Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hello Lovely People!

I'm back for another review! This time round i'm sharing with you an amazing product that i found through the youtube-mosphere. lol. A lot of youtubers such as Tati and Kathleen had raved about this before. After being psycho-ed by them, i decided to try it myself too.

As you can read from the title (obviously), its the RCMA No Colour Powder! Said to be similar to the pricey Laura Mercier's translucent powder (which i also have), it really does what it's said. Actually i find the RCMA powder to be slightly better than LM's translucent powder.

Ok hold on let me introduce what's the No Color Powder about - Set your makeup like the pros with this cult-classic invisible setting powder. Used on set by Hollywood makeup artists for years, RCMA No Color Powder sweeps seamlessly over skin, locking in a soft-focus finish that stays comfortably matte all day. (copied from 

What it does: 
  • Keep your makeup fresh and flawless for hours with no caking, creasing, ashiness, or breakthrough shine
  • Pigment-free formula blends smoothly over all skin tones and makeup products without altering color or texture
  • Blurs fine lines, pores, and imperfections with a silky, ultra-fine blend of talc and silica
  • (copied from
And basically the above described is what i want to say. haha. After i put on a little foundation + concealer, i set it with no color powder. It immediately sort of blurs my imperfection and my skin looks like baby skin. I'm so fking serious about this. I also tried using this powder straight away without putting on foundation. Although the result is not as perfect as with a foundation, but it really hides my imperfections. 

However, just a word of reminder: My skin has improved a lot since the last breakout. No red and big pimples and no deep scars. (read my acne journey here) Overall, my skin is pretty smooth. Thus the powder can hide my little imperfections perfectly. 

What are my imperfections? 
Before i put on no color powder, i have: 
- uneven skin tone
- slightly shine + oil face 
- slight yellowish dull dark face 

After i put on no color powder, i have: 
- more even skin tone 
- kind of matifies my skin but feel leaving my face non-cakey 
- becomes fairer and smoother 

It's like magic la. I'm not sure if i'm exaggerating here or not but i'm very confident that this is a good product overall. Plus, it is so affordable!!! 

My face doesn't go cakey nor does it makes my skin dry or whatsoever. It sits on my face very nicely. 

Erm hmm, word of reminder again: Due to me applying face oil every day, it has most probably help my skin to be smoother & allows makeup products to sit on it much better + longer without going cakey. A makeup artist was putting on foundation on my skin and she commented that the product is so easy to blend on my face. 'haha cause my face is smooth mah :D.' 

Oh! And i don't cake up my face with powder (i.e. i don't bake my face). I pour about 1 dollar coin size of powder out to my balm, gently dap it with a kabuki brush and gently distribute on my face. 

If you are also looking for a finishing powder, i highly recommend you to try this product. It is affordable and it has a lot of good reviews too. Thus, no harm trying (before you decide to burn your pocket with a Laura Mercier Translucent Powder). 

Rate: 5/5
Price: 12USD (around 18 SGD)
Where i buy: 
(i spent more than 78USD to get free international shipping)

And that's it for now. Thank you so much for reading. Till then! xx

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Finding a job in Singapore (part 2)

When i was actively looking for a job, i felt demoralised when no company called me for an interview. In my mind i was thinking, "Why?! Am i really this bad?" "Ok, they just don't know how good i am base on my resume." It was also the time when i realised having work experience is so important.

In almost every job description, companies will need at least 1-2yr work experience candidates. So difficult for fresh graduates please! But anyway, i applied all the jobs that i'm interested in irregardless of number of years experience needed. 

And here starts my story..... 

After realising that my first resume sucks, i modified it by getting a nice resume template from the internet (i actually paid $5 to buy a resume template from lol) And then i began making it look more "professionalised".

Things that i include in my resume: 
1. My Full Name
2. My Home Address at the side (Some HR will see if your home location is near their office location as a consideration)
3. My telephone number, email address at the side
4. My resume photo (i didn't have a professional resume photo. I simply put a decent selfie photo. But this depends on the industry u r applying.)
5. Work Experience
6. Education
7. Interest
8. Skills
9. Languages
10. References

If you are certified in some skills, please include.

Writing the description of your work experience is the most time consuming part. I wrote it in point form, starting with words like "Was given the responsibility to ..." "Handling of...." "Provide administration support for...." "Work closely with..." "Was trusted to..." etc.

My skills are: Microsoft Words, Excel, Powerpoint, Oracle Siebel CRM, iMovie, Photoshop, Fashiongps.

To be honest, i think most of the HR have no time to read your lengthy cover letter. So I didn't include cover letter after applying the first few jobs. It took me such a long time to read one cover letter!!! You self-praise in the cover letter, and then have no shame in qualifying yourself for the job. I feel its very 'fake' so i skip the whole writing cover letter part. I didn't write a cover letter for the job i'm currently working in too.

So if job application needs cover letter, i usually skip.

Where to find jobs? 

There are a lot of job agency websites in Singapore. The one i went to was Jobstreet and for me it didn't work at all. Out of the 35 jobs i applied, only 1 called and it was in this really ulu place and i hated the work environment cause i felt like i could get sick from breathing in bad air. I applied through as well but no replies too.

What i did was to look at the jobs opening on jobstreet and then apply the job directly from the company. So for example XX company is hiring on jobstreet. I will go to XX company website and apply directly there. Usually big companies will give you an optional button to attach cover letter/ other certifications. I only upload my transcript thats all. The process of applying a job is so much faster without cover letter.

Please tell me why we need to do a cover letter. lol.

For me, I applied my current job on the company website itself. I stalked their career page almost every alternative days to check on new openings. Once i find the position suitable, i apply.

Note to yourself: You should try your very best to apply ONLY THOSE JOBS THAT INTEREST YOU. Don't start to feel panic/stressed out when you've applied 50 jobs and no replies and start to mass send jobs application instead. Imagine you don't really like this company/job position/job roles/industry, but just because pay is not bad-maybe can tahan it mentality, you ruin your career advancement. You know what i mean? End of the day, if you really get into a job that u actually mass sent, you may either really like it or just hate it a lot.

Do a lookup of the company first. CHECKING THE COMPANY'S WORK LOCATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. For me, I only apply if work location is around town area because i know i will feel damn bad if i have to travel to e.g. Jurong/Kallang/Changi everyday to go to work! It is very dreadful and unmotivating! So google and check the company's work location.


I google about possible interview questions but i think first-hand experience teaches me the most. Below are the questions i gathered based on my experience: *Do note that i'm a fresh graduate. Questions asked are dedicated towards fresh graduates.

