Saturday, March 12, 2016

Maybelline Baby Lip Electro Pop LipBalm in Pink Shock

Hi Everyone! I wanna do a quick sharing with this new lip balm i bought today (actually just two hours ago). I was so excited because i swatched it on my hand and result was pretty good. I am looking for a lip balm that can give me a slightly tinted colour too. I was hearing a lot about baby lip from Maybelline. Have never purchased a lip balm from this brand before and finally decided to buy one today! 

Went back home to try it out and was really disappointed. You know the idea of a lip balm? U just apply it on easily, without even looking at the mirror. To me, that is the whole idea of a lip balm. Giving you nourishment and super easy application. 

So i was putting them on, without looking at the mirror and turned out my lips were in a mess! I have the lip color showing out of my lips. Damn this lip balm is really pigmented. I have photos to show you guys: 

This is my original lip colour. 

I'm going to apply them on now

This is how i would normally apply my lip balm. No mirror, no concentration, effortlesss. And this is how Baby Lip Electro Pop did to me. I made so many mistakes! They are so messy. This is just 2 coats.

Ok... i gotta take tissue and wipe off the excess area. Looks better now... I didn't know lip balm requires effort. 

And the colour is really pigmented. Just one or two stroke and it can be compared to a lip stick. 

Because i am buying a lip balm, not a lip stick, so it totally fails my expectation. I was only expecting something slightly tinted, still requires no effort and viola~~~~ beautiful natural lip. Erm... this was definitely not something i was expecting and definitely not something i want. 

For the texture wise, well... it is a lip balm but there are other better lip balm than this one. Doesn't feel good on my lip. So sad... so disappointed. 

If you are looking at this as a lip stick and not a lip balm, then it is pretty good. It is shiny, pigmented and moisturising. If you keep the lipstick on for half an hour or so, it stays on your lips tight!!!! Even if u wipe the excess off, you can still see the pink stain on your lip. The stain actually looks nicer than when just applied. 

Talk about the packaging/design now. It is awesome! It is cute, girly and pink. It has a clear plastic cover and it looks so chic. Ohhh fantastic design. That is true. BUT, again, BUT... now i am going to tell you one small little thing that you wouldn't even notice if i hadn't tell you. 

You get the lip "stick" colour all over your cover when you wanna close it back. The lip "stick" doesn't go all the way into the lip holder. What you see in the above picture (the first picture) is how the lip "stick" is apparently showing. Like it doesn't go back. It sticks out. You know what i mean? Sorry very bad at explaining this part but just know that you get ur pinkish colour staining all over your cover. And this is SO NOT COOL :( . I like my stuff clean and neat. 

So, enough said, this is a definitely fail for me. My boyfriend says my lip looks ugly :((( . HOWEVER.... I must compliment on the scent. Very sweet smelling scent which i love. 

So now i have to source for another lip balm. The perfect lip balm i'm looking for - super easy to apply, no need to look at mirror, giving you a very natural lip color finish. 

Final rating: 1/10 (1 for the scent) 
Worth to buy or not: NO (not for me but if u wanna see it as lipstick then worth cause its cheap)
Retail price: S$6.90

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