Sunday, March 27, 2016

JOSIE MARAN 100% Pure Argan Oil Light | Honest Thoughts

My skin type: Combination Oily (Dry lower cheek and oily nose and forehead)

I think i am ready to write my thoughts about this after using for about 3 weeks. I just can't wait to share this with you guys! You know i always give you my most honest opinion in every of my reviews. This is no exception. So one word to describe it all 'AWESOME' 

That day, i was at Sephora (again) doing my casual routine: check out new makeup and skincare products. I came to a section and spotted the word "OIL". Face oil products are becoming more and more popular these days. It claims its benefit and i've been wanting to try it out myself for a while. So needless to say, i picked the product up without second thought and gave myself a few drops on my hand. Blended them and i was very amazed by it. It feels so smooth!

The next day, i decided to buy it. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. I'm bringing you home!!! 

Besides the weird smell of the product, everything else is amazing. This product can be applied onto your hair, nails and body. My focus is my face but i apply the excess on my hands treating it like a hand lotion as well. I bought the light version as i have combination oily skin. 

Initially i was quite skeptical about it. Although it feels great on my hand, it doesn't mean it will be great on my face. 

So....ok... This, literally, changes my whole perception on face oil products. It doesn't make your face look disgustingly oily at all! In fact, it blends into my face very quickly. Feels very light. When first applied, you may feel the "grease" but it is light. After awhile, that "greasy" feeling will be gone. If you touch your skin, you won't feel that your skin is oily. Although i have to admit that when i look at my fingers afterwards, i can see the grease. It is weird right? On my face i don't feel greasy but on my hand i can see the grease. 

I apply this mainly before i sleep. But really, if i'm putting on make up, i apply this argan oil as a base too. It works so well as a moisturiser before foundation!!! I used to apply moisturiser gel before foundation but i must say this oil works so much better than my moisturiser gel. It makes my foundation application so smooth too. 

I can feel my skin being more hydrated and my face (especially my nose and forehead) is definitely producing lesser oil when i wake up in the morning. Normally when i looked at myself in the mirror when i wake up, i will notice super yucky greasy forehead and nose. I've done my research on face oil products and it says that the oil will actually keep control of your natural oil production. So your face won't over produce oil. It is also rich in Vitamin E. 

This Argan Oil is paraben free, fragrance free and is organic. I'm a big sucker for organic products. Also, i always look for products that are paraben and fragrance free. 

However..... however... yes i'm going to talk about the cons now: i don't think this oil cures acne like what they have stated. Also curing of wrinkles? Not so. I don't have wrinkles now but i don't think it can cure wrinkles. To me, i only see this as a great moisturiser that can keep control of my natural oil production. And also a great foundation base. 

If you have dry skin, you may opt for the original one. If you have oily skin, opt for the light version. 

Final Thoughts:

Worth to buy or not: WORTH! 
Retail Price: S$24 for 15ml 
Where to buy: Sephora Sg 

Monday, March 21, 2016

LA ROCHE-POSAY Antelios XL ultra light sunblock | My thoughts

Hi guys! I'm here again! For another product, as always. haha. This time, we are going to talk about sunblock. This is by far the most essential step or the most basic step to do before going out of your house. PUT ON YOUR SUNBLOCK! Especially if you are living in hot and sunny countries, like Singapore. This is to protect us from damaging UV rays from the sun. The consequences of not putting on sunblock - you get wrinkles easily and your skin will look dry & old. It is also good to put on some sun block even if you are staying at home and especially if you are always sitting beside the window. 

I went to the Pharmacy three months ago, searching for a new sunscreen to buy. The previous one that i was using was Laneige's sunscreen. I found that the Laneige sunscreen was coming a little too oily on my skin so i decided to change it. 

I bought the ultra light La Roche-Posay sunscreen and this is good for people with sensitive skin too.I I usually only need to apply a little bit to cover my whole face. A little goes a long way. 

Ok! Fast and Sweet: How does the end product feels like? 

It really feels light on your skin. When you first apply it on, you may still feel that the product is a little oily on your face. But after 3 minutes or do, that shine/oily feeling is gone, leaving you with a matte texture finished. 

I've been using this as long as i'm heading out. Comes in 50ml. SPF 50+ Made in France. Bought at Unity. I just found out that sells the exact same product with a much lower price. I will insert the link here for you to check it out! 

Final Rating: 9.5/10 
Worth to buy or not: Worth
Retail Price: About S$50 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Easiest DIY Lip Scrub Ever

I was having dry and flaky lip that day and was feeling so annoyed by it because my lipstick just didn't apply well! And then I remember my DIY lip scrub. LOL. Damn, why didn't i think of that?! The dry flaky lips has been bothering me for quite some time. Usually i would scrub my lips once every two weeks and then i just totally forgot about the whole thing. Dead skins were accumulating and moisturiser didn't help. 