Before interview starts, when greeting the HR for the first time, you can bring a small convo

You: "Hi!"
Hr: "Hi, Please sit."
You: "Thanks! Have your breakfast/lunch?"
Hr: "oh yes i had. Thank you."
- This can ease the tension i think. At least make the hr and yourself feel more comfortable.

1. Tell me about yourself - speak 3-4 sentences and stop. "My name is xxx, xx years old, just graduated from xxx, have some work experience such as xxx and xxx. :D" If HR ask you carry on then carry on.

2. Please tell me why you study banking and finance but decided to come into this industry instead. -Out of 5 interviews, I was asked 3 times. "I want to work towards my passion. In this way, I will feel more motivated to work. Once you like something you do, you do it well. That's how i feel. :D"

3. Tell me more about your most recent job - Tell only those you think is a major part. Those kind of "i help to do filing, key in records" is very minor... can mention about this at the end but not the start.

4. Between this industry that you are applying and the previous industry that you worked, which one you prefer and why? - Open ended. Speak good about both industry but speak BETTER about this current industry that you are applying :D

5. So if given a choice, you will choose this industry or that industry? - Open ended. "Both are good industry. I won't omit that industry but my first priority is this industry. :) "

6. What do you know about your J D (i.e. job description) - Open ended. So try to rmb as much JD as possible and try to relate your past work experience to the current JD "i have some experience in this actually. I was in-charged of .... as well... very similar i think. "

7. How do you think you can improve our company? - This will only be used in SME i think. MNC usually won't ask this kind of question as there's SOP from head quarter to follow.

8. What do you see yourself in 3-5 years time? - Be honest. I mentioned I want to progress and be in the management team.

9. Any question to ask? - This is very important. Don't tell the hr that you have nothing to ask. Ask something! One good question is "What is the greatest challenge in this job?" This question lets the HR to think that you've consider perhaps the most difficult part of this job and know perhaps your limit / how to overcome the challenge. Please don't try to act smart and ask stupid question like ... Ok i can't think of any now. If you have any smart alec question, feel free to comment down below. haha.

You may be asked about political question!!!
10. If you have a new idea that can improve the efficiency of workload but your supervisor is old-fashioned and disapproves it, will you go to the higher management to bring up this new idea? - I was asked this and i tio stunned. LOL. Please comment down below how you would answer. I mentioned if it is something that i really believe in and it can help the company as a whole, i would go forward to suggest, but not openly in front of my supervisor.

11. You seem like a patient and well-poised person. Where is your patience limit? - I was asked this question. Again I didn't know what to answer. I mentioned "If i am badly accused of something in which i didn't do and it would tarnish my career advancement and reputation, that would be my patience limit i guess. We will have to see :) " Please let me know how you would answer this question! Comment down below.

12. All of your colleagues are against your idea but only your supervisor approves of it, will you go against all your colleagues or go with your supervisor? - Tough question. It took me a while to answer it. For this, i've already forgotten my answer. My stand is 'depends on situation' HAHA.

Anyway, i was drilled with political questions for about 20 minutes in one of the interviews i had. It was the longest interview i had. It was one hour 15 minutes long. But I'm sharing this because you never know if you'll be ask this too. haha.

Always smile during the interview. Show your passion and passion and passion. Be appropriate and representable. Don't be over tensed. End of the day the HR wants to see the real you and see if your personality fits into their team and job role or not. So really, just be yourself. If this super good company rejects you, then it is either your personality/experience is not suitable or they simply 看走眼. So don't be sad. The road will be straight once you cross over to the end of the bridge - 走到桥头自然直. Or think it as everything happens for a reason.

Had that previous company who interviewed me hired me, i wouldn't be able to work at where i am now. Sometimes, i feel glad that all those companies didn't call me / hire me. It was actually a good thing. haha.

Ok I have shared everything here. I hope this post cheers those who still haven't found a job and provides information to those who are finding jobs. Till then ~~~ xoxo.
Finding a job in Singapore (part 1)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Finding a job in Singapore (My Job Hunting Experience)

Hello beautiful people! Today, i'm sharing with you my job hunt experience. Yes, I've graduated from my university a while ago (read my last post in my uni journey here ). I began job hunting after i came back from my Taiwan trip in July.

Unlike those kiasu university students where they send their resumes half a year before graduating, i only started sending in my resume 2 months after my last exam in Uni.

The market right now: 
Everyone is telling you that the economy is very bad now. A lot of retrenchment. A lot of jobless people. Very difficult to find perm job at this period now. Honestly... When was it easy?

*Disclaim: I try to be as transparent as possible in this post to share but due to sensitive issues, some companies' names will not be mentioned.

Ok, i'm moving on to my story now!


So i was saying i only started sending in my resume when i came back from Taiwan. My first resume submission was by referral to Ernst and Young. I was very positive over it because it was direct referral so it means i could at least get an interview call right? No! I didn't get a call from them. lol. And i most likely know why too:

Reason 1. I'm not from NUS/SMU/NTU
Reason 2. My degree is banking and finance, not accountacy.
Reason 3. I don't have enough/relevant work experience

But it was okay because my interest is not in banking/accounting industry. So i continued looking around.

At that time, i really had no idea what industry i'm going for. I was fickle-minded: Today I look for government jobs, tomorrow I look for other industries. My objective wasn't fixed.

There were tons of open positions on Jobstreets, etc but 90% of them were not of my interest. I also looked directly into companies that I'm interested in too.

It was only when i began searching more and more that I gradually found my interest - It is the retail industry! So after my application to a government job failed, i started looking into the retail industry. My applications were mostly to MNCs because I must consider the work environment as well as career prospects. I applied a total of 12 jobs on jobstreet and a few directly to company website. I didn't receive any calls for interview.

*Btw, just a side note, if you are applying for government jobs, positions stated for NITEC and above means you won't have a chance if you are a degree holder because your education level is too high for them. From what i heard, positions as manager are the positions you look for if you are a degree holder. 

Then i modified my resume. Somehow when you tell your friends about your job hunt experience, they will ask to see your resume and give you suggestions to improve it. I don't know why this is the case but you get all different kinds of suggestions. Absorb all of them but filter out those that don't apply to you. Do what you think is best for yourself.

