Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hello everyone! I had an amazing time yesterday celebrating my birthday. Initially i was totally not expecting anything this year. There will be no cake, no celebrations. Nothing. My whole family is not in Singapore and my boyfriend is going for reservist (just a day before my birthday. How unlucky). So i was completely not expecting anything. Besides, my birthday is always not a very good experience for me. I think my expectation is too high? I don't mean a huge celebration where i invite all my friends, spending hundreds of dollar trying to decor my birthday venue and ordering cater food, and partying till next day. 

To me, i only need my close friends and family members. I always imagine dining for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant (a private room because i like privacy if i'm celebrating something) with a few of my closest friends and all my family members together for my birthday. And let's be honest here, i really like beautiful birthday cakes. Its one of the most mesmerising thing ever. Whenever i see those beautifully decorated birthday cakes on instagram, i would admire it for a long while. And lets say, i also like some flowers for my birthday haha. I have never received flowers for my birthday before!!! I told my boyfriend many times about it but he never gets it for me. And i don't need those bouquets of flowers where it costs you hundred of dollars. I can have a pot of flower like an orchid or something where i can plant and grow them. haha. Or flowers you buy yourself from the warehouse and decorate them (that would be tough but it is much more cheaper if you DIY yourself. FYI, i have done that before). So overall, you get what i mean? 

But anyway, i really had a good time for my birthday this year. I had so many cakes and i love it because i love cakes!!!! I can have a cake for every occasion i can think of -valentines' day, new year day, national day, christmas day. 
This birthday cake was from my boyfriend's family. I was so shocked when i saw the cake because it was 3 days away from my actual birthday! 

my home look. hehe. 

And then on the next day, 13th, my boyfriend brought me to Edge to feast. I did a post on Edge. U can read it here. I had another cake! haha! I was so elated because as i said, i love cake & it was a surprise. 

On the 15th, which was my actual day, i had lunch at my favourite dim sum restaurant Imperial Treasure with two friends. For the past 2 years, i had not celebrated my birthday with my friends and this just reminds me how awesome it was! 

It was a really casual lunch. 

We had such an amazing time shopping around, mainly at Sephora. HAHA. U guys know Sephora is my favourite shopping place. I can stay there for two hours. And then.... I had another cake!!! This strawberry shortcake is so beautiful! And i love those long and slim candles. I also love sparkling candles but they are a mess when u blow them off because u get the ashes all over your cake. Yeap let me make a wish again, please make my wish come true!!! 

And the best highlight of the day is this.... 

I GOT FLOWERS!!!! OMG!!! REALLY??? I was so happy and over excited when i received them. My boyfriend (he can book out during reservist) bought them on behalf of my mother. My mother was so king she knew i was going to be alone for my birthday and she can't find a florist who can send overseas flowers, so she asked my boyfriend to do it for her. 

What's more amazing was that I WAS WANTING SUNFLOWERS THAT DAY. Earlier that morning i was still texting my boyfriend that i wanted to go to the florist shop to get myself some sunflowers to decorate my room. But due to time constraint, i decided to buy them next day. And i got sunflowers that evening!!! 

So all in all, i had a really great time. It was nothing crazy. Just simple & casual- which is what i prefer. And i guess i am really not going to celebrate next year because i don't want to be 24. I still feel like i'm 21 only. haha



  1. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. I think my favorite part of my birthday is the cake. It is a little embarrassing but I always like to make my own. I try a different recipe every year and sometimes I make 2 or 3 different ones. Last year I made an ice cream cake with homemade ice cream.

    Gregory @ Harbor Grill

  2. I just love birthdays and it sound like real fun the way you celebrated it. My sister also turned 20 last week and we celebrated her special day at best venues in NYC. It was such a great fun and we enjoyed a lot at best venues in NYC.