So today i'm going to show you guys a 1 MIN DIY LIP SCRUB. You only need two ingredients: 

Aloe Vera Gel 

You can sub Aloe Vera Gel with anything moisturising like coconut oil or vaseline. But i didn't have those ingredients so i use Aloe Vera Gel (99% pure). 

Of course, u need a small bowl or just anything that you can pour the ingredients in. And a spoon. 

1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Brown Sugar 

Depending on how much friction u want on your lips, u add the according amount of brown sugar. The sugar is use to scrub the dead skins off. 

Then just add a TINY bit of aloe vera gel. 

If you add too much, there won't be scrubbing effect. 

You should get a consistency like this, with visible brown sugar bits in it. If it is too liquid-y, u can add more brown sugar! Its really up to you! 

Apply this on your lip and scrub for a minute or so. Then rinse off and apply lip balm. Done! You have silky smooth lips now! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hello everyone! I had an amazing time yesterday celebrating my birthday. Initially i was totally not expecting anything this year. There will be no cake, no celebrations. Nothing. My whole family is not in Singapore and my boyfriend is going for reservist (just a day before my birthday. How unlucky). So i was completely not expecting anything. Besides, my birthday is always not a very good experience for me. I think my expectation is too high? I don't mean a huge celebration where i invite all my friends, spending hundreds of dollar trying to decor my birthday venue and ordering cater food, and partying till next day. 

To me, i only need my close friends and family members. I always imagine dining for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant (a private room because i like privacy if i'm celebrating something) with a few of my closest friends and all my family members together for my birthday. And let's be honest here, i really like beautiful birthday cakes. Its one of the most mesmerising thing ever. Whenever i see those beautifully decorated birthday cakes on instagram, i would admire it for a long while. And lets say, i also like some flowers for my birthday haha. I have never received flowers for my birthday before!!! I told my boyfriend many times about it but he never gets it for me. And i don't need those bouquets of flowers where it costs you hundred of dollars. I can have a pot of flower like an orchid or something where i can plant and grow them. haha. Or flowers you buy yourself from the warehouse and decorate them (that would be tough but it is much more cheaper if you DIY yourself. FYI, i have done that before). So overall, you get what i mean? 

But anyway, i really had a good time for my birthday this year. I had so many cakes and i love it because i love cakes!!!! I can have a cake for every occasion i can think of -valentines' day, new year day, national day, christmas day. 
This birthday cake was from my boyfriend's family. I was so shocked when i saw the cake because it was 3 days away from my actual birthday! 

my home look. hehe. 

And then on the next day, 13th, my boyfriend brought me to Edge to feast. I did a post on Edge. U can read it here. I had another cake! haha! I was so elated because as i said, i love cake & it was a surprise. 

On the 15th, which was my actual day, i had lunch at my favourite dim sum restaurant Imperial Treasure with two friends. For the past 2 years, i had not celebrated my birthday with my friends and this just reminds me how awesome it was! 

It was a really casual lunch. 

We had such an amazing time shopping around, mainly at Sephora. HAHA. U guys know Sephora is my favourite shopping place. I can stay there for two hours. And then.... I had another cake!!! This strawberry shortcake is so beautiful! And i love those long and slim candles. I also love sparkling candles but they are a mess when u blow them off because u get the ashes all over your cake. Yeap let me make a wish again, please make my wish come true!!! 

And the best highlight of the day is this.... 

I GOT FLOWERS!!!! OMG!!! REALLY??? I was so happy and over excited when i received them. My boyfriend (he can book out during reservist) bought them on behalf of my mother. My mother was so king she knew i was going to be alone for my birthday and she can't find a florist who can send overseas flowers, so she asked my boyfriend to do it for her. 

What's more amazing was that I WAS WANTING SUNFLOWERS THAT DAY. Earlier that morning i was still texting my boyfriend that i wanted to go to the florist shop to get myself some sunflowers to decorate my room. But due to time constraint, i decided to buy them next day. And i got sunflowers that evening!!! 

So all in all, i had a really great time. It was nothing crazy. Just simple & casual- which is what i prefer. And i guess i am really not going to celebrate next year because i don't want to be 24. I still feel like i'm 21 only. haha


Monday, March 14, 2016

EDGE at Pan Pacific Hotel

I can sum up this whole post with just one word: EXCELLENT , but i still want to elaborate on the whole experience. 

Last evening, my boyfriend brought me to Edge at Pan Pacific Hotel. I didn't know we were going there until the day itself! It was meant to be a little surprise to celebrate my birthday in advance. How thoughtful of him!