Almost every few days, i will modify my resume and try to improve it. I even paid $5.00 to get a good resume template from the internet. The website is


After about three weeks of hearing no news from any company, I looked for my friend who works in Recruit Express and asked him for job opportunity. I told him what kind of positions i'm interested in and the industry i'm interested in. My friend was really efficient, he called me a week later to 3 job opportunites. One was in a large beauty MNC company, one was in a well-known luxury fashion company and another a well-established marketing research firm. Suprisingly i was called for interview in all 3 companies!

My first interview was with the beauty MNC company (COM A) and second interview with the luxury fashion company (COM B) on the same day. To be transparent, the beauty MNC company was offering 3 months temp sales coordinator (office job) convertible to permanent while the luxury fashion company was offering 3 months data-entry temp job position. Both were equally interested in hiring me from the feeback i received. However, COM B gave the offer first when I was still waiting for COM A to arrange second interview with me. On persuasion, i took up the offer from COM B as there was a slight change in my position (to a better offer) - 1 month as data entry and 3 months as marketing assistant.


And that was it, I began my first job after university. I was very excited to work in COM B because of the company's good working environment and its brand name.

When I was in COM B, i learned a lot of things and i was grateful that work is so peaceful in the company. I actually have not seen any politics happening in my department haha. But as the saying goes, you can't be working as a temp forever. You should be responsible to yourself. The pay that i was getting was also way way below the market degree pay rate.


So after one month of working, i started looking around again in the midst of my temp job. 

As a normal human being, you start to feel nervous after a few times of failed job applications. In your mind you will be thinking, "oh my god. i'm still working as a temp staff. Little pay. I'm a degree graduate. How long will i be stuck as a temp staff? Why no perm jobs hire me? Why is it so hard to find something i like and get hired? why? why?! why?!!" (lol. ok abit extreme but roughly its like this)

After being selective to the jobs i applied previously, i began loosening myself and tried the 'mass send resume' method. I even start sending in resumes to startup companies. Anything that involves marketing role, i send. I also stop writing cover letters. Cover letters are a waste of time! I spent one hour writing up a cover letter and chances are the HR won't even bother reading it. Would you expect the HR to read 100 pieces of cover letter?

I didn't know what i was doing too. Perhaps i was too desperate to find myself a proper full time job. In my mind i was screaming: "I want my degree pay! I want to work properly! I need a sense of belonging!"

By then, i've sent close to 40 job applications.

This time round, I received interview calls from 2 companies in which i both went for the interview (surprisingly also on the same day. lol)

Ok fast forward... both didnt offer me the job. First interview was with an online clothing company and i absolutely have no interest to work in after seeing the location and work environment. Second company is a big company in the media industry but sadly the position i was applying wasn't really of my interest in the long run too. Both are permanent job position.

But no matter how many applications i sent to different companies, i still have this particular company that i really want to go to. My dream company!!!

My dream company is actually the very first interview i went to through recruit express (but didn't get a second interview) - the beauty MNC company. I don't know why but the moment i went to the receptionist counter that day in their big office, i knew this is where i wanna work in. I just have this very strong feeling that someday i will definitely be a part of this big family. So whenever new jobs open in this company, i will send in my resume directly.

Not that I have no interest in other companies though.. haha don't mistaken my words. But i would like my very first official full time job to be in this company.

Ok story goes on to how i land myself into my dream company.... woohoo!

One day, I was looking for more job opportunities and came across this agent who has luxury job opportunities so i contacted her. Shortly after 3 hours she contacted me and offered me a perm job opportunity which, very coincidentally, is at my dream company. LOL. I was so happy i immediately said yes and i play the waiting game again (wait for interview call).

Immediately after the call, i went into the company's website and see if there any more new job openings. And wooh, i saw another new job opening and its opened for fresh graduates too! So i quickly applied via their website. Both are perm positions, same positions but for different brands in the same company. So i'm going to call the job application through the agent as job X and the one i applied directly as job Y. So now, i have 2 job applications pending in the same company.

One week later, i received a call from their HR asking me to go for interview for job Y. I was so happy! If you are in the job hunting process, i know you will understand that feeling. Its like u won a jackpot, just by receiving an interview call. lol.

After the first interview, they said they will arrange a second interview with me if i'm selected. I told them i would be in Korea for a week in the next week. They told me they will wait for me if i'm really selected. So the waiting game continues...

A few days after my first interview for job Y, i called my agent to check out on job X's update as i haven't receive any interview updates from my agent. My agent told me there were alr 3 candidates in consideration and they were no longer accepting new candidates as we applied late. Job X was opened for quite a while already.

A week later, the HR called me, just a day before my Korea trip. She told me i was selected for second interview with my hiring manager and asked me if i can come for this interview before i fly to Korea. My flight was 12pm and we scheduled interview at 9am. I would have one hour with them before i rushed to the airport. Initially I was quite nervous whether i would make it on time for my flight but i really want this job and i felt that reaching at the airport at 10am is just nice. Shouldn't be a problem! Plus, if i do the seond interview after i come back, it might be too late because the hiring manager might have decided on other candidate.

Everything happened so quickly. Suddenly, my interview was over and i was on the air plane flying to Korea. haha.

On the 4th day of my Korea trip, i received a call from the HR saying that my second interview went very well and she would like me to do a personality test. So that night, i completed the test and waited for their reply again.

By this time, all my friends and family were saying that i'm confirming getting hired. I was really nervous and couldn't wait for their reply!

A day after i came back from Korea, on a Monday, the HR called me and said,
"I'm really impressed by you. I've been waiting to tell you this good news. Are you ready?"

I said, "yes i'm ready!"

She said, "So we would like to offer you this position as xxx, it is a permanent position and monthly pay is xxx. Are you accepting this offer?"

I said, "omg thanks so much! yes of course i've been waiting for your call!"

Guys... honestly i couldn't feel my heart at that moment. I was beyond happiness. It felt better than winning Toto. (even though i've not yet won Toto). lol.

As they wanted me to start asap, i have to tender my resignation on that very day and serve my two weeks notice. Felt super nervous to tender because i've never done it before and i feel quite bad for quitting halfway in my current temp job. But then again, i have to be responsible for myself. So i bucked up my courage and tendere. My two weeks' notice start officialy from that day. 

So yes! I found myself a good job in my dream company! What i wished for came true. I really didn't give up in sending my resumes to them. I kept trying whenever new positions are opened. 皇天不负有心人. After three months of job hunting, i finally succeeded. Not only did i get a perm job, but it is in a company that i wish to go to and pay is really not bad. I'm gonna be cheesy here but i'm gonna say this, i will work hard!

