Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Does IPL really work? x For Underarm & Upper Lip

At the age of 15 going 16, i began my IPL treatment for my underarm (or armpit). At the age of 17, i began my IPL treatment for my upper lip. I am a hairy girl. hahaha.

The question that you want to know is: Does it really work??? 

Yes it does!!! I am 22 now and my arm pit hair has never been so fine and thin before. They are almost invisible now. The same goes for my upper lip. My underarm is so smooth now too!!! I don't need to worry about wearing shoulder-less shirts now and i can lift up my arm pit as and when i like.

The only problem is that it takes A LOT OF treatments to really get the hair permanently removed. When your beauty salon tells you that you only need 10 treatments/ a package to see visible result, it is A LIE. I am not sure for those people who are born with already fine hairs but for people who have thick, hairy hair, 10 treatments is too little!

For my under arm, it took me a good 20 treatments to really start seeing result. And by result i mean my hair really start thinning and eventually missing. For my upper lip, i would say about 15 treatments and you will start seeing result.

Here was how i did my treatment: I started off by going very frequently. One time every two weeks. And then once a month. By the 10th treatment or so, i dragged to once every two or three months. Right now, i go like once every 6-7 months? haha. I think I'm reaching 30 treatments soon. I am not sure by definitely more than 20 already. When you start seeing result, that is when you can drag your treatment until u wanna do it again.

Right now, i will still be seeing 1-3 super long (because my last treatment was more than 6 months ago & my hair will grow, obviously haha) but super thin armpit hair. You wouldn't be able to tell that i have these super long thin hair unless u look closely to my arm pit.

Another question: Does the hair get thicker and darker after IPL??? 

Nope. But i remember my upper lip was a little darker the first few treatments because of the IPL effect where they 'burn' your hair. So ur hair is technically being burnt which caused it to look darker for a while. JUST A WHILE.

Your hair will eventually get thinner and then disappear!

During IPL treatment, they can either put a cold gel on top before beginning or the IPL machine itself will be icy cold and 'DEE' (sound effect) it turns hot & 'burn' your hair off. It will smell something like rotten egg. I cannot tolerate pain so i always request for low and if i can go a bit higher, i will.

So if you are thinking of going for IPL treatment to get rid off those unnecessary hair, (i know how uncomfortable it feels like to have smelly and thick armpit hair. Or really hairy upper lip that makes u look like a man. My friends used to laugh at me for this.) u must be ready that 10 treatments is not enough! U really need at least 20 and more. And then on and off still go back for treatment. I never shave again after IPL because i don't want my hair to become thick again. If you shave, make sure u are going back for IPL the next day or so.

OH BTW SPEAKING OF SMELL, YOU WON'T HAVE SMELLY ARM PIT after IPL because your hairs are literally gone. The smell is super minimal !!!! That is something awesome to talk about.

As for the price, yup, it is very pricey. Fortunately i started years back when IPL was still cheap haha. And they have a special promotion S$550 for unlimited times. My mother bought both the underarm and upper lip treatment for me. Thank god it is unlimited times or else i wouldn't know what to do with all my hairs now!!! It is so expensive! Can u imagine S$1200 for 10 treatments and i need to do at least 20 and buy one more treatment just to do occasional treatments???

Alright that's it for now! See u all soon again!

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