We were warmly greeted by the staff and my seating area was awesome. I had the view of almost the whole marina bay: the Singapore flyer and Marina Bay Sands. haha. 

I was really pleasantly surprised at how nice the interior design of the whole hotel, as well as Edge, was. Sorry, it was my first time coming into Pan Pacific Hotel. lol. On a site note I'm definitely staying there for a night one day! 

This is the interior of EDGE. U see the blue windows at the back the picture? That was where i was seated. The restaurant is big!!! 

Majority of the customers were seated near the window area. 

After getting seated, we were ready to explore the place! They have such a wide variety of food! I was really speechless. All the time i was like "omg. wow?? awesome!! yay!!" I walked all the way in and saw the dessert section! My god.... the variety of desserts were just... what kind of other word can you use to describe awesome-ness? 

The decor was so nice! 

They have ice cream section too. My boyfriend is a durian lover and Edge serves Durian dessert. The durian dessert was really rich in flavour. U can taste all the durian in your mouth!!! That is definitely something that i want to compliment Edge about.

Pancakes and waffles. Please feel free to choose! 

alright ! lets start walking around and see what other food we found! 

We have come to the seafood section!!! OH MY they have alaska crab leg??? Are you serious?? I've been wanting to eat that since last year!!! 

U can already see how fresh the seafood are from the picture. 

Crab were super delicious. You can basically eat them without adding any sauce on. Its sweet flavour lingers on your tongue after every bite. 

I never eat Oyster because i remember how nasty it was when i tried the first time in Melt The World Cafe. Well, Melt The World was supposed to be famous for their Oyster which sadly i almost puked cause the oysters were, i guess, too too fresh until it has this certain taste that disgusts me? Edge has very fresh oysters too. My boyfriend squeezed enough lemon juice on it and with the help of Tabasco sauce, i ate one oyster! Somehow Edge's oyster taste nicer. haha. I think cause i added a lot of lemon juice??? 

They also have Chinese food. 

They have a Tze Char section where you can choose the food you want and they will cook it for you. We tried it and it was delicious too!

Oh the sausage was amazing. The beef, however, was slightly rough even though it was medium cooked. I couldn't really bite it. 

Me getting sushi and lots of salmon!!!

I have never tried cheese other than those you normally would eat. Since Edge has a variety of cheese to select, i chose some. Ok, i am not a cheese lover. HAHA. definitely am not. One of the cheese really smells like a hamster cage - best description i can give you. 

Around 8.30pm, we were happily swallowing our food and a staff came to us asking us how was the food and.... 

I got a little birthday cake!!! Suddenly the staff were singing birthday song to me. I was so surprised! First surprise was that i had no idea i would be getting a cake because it is not my actual birthday yet. My birthday is tomorrow. I thought this was just a fancier dinner since its nearing my birthday. Second surprise was that i had no idea the staff actually sang the birthday song with us. Usually, like the one i ate at Shangri La's The Line, the staff gives you your birthday cake and that's all. They walked off. But Edge, a few of the staff would stand around you and sing really loudly! haha. I swear the whole restaurant can hear them. 

That night, i think a total of about 8 other tables were having birthday too. After my birthday singing turn, we could hear and see the same thing going on for the next 30minutes. The staff would light the candle and then sing to the customers on other table. They sang mandarin birthday song too. Why didn't i have the mandarin ah??? haha. But i was the first one to be sang to that night. Happy enough!

I was telling my boyfriend how happy and bright the atmosphere was. It feels like everyone is celebrating here. I was so happy! 

The staff would also come to you once in a while and check on you, asking you hows their food. Sorry, i need to add in this - they ask you in a very politely and warm manner! You can say its almost like talking to a friend. 

Overall, i am really pleased with their service and food. The last buffet i had was at Shangri La The Line. Comparing Edge with The Line, i'm definitely 100% going for Edge. Shangri La's ambience was not as good as Edge. The Line had white lighting setting while Edge has warm yellow light setting. The Line has fewer choice of food selection than Edge. The Line was also smaller in space than Edge. Last reason, you have such good view looking at the Singapore Flyer while eating all your favourite food at Edge! The only comment i have on Edge is that they could add in lobster in the seafood selection! There would have been even more awesome!

Anyway guys, i have only being to 3 buffet hotel restaurants so far : Melt The World, The Line and Edge. This is all i can comment about. I will start my buffet hunt experience very soon. 

The total price we paid for this buffet dinner was S$187 for 2 people, inclusive of GST and Service Charge. I ordered a $20 glass of red wine, thus the bill is slightly higher than if you would just to pay for the buffet dinner. The GST & Service Charge added up to around S$32! lol. 

Recommend to go or not: Yes please! It is a great experience! Service, food, atmosphere - every component is a thumbs up. 

Pan Pacific Edge Link