I also think i'm really lucky this time. Had i not contacted this agent, I wouldn't recheck out the company's website. I wouldn't find out about job Y. I wouldn't have applied the job. And just so lucky this job was posted for only a few hours. Just so lucky the HR called me a week before my Korea trip. Just so lucky my trip was booked in the afternoon so i have time for morning interview. Just so lucky my flight to Jeju was delayed so the HR managed to call through and let me do the personality test that night. Also very lucky this position is not opened because someone quitted. Someone was promoted and thus this position was opened. Also lucky that my first official job is in my dream company. So much luck here i'm feel so blessed!

I'm also very grateful in the things i learned in my current company. It was an eye opener for a fresh graduate like me. I honestly feel quite sad to leave this company. Feelings grow as we stay, but we have to move on and become better each time. Thank you for teaching me so much stuff! Deeply appreciated.

So next month onwards, I would be embarking on my new journery as a working adult. I'm really nervous in what's about to come but i'm keeping it really positive here.

To sum up: 
- I applied close to 40 job applications over a period of 3 months.
- Took 3 months to find myself a perm job.
- Most of my interview calls were jobs I applied directly to the company's website.
- I stopped writing cover letters after 10 job applications
- I tried mass send resume method but didn't really work
- Persistently looking for a job you have passion in is better than finding a xyz job just to be paid.
- I had a total of 5 interviews before landing myself into a perm job
(excluding interviews i went for job Y)
- Although i feel disappointed when i don't receive a call for interview, i choose to remain positive.
- I'm really lucky to be hired in my dream company.

In the second post, i will be sharing the interview questions i was asked and what i do to improve my resume. I hope all of these will help those who are looking for a job and to land themselves in their desired job.

Will end my post here. xoxo!
Finding a job in Singapore (part 2)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

BrighterWhite Whitening Kits (Review)

Recently, i've been seeing teeth whitening kits that can be done easily at home and i decided to purchase one for myself and try. I did a lot of research on whitening kits and the different brands that i can go for and chose brighterwhite in the end. I guess it was mainly due to AmyPham haha. Her teeth is so white i can't help but to order the same thing as hers. So! here is my review!

I diligently used it 7 days straight as recommended. My teeth did become whiter but it wasn't as white as Amy Pham's or those that i see on Brighterwhite's instagram page. There is a comparison teeth color card that comes with the kit for us to compare before and after. My teeth was at number 3-4 after the 7th day. I was quite disappointed in that i thought maybe i can get at least to a 2. 3-4 is still a little yellowish. I didn't drink any tea or coffee or do anything that can possibly stain my teeth. So it is either i am not using the kit properly or that my teeth is naturally yellow. lol.

I searched up on how to use the kit. There wasn't a lot of information about it besides the website itself. So i'm just going to share on some information that might be useful for you guys!

The kit that i purchased comes with:

- 6 x BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Gel ($45.95 USD VALUE)
- 3 x Teeth Whitening Heat and Form Trays (1 spare) ($19.40 USD VALUE)

- 2 x BrighterWhite Desensitization Gel ($29.90 USD VALUE)

- 1 x BrighterWhite LED Teeth Whitening Light ($29.95 USD VALUE)

- 1 x Teeth Whitening Tray Container ($12.95 USD VALUE)

- 1 x BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Pen ($29.95 USD VALUE)

- 1 x Step By Step Teeth Whitening Guide (FREE)
Bought it at $69.95 USD. It took about 2 working days to deliver to Singapore and to my house! I opted for the express delivery. My only problem with this kit is that i can't get a perfect teeth mould! This is a boil and bite technique whereby we use hot water to melt the dental tray and then bite the tray to form the mould. It becomes hard easily once it was away from the water and i can't get a good mould.
I emailed Brighterwhite the next day thinking that i may need to go to get a professional teeth mould. They were very efficient and replied the following day. They said there is no need for a perfect mould since the dental tray is only helping to keep the whitening gel on your teeth. 
The second problem is that i didn't get an even whitening effect on my teeth. Some parts of my teeth are whiter than the rest. However, those whiter parts get washed off after u rinse your mouth a few times. 
I also sense abit sensitivity around my teeth after consistently using it for 7 days. Currently, i'm only using it when i remember/feel like it. Will i purchase this kit again? Probably not but i would love a good set of white teeth! If there are anymore recommendation please feel free to comment down below and let me know! xx 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SIM-UOL FIRST CLASS HONOURS? (part 4 last part)

Thank you guys for all the emails and questions about UOL, i didn't know my posts have such high ratings. I'm glad to share whatever i know about UOL to you all and yes i'm graduating! Actually i shouldn't put an exclamation mark because i love schooling. I love to study and be in school. haha.

I received more emails than usual these two days and especially yesterday when results were out! If you read part 1, part 2 and part 3, u will know that my grades were totally unexpected each time. I did badly first year, and scored first class marks the second year due to a change of study techniques. I used the same technique to study for my third year (which is this year 2016) hoping to get a First Class Honours. I just needed 2 more As!!! I was pretty positive about getting FCH. I studied my materials extensively. And my results?

Recap on all my grades:

First year,
Principles of Accounting 55
Corporate Finance 55
Principles of Banking and Finance 43
Microeconomics 37 (failed)

Second year,
Financial Intermediation 75
Investment Management 70
Microeconomics 74 (retake)

Last year, 

EBIZ 66 
MSM 77 

I nearly died when i saw my marks. My most confident subject ESAP scored 64. I reflected and came to a conclusion that my section A scored badly because i only took 15 minutes to finish them and left the rest of the time for section B long essays questions. 

I took the recommendation of the examiner by writing less than one page for each question on section A. I wrote about 3/4 page each. During the exam, i forgotten the years of those theories. To be safe, i didn't write them down on my section A. I guessed i focused too much on section B and neglected section A. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. 

OVERALL, I ONLY NEEDED 4 MORE MARKS (making EBIZ 70 from 66) TO GET FCH. wts. 

So guys, i didn't get a FCH, i will be graduating with a Second Upper Honours. And i am not proud of it at all. My goal was first class. I worked hard for it but the marks were very unexpected. 

I also came to one very important conclusion: 


Ask them so u know what u need to do during exam and how u should be revising! Every subject has a different way of answering questions. I scored well for my FI, getting 75 and so i picked up two more theory mods for my last year (EBIZ and ESAP) thinking that i should be able to handle theory mods. Sigh.

