Monday, March 14, 2016

EDGE at Pan Pacific Hotel

I can sum up this whole post with just one word: EXCELLENT , but i still want to elaborate on the whole experience. 

Last evening, my boyfriend brought me to Edge at Pan Pacific Hotel. I didn't know we were going there until the day itself! It was meant to be a little surprise to celebrate my birthday in advance. How thoughtful of him!

We were warmly greeted by the staff and my seating area was awesome. I had the view of almost the whole marina bay: the Singapore flyer and Marina Bay Sands. haha. 

I was really pleasantly surprised at how nice the interior design of the whole hotel, as well as Edge, was. Sorry, it was my first time coming into Pan Pacific Hotel. lol. On a site note I'm definitely staying there for a night one day! 

This is the interior of EDGE. U see the blue windows at the back the picture? That was where i was seated. The restaurant is big!!! 

Majority of the customers were seated near the window area. 

After getting seated, we were ready to explore the place! They have such a wide variety of food! I was really speechless. All the time i was like "omg. wow?? awesome!! yay!!" I walked all the way in and saw the dessert section! My god.... the variety of desserts were just... what kind of other word can you use to describe awesome-ness? 

The decor was so nice! 

They have ice cream section too. My boyfriend is a durian lover and Edge serves Durian dessert. The durian dessert was really rich in flavour. U can taste all the durian in your mouth!!! That is definitely something that i want to compliment Edge about.

Pancakes and waffles. Please feel free to choose! 

alright ! lets start walking around and see what other food we found! 

We have come to the seafood section!!! OH MY they have alaska crab leg??? Are you serious?? I've been wanting to eat that since last year!!! 

U can already see how fresh the seafood are from the picture. 

Crab were super delicious. You can basically eat them without adding any sauce on. Its sweet flavour lingers on your tongue after every bite. 

I never eat Oyster because i remember how nasty it was when i tried the first time in Melt The World Cafe. Well, Melt The World was supposed to be famous for their Oyster which sadly i almost puked cause the oysters were, i guess, too too fresh until it has this certain taste that disgusts me? Edge has very fresh oysters too. My boyfriend squeezed enough lemon juice on it and with the help of Tabasco sauce, i ate one oyster! Somehow Edge's oyster taste nicer. haha. I think cause i added a lot of lemon juice??? 

They also have Chinese food. 

They have a Tze Char section where you can choose the food you want and they will cook it for you. We tried it and it was delicious too!

Oh the sausage was amazing. The beef, however, was slightly rough even though it was medium cooked. I couldn't really bite it. 

Me getting sushi and lots of salmon!!!

I have never tried cheese other than those you normally would eat. Since Edge has a variety of cheese to select, i chose some. Ok, i am not a cheese lover. HAHA. definitely am not. One of the cheese really smells like a hamster cage - best description i can give you. 

Around 8.30pm, we were happily swallowing our food and a staff came to us asking us how was the food and.... 

I got a little birthday cake!!! Suddenly the staff were singing birthday song to me. I was so surprised! First surprise was that i had no idea i would be getting a cake because it is not my actual birthday yet. My birthday is tomorrow. I thought this was just a fancier dinner since its nearing my birthday. Second surprise was that i had no idea the staff actually sang the birthday song with us. Usually, like the one i ate at Shangri La's The Line, the staff gives you your birthday cake and that's all. They walked off. But Edge, a few of the staff would stand around you and sing really loudly! haha. I swear the whole restaurant can hear them. 

That night, i think a total of about 8 other tables were having birthday too. After my birthday singing turn, we could hear and see the same thing going on for the next 30minutes. The staff would light the candle and then sing to the customers on other table. They sang mandarin birthday song too. Why didn't i have the mandarin ah??? haha. But i was the first one to be sang to that night. Happy enough!

I was telling my boyfriend how happy and bright the atmosphere was. It feels like everyone is celebrating here. I was so happy! 

The staff would also come to you once in a while and check on you, asking you hows their food. Sorry, i need to add in this - they ask you in a very politely and warm manner! You can say its almost like talking to a friend. 

Overall, i am really pleased with their service and food. The last buffet i had was at Shangri La The Line. Comparing Edge with The Line, i'm definitely 100% going for Edge. Shangri La's ambience was not as good as Edge. The Line had white lighting setting while Edge has warm yellow light setting. The Line has fewer choice of food selection than Edge. The Line was also smaller in space than Edge. Last reason, you have such good view looking at the Singapore Flyer while eating all your favourite food at Edge! The only comment i have on Edge is that they could add in lobster in the seafood selection! There would have been even more awesome!

Anyway guys, i have only being to 3 buffet hotel restaurants so far : Melt The World, The Line and Edge. This is all i can comment about. I will start my buffet hunt experience very soon. 

The total price we paid for this buffet dinner was S$187 for 2 people, inclusive of GST and Service Charge. I ordered a $20 glass of red wine, thus the bill is slightly higher than if you would just to pay for the buffet dinner. The GST & Service Charge added up to around S$32! lol. 

Recommend to go or not: Yes please! It is a great experience! Service, food, atmosphere - every component is a thumbs up. 

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