experience with Jean Yip! Asking me if i would go there for facial in the future? I would say No. I think there are better ones out there waiting for me. I dislike hard-selling and dislike untrue information.

I will do a full blog post on my acne problem in the future when its all healed! I found something miraculous i can't wait to share it with u all BUT i must be certain that this thing really works. I'm still testing on it now.

Can't wait! See u guys soon!

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