As for EBIZ, i have nothing much to say. I was super stressed out over this module because i don't understand a single thing my lecturer was talking about. I thought i understand and by the time i go home, i forgot everything. It was the UK revision class that saved my ass. Pick your lecturer properly. Go and clash other lecturer's classes if you feel your lecturer isn't helping you and do this early (properly during the 1st of 2nd lesson) because every lecturer has different speed and way of teaching. 

As for MSM, i thank Mr Quek for helping me. He gave this number to the class and i texted him during my revision and he replied me. There was once when i was doing a self-test during 9pm and i texted him at 9.30pm thinking its late to disturb ur lecturer but he replied me at 10pm. haha. 

I should have scored better for MSM, like a 80+ to make his help worthwhile. But i did my very best for MSM. 

Overall, the most disappointing subject is ESAP. I nearly cried last night upon seeing my results. Everyone told me i did well because they have seen the efforts i put in. If this is so, then i must have either started my revision late or i'm stupid because these efforts only led me to a second upper??? 

I wanted to end my university with a perfect note. I'm really disappointed. But u know what? There is still a Master's degree :))) . I've been wanting to take a Masters but since everyone says it is pointless to do that and i should get work experience first, then so be it. Currently i'm still finding a job. Tight economy this year i guess. Cannot anyhow work in an ABC company too. 

Although i'm still disappointed and sad, i couldn't change my marks. What's done is done. The most important thing is to ask myself if i have any regrets. Any tiny bits of regrets will make you disappointed. Had i started my revision earlier like in December instead of February, i might be able to push to a FCH? Had i practise more on Section A on Esap, i might get an A? Those 2 were my regrets. 

On a side note, i really do enjoy my revision period. I had a lot of fun practising my essays, trying to remember stuff, drawing tons of graphs and discussing answers with my friends. And also emailing lecturers for clarification. Those were my happy moments and is what that comforts me. Yuen man, you did your best. Give yourself a pat on your back. 

Like what my boyfriend says, this is not the only highlight in my life. We fall and we learn. But this is also a very heart pain memory for me. From doing badly in year 1 to scoring As in year 2 and suddenly having the chance of getting FCH but a twist in year 3. I'm trying to console myself now. haha. I still need time to process all these things.

Alright guys! I'll be happy if you share your results below the comments or email me! I'm a graduate now! I will miss school! I will miss studying 14 hours a day!  

Officially ending my UOL post. xx

PS: Although i didn't get A for my ESAP and EBIZ, i am selling my notes (in softcopies). Inclusive of self-written essays and other additional materials. Just to note that i have a friend who uses my ESAP notes too and he got 70. So it is a matter of writing style i guess. Email me for rates! 

Update Aug2017:

Many have been asking me about the chances of landing yourself in a job after graduating from a private university. Here is a post i wrote about my job hunting experience (you can read it here). Overall, it took me 3 months to get myself into a permanent job. I am currently working in a MNC. Great staff benefits, great boss, everything is great. I am seriously very lucky. I also get to travel to other country for work trips. My starting salary was above 2.5k market rate. (Almost near 3k).

Most of my friends who graduated in UOL too were offered a pay range of between 2.4k-2.6k. If you want to start working in a bank, probably a personal banker, your pay would be 3k + (excluding your commission).

I am helping a reader to do a shoutout to sell his notes. He just got back his results!

To purchase ESAP/FR
Contact person: Zhiwei
ESAP - 89
FR - 91
Below is prove:

Good luck! xx

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bee House Taipei

Hi everyone! I was traveling to Taipei last week and Bee House was one of my selected accommodation for the first two nights in my stay. I do not have any pictures of them but what you see from their website is what you get.

Location of Bee House: It is very near Taipei Main Station. You can basically take a 5 minute walk and you will reach their underground Main Station. Their underground is huge. You will pass by a lot of shops before you reach the actual ticket counters. If you are at Taipei Main station and you are feeling lazy, you can also take a taxi. I remember the fare was 80 NTD.

Food around Bee House: There is a 7-11 just opposite Bee House, very convenient. Walk out of Bee House and walk less than 2 minute and you will see this Japan Stall along the road which is packed with people! I discovered this while exploring the area. They sell fresh sashimi! When you buy their food, they give you free banana and soup in the afternoon and free dessert at night. Cool right?

The shop name is called 三多屋.

Bee House Room: I think there are only two words to describe their room in general: VERY SMALL.  If you are have a phobia of small space, then i think you can cross out this accommodation in your list. Once you put two luggages in the room, you can barely walk haha. When you open the door, your left side is a basin, your right side is a TV attached on a wall and the bed in front of it. The toilet is next to the basin. 

I didn't have a good sleep for two nights. Atmosphere feels weird. Maybe it was because the space is too small!!! 

Nevertheless, the toilet bowl has a cleaning butt system. Has a bathtub -which i didn't use. Overall the  room is clean and neat. Except sometimes i can smell a little foul smell coming out from the toilet. I have a sensitive nose. If you nose is blocked, like my boyfriend's, then you probably won't be able to smell anything. 

Price: Affordable. S$85 per night. Booked on 

Worth to stay or not: I think you can find a larger room with this price. The only advantage of this hotel is that it is near the Main Station which was why we booked it in the first place. However, i realise that taxi fare is affordable and there are a lot of empty taxi everywhere! If you are living around Zhongshan area, taxi fare is reasonable. I'd rather pay for a cab to get to Taipei Main Station from my hotel room, instead of staying in Bee House. So conclusion, NOT WORTH. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Natural Jojoba + Rosehip Oil from The Jojoba Company | Review

You know? i fall in love with face oil ever since i tried Josie Maran's Argan Oil (in the post here). It works so much better than my gel moisturizer. I can feel that my skin feels moisturized and not 'tight' and 'dry'. So i went on to search for other face oil, I know that Jojoba oil and rosehip oil are wonderful ingredients for the skin! 

Jojoba oil resembles our skin's sebum and thus it can 'trick' our skin into producing enough oil. But does that mean my face doesn't get oily anymore after applying this? Well this theory is not wrong but also not completely right. After applying it for a few hours, i can still see those little 'oil round drop' appearing on my nose and forehead. However it does makes my skin feels moisturized. Really much better than putting on gel moisturizer alone. The thing is... once i use water to wipe my face after my skin 'absorbs' the moisturizer, i can feel my skin getting tight again. So i think that gel moisturiser only works on the surface of the face? On the other hand, if i use water to wipe my face after putting on my face oil, my skin doesn't feel tight. So i suppose that the face oil can enter into the deeper layer of my skin. Hence i am hands down FACE OIL FREAK now! 

I have been using the Natural Jojoba oil + Rosehip oil from The Jojoba Company for about two months now. Comparing this to my Josie Maran Argan Oil, jojoba oil and rosehip oil absorbs much quicker than argan oil. Does this means that i don't love my argan oil anymore? No! I still love it but it really depends on my face's situation that day. Sometimes i feel like i need the argan oil, other times i feel like i need the jojoba oil. It depends on my mood too. haha. 

So far, i've been really loving this oil. The best way to use this is to put a few drops of oil into my gel moisturizer! THIS IS THE BEST WAY FOR ME TO USE. U really have to try it out yourself to feel the wonder haha. 

Worth to buy or not: WORTH
Retail Price: $29.95 
Bought from: Wellness Within (singapore online store)

*So sorry it is currently out of stock from Wellness Within. You may buy it directly from The Jojoba Company.
*Updated: Item is restocked on Wellness Within! (but surprisingly at a higher price ><)

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Last month, i was randomly doing online window shopping at Sephora Sg and saw that they have Zoeva blush palettes on their "new arrival" section! I was immediately hooked on because:

1) The price is so affordable!  
2) The colours look so great! 
3) The size of the palette is just nice! 

I've known of this German brand for a while but have yet to try anything from them. So i quickly added two blush palettes as well as some of their brushes into my shopping cart and i checked out. lol. Simple and fast. Window shopping becomes real shopping. lol. Girls. 

$28 per palette?! What?! So affordable!!!

I'm so sorry currently they are out of stock! Hopefully they will be back in stock soon. 

TEXTURE: This comes in a powdery form. It is definitely not the creamy kind. Hence, if you have super dry cheeks, it can create slight dry patches on your face. So it is advisable to put on moisturiser before you apply this blusher! Actually you should apply moisturiser before you put on any kinds of makeup. haha. 

PIGMENTATION: Very pigmented colours. You only need a slight amount of it which is awesome!

SMELL: The blusher is scentless. However the packaging itself (i.e. the palette) has a slight scent of plastic smell. 

PACKAGING: I love this sleek package. Very travel friendly. The outside is matte finished so it can get a little dirty if you don't take care of it. It also has a magnetic closure which i did not expect it. How awesome! The palette does not feel extremely light too which is a plus because then you know that the quality is there. 

This is the pink spectrum 

Pink spectrum is suitable for people with cool undertone, slightly to the fair skin side. I like to mix around with these colours to create a perfect blush colour for my cheek. haha. Currently, i have not touch the bright pink yet. The color is a little too intense for everyday wear. 

Colour goes in order from left down to right down (in palette), top to bottom (on my hand) respectively. 

This is the Coral Spectrum. Suitable for people with warmer skin tone.
Colours in order from top left to bottom and then top right to bottom (on palette), top to bottom (on hand) respectively. 

The top right hand colour on this palette reminds me of one of the blush colour from Lancome. They look so similar. 

ZOEVA spectrum palette states on this palette: 




If you know me, you should know that no fragrance stuff is a big bonus to me. I always gravitate towards fragrance free products. 

I honestly think they have delivered what it claimed. 

Overall, i'm really happy with these palettes! Very worthy buy. Good quality. Super pigmented, and no fragrance. haha. There is a also a nude spectrum blush palette which i did not purchase. You can click on to the hyperlink provided above to view the items. 

Hope you enjoy reading this post! See you guys soon again!


Saturday, April 16, 2016


Before you start thinking if i am clubbing too much, nope i am not but I WAS. I was walking passed my polytechnic today and a lot of memories flashed across, especially to the days where i was partying a lot.

Partying was fun and fantastic. U get to meet new friends every week, and you party like no one's business. U can jump and scream and drink and nobody will say no to you. (unless you are drinking too too much to the extend tt u might die)

If you look back at my old posts all the way back in 2012, i was a party freak. I didn't know how it happen and why it happen, it just happen. But i wasn't just partying, i was working too. I worked as a club promoter when i was 18. I didn't know what it was but when i did, i was already earning a lot of pocket money that it just kept me staying. On an average clubbing night, i could make $300 (in cash payment) from 10.30pm to 2am where guest list close for the promoters. 

I went to the club every single week for straight 3 months. Sometimes i go one night, other times i can go up to 3 nights a week (wednesday, friday and saturday). Can you imagine coming back home at 6am when people are actually going to wake up but you are going to sleep? 

During those days, i was having my internship too. So Wednesday was very hectic for me. I went to work at 8am, leave office at 6pm. Reached home at 8pm and prepared to go out at 10pm. Then i work/party until 3am. By the time i sleep, it was already 5am. And i had to wake up at 7.30am. So i took taxi to work (my internship is at CHANGI AIRPORT) almost every Thursday. 

What was weird was that i didn't feel extremely tired. I had this strange energy that kept me going. 

I'll be completely honest here: I drank too much and partied too much. After 5 months into this routine, i noticed a difference in my body. I can tell my skin wasn't as healthy as before. The worst part was that my hair, somehow, started to get really thin and flat? I was like "oh no. i think the alcohol and late night sleeps are doing no good." 

That was also when i quit my promoting job (btw i was studying full time in poly). Two months later, i wasn't partying anymore but i was still working in the night scene. I was a door girl. And this lasted for a good 7 months i think. Fortunately i don't get a weekly schedule. Because there were a lot of other door girls, i was only scheduled maybe twice or thrice a month. But for the first two months, i was working every damn party night because there was only me and another door girl. 

Then i was preparing to enter University in 2014. In February 2015, I OFFICIALLY BID FAREWELL TO THE NIGHT SCENE. I was 21 then. 3 years of night life. I was done with it. No more loud music ringing on my ear, no more stupid cigarette smell staining my body & hair, no more seeing of pukes when i go toilet, no more alcohol and no more having to sleep late. 

I was back on the 'normal' life once again, just like when i was 17. 

The consequence of clubbing too much is the damage done to the body. I took a long time to heal this body. My hair started to become healthy again. My skin felt less dull again. Girl i was back on track!!! Also, there was no more heavy makeup. haha. 

Although i earned quite a lot of pocket money those time, i wasn't looking back. That money can't buy me youth again ok!!! 

Ever since then, i have not been to a club. I haven't had a vodka cranberry juice or jagerbomb. The only alcohol i drink now (and only on special occasion) is wine. 

So guys, partying too much is no good ok. You ruin your health. Nevertheless, i think i've learned a lot from that 3 years. I met so many new people from different background. I learned about different lifestyles. I see the other side of the world- the party world. It is a lesson to learn and also learn not to neglect my health. I am not getting younger. I spent my precious golden period (age 18 to 20) consuming alcohol where i could be doing yoga and exercising. 

Right now, i'm so over the party scene. I can't even take loud music anymore haha. I have to sleep by 2am. And i am taking skin care very seriously too. 

Honestly, this post doesn't really have a meaning does it? lol. I'm just thinking about things to share and i thought maybe i can share about what i feel about partying and the consequences of partying too much. 

ok! that's it for now! Talk again soon! bye!  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Acne Story | How To Cure Your Acne And Acne Scars (Part 2)

Ok! I think this is the last part on my Acne Story. There is only part 1 and part 2. haha. I'm pretty sure nobody really wants to know the story.

"Please just give me the solution to kill acne and cure acne scars already!!!"

Alright alright... If u want to know the story behind it, u can read part 1. In this post, i will jump straight into that magic weapon i had cured my acne. I will also share the products and things i did to cure my scars.

Before that, just to show the picture when i had acne and 4 months after acne:

All pictures (except first one) are taken without makeup, and in the same place: Sephora. 
Please be warn of unappealing picture. 

On 31st of October, i had my 3rd facial treatment which was also the last time i dealt with acne problem! Hooray!!!!

U can see that there are a lot of red/brownish/dull bumps and dots and scars and what not all over my lower cheek to my jawline. This picture was taken after the treatment where she put some cream to heal my wounds. Really horrendous. I lost my self-confidence and was under a really down & lost period. 

On mid December: my scars are disappearing. I never had new pimples popping out on that area again.
my left side

my right side

On end of March: my scars are almost invisible.

my left side
my right side


That weapon that i used was: 

I'm sure u haven't heard of this. When you google about "how to cure acne", there are hundreds of ways but almost little or none related to this device. 

This device looks like this: 

I'm linking the direct website to where i purchase this device: Please click here

This is JX-006A 

As i mentioned, my facial therapist was using this device on me. Out of curiosity, i went to check this thing out and realised i can buy it and use at home!!! Since my facial therapist can use this on me and say i will see result, then why not i just buy one for myself at home and do it myself? I was also utterly surprised that the high frequency was very affordable. It is selling at $50 on Q0010, where i purchased it. There is also a more expensive high frequency sold on Amazon where it can cost u $300. I chose this after reading tons of reviews about it on youtube, google and what not. 

Believe me, i spent more than 5 hours searching and reading about this. So i was quite certain that this device that i was purchasing is workable and authentic. 

You can read more about this on youtube when u search "high frequency device". I've watched almost all of those videos. 

What does this device do? 

When i first purchased it, the device looks very wrong to me. HAHA. u will understand what i'm talking about when you search about this device. To summarise, this device produces electrodes that is filled with neon gas. This helps to kill the bacteria and inflammation on your face. It increases your blood circulation and so can increase your collagen level and elasticity on skin.

There are also so many other benefits such as reducing wrinkles, fine lines, firming, reducing puffiness. I watch people do this on youtube. Some use it for firming and lifting and some for acne. 

For me, i use this mainly for my acnes and scars. YES, THIS REDUCES SCARS TOO! Now that my face is so much better. I use it only for spot treatment when i have one or two pimples popping out. 

This device produces high frequency current, which is electricity to be simple. SO U CANNOT DO IT WHEN YOUR FACE IS WET (unless u want to shock your precious face). Now, don't be scared to hear the word 'electricity'. I was initially quite skeptical about this because .... electrodes on my face? Will i die?? But since my facial therapist had done it on me, i felt more assured that nothing is gonna happen if i do it myself at home. 


With a DRY and CLEAN face, u insert the electrode glass tube into the device. Turn it on, adjust the strength level and glide it on your face. U can apply oil (any type of oil but of course must be organic, fragrance-free kind) for easier gliding too. So either dry or with oil it is fine. Just make sure it is NOT WET. 

Some websites will tell you to put your index finger on the tube when it is turned on (i.e. when u see the orange light) and then put it on your face, then u can move away ur finger. This is to prevent u from being shock. I followed this instruction the first few time of usage and after that i just glide it on my face without my finger touching the tube first. No difference for me. 

U should only do each area NOT MORE THAN 3 SECONDS. That means u need to keep moving your wand around your face. If u put it on the same spot for too long, ur skin will get damaged instead due to the high frequency current. 

I glided it on my face for around 10 minutes almost everyday for the first two months because i had visible scars. Then 2-3 times a week and now 1-2 times a month. 


U should disinfect the glass tube and put it back to the box. I put alcohol on a cotton pad and then clean the wand. Sometimes i wash with water and soup. THE TUBE HAS TO BE DRY before putting it back to the box. And i don't wash the silver metal part at the bottom of the wand. 

Then you carry on your skincare routine: Put toner and then moisturiser. 

And u are done! I've recommended this to few of my friends. I really hope they start seeing results too. I was really really glad that this thing works for me. I honestly did not have new pimple coming out from that area after using the high frequency device. 


When you turn on the device and you use a higher strength to zap your face, you will feel slightly electrocuted and you will feel the little pain. And u will smell something like a bad egg kind of smell. I experienced all this during the first high frequency treatment at the salon because my facial therapist turned on to the highest. lol. I think she really wants to cure my acne ASAP. If you feel slight electric shock, then just turn to lower strength. Your face should feel a bit "electric" for it to work effectively. The current can go in deeper into your skin. But when i first got my device, i turned to the lowest cause i was scared. Subsequently, i turned on higher and higher until i can feel an effect. U will hear the "ZZZZZZZZ" sound when it is on. 

Now whenever i have a small pimple popping out, i use this for spot treatment. Zap my pimple for a few seconds and i'm done. OH. I remember i took photos to compare before and after. Here it is: 

I discover a small bump that night. After showering (where i cleanse my face also), i use the high frequency. 

This is my face the next morning. 

WTH?! That bump was gone. I swear i did not edit the photos. And i swear this was taken the next day. These photos were taken two weeks ago. 

If i discover my new pimple within 5 hours and use this device, it usually can subside by the next day. However, if i used it only after a few days when my pimple is almost matured, it takes around 3 days. I do high frequency whenever i spot new pimples and i will snap on my snapchat. U can follow me to see how it works! Snapchat: babychooooo

I have not squeezed any pimple for 4 months now. I learn not to squeeze them (even though i always squeeze them before i had my acne disaster). 

So what are the other products that i use and things i do to heal my scar faster/ keep acne under control/ improve skin complexion? 

Besides using the high frequency, i bought Vitamin C serum 

I needed a Vitamin C serum because i read that it can help to lighten scars. So i purchased the SKINIC since it is made from Japan. haha. And i heard good reviews about it. However, this is only recommended to put before u sleep at night. It can dry out your skin. 

If u use this during the day, u need to put on sunscreen. Also, if you still have active acne, i think its not advisable to put this serum on. Let your troubled skin rest by applying basic products (toner and moisturiser) rather than putting on tons of other skincare product in hoping it would solve ur active acne problem. I have finished my 10ml bottle Vit C serum.

Honestly, i won't buy it again. Not because it didn't work. I think i can see a difference in helping my scars. I'm not re-buying anytime now because it it simply too expensive for a 10ml bottle!!!! $64 ok... not cheap... On the other hand, i'm really interested to try the Vitamin A serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I think that is what my skin needs now. 

I changed my toner, cleanser and moisturiser and other skincare products to brands i trust: 

Mainly all Clinique. haha. Because they are fragrance-free which is always a bonus for me.  

A gel type of moisturizer is good for oil combination skin as it doesn't clog your pores. I've used this two years ago but changed brand and now i'm coming back to this.  

Before i use the liquid facial soap, i was using the Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam from Clinique. Both work just fine for me! The best thing about it is that my skin doesn't feel tight and overly dry after cleansing. If your skin is feeling like it is deprived of moisture and feels very tight after cleansing, then it means ur cleanser is too strong for your skin. U need to stop using that now and switch to something mild!!! 

I need an exfoliator too. When you exfoliate your skin, dead cells are removed and new cells can regenerate! That lets your scar to heal faster because new cells are doing their work now to repair your skin! Sounds logic right? I use this like 1-3 times a week only for the first month and then i just do this once a week subsequently. I don't want to over exfoliate my skin. Works great too! This is supposed to be use before toner, after cleansing, on dry face. U need to shake the bottle first. 

My toner is also from Clinique hahaha. I purchased the ultra big bottle. Now i'm left with 1/4. Please note that the above toner is not the actual product i am using. I cannot find the exact picture of the current toner. My toner is the clarifying moisture lotion hydratante clarifiante 2 with a silver reflective cap. 
The above price is in USD. 

Sometimes when i see little new pimple forming, i will put this on for spot treatment. However, this does not work for me all the time. Out of 10 times, maybe only effective 3 times. Plus, u need to discover the pimple very early then it will work. If this does not work, i use my high frequency then apply this drying gel on my face overnight. DOUBLE EFFECT. 

I'm also using the Laneige water bank gel cream concurrently with my clinique moisturizer. I've just finished this last week. Again, gel type moisturizer is for me and for people with oily combination skin. 

I also use the Clinique Anti-Blemish Clay mask once in a while to clarify my skin.

Recently, i'm into face oil and to be honest i really am loving it so much! I think face oil can potentially replace all my gel creams. 

My recent face oil purchase and totally loving: 

The above price is in USD. 

i did a review on this u can read it here

Don't be scared that the oil is gonna make your face greasy and will clog your pores. In fact, it does the opposite. Because u apply oil on your face, ur face need not produce extra oil to keep the moisture. Thus, u won't get clogged pores and acne that easily since most of the time acne arises due to over production of oil. 

I read some reviews for some people that they hated this oil. I am loving it ok!!! U will also start to get use to the smell eventually. 

My current skincare routine includes the most basic steps: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. Sometimes i add in Exfoliator and then serum or just a serum or just an exfoliator. I am not doing that "full" skincare routine whereby u need to put essence, serum and mask too. I think a little goes a long way. LESS IS MORE. 

Beside buying so many skincare products, i also make sure i have enough sleep and drink plenty of water. This may sound a bit luxurious but i drink bird nest every now and then just to increase my collagen and heal my body. 

Sometimes i make my own collagen soup. The main ingredient in my soup is CHICKEN FEET. U can join my snapchat! I post a lot of cooking snaps and beauty snaps on it. I hope u can learn and take something from it. 

I also eat berries and drink fruit smoothie very frequently. I drink warm lemon water every morning. Lemon has vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial to heal scars. I was obsessed with vitamin C stuff during the first 3 months of my healing process. I don't eat fried food so that is a plus for me.  

I DIY my own mask too. Oatmeal mask and honey mask are my favourite. 

U can tell that i am really very into beauty stuff. I will try almost anything that can make my skin glowy and nice. 

Currently, i'm drinking NONI juice as a supplement as well. This has great benefits for health and Miranda Kerr drinks this too! 

I also exercise once a week to get rid off the 'dirt' in my body through my sweat. 

That's it guys. I think i've shared everything with you. I hope u learn something from here. Use products that work for your skin. Know your skin type in order to know what kind of products will suit you. 

If your acne type is hormonal, i am not sure if the device will work because this is something inside your body. If your acne is infection kind, like mine, then i recommend you to try the high frequency!!! Please also keep a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people want good skin but forget about the proper diet that they should have. And please do not squeeze your pimple!!!! If ur pimple is really ripped and can come out just by a tiny pinch, remember to disinfect your hands first. 

I am really happy with my skin now. It looks radiant. I also have a natural blush on my cheeks. It becomes more visible after i use my argan oil.  Most importantly, i don't have huge pimples stuck on my face. I'm still getting small pimples here and there but it really doesn't bother me. I either use my Clinique anti-blemish clearing gel or high frequency or both together. 

I've also read about derma roll to reduce scars on face. Not only that but also increase collagen. I might buy that to try too. haha. Not sure. If u want to know just stay tune because i will do a review about it for sure if i buy. 

Ok! Thanks for reading! I know this is a long post and if you have read every single word in this post, it shows that you are really determined to cure your pimples and i am on your side for that! While doing this post, i also realise how much money i've spent trying to cure my pimples. sigh... But i think this is all worth it now! If you have any other questions, feel free to comment down below or send me an email at Good luck!

p/s: just for clarification sake, i am not sponsored or encouraged to say anything about the products mentioned above. Those are my personal opinion and experiences with the products. I trusted them and they work for me so i am here to share. 

Update on 16Jul2017:
After months of stopping my high frequency device, i feel like my pimples are coming back! I keep having pimple growing back at the same spot. This week, it seems like it is spreading. I know its time i need to do the high frequency diligently again. My face was almost clear when i stopped using the device. Just had my facial did and i requested the beautician to squeeze away all the pimples + dead blood. I'm gonna update you guys again after 3 months of diligent use of my device.