Friday, March 4, 2016

Not Knowing I Have A Sister

I am watching a youtube vlog about this family right now. Apparently the baby kid has sisters and know that they are her sisters at a very young age. Right now they are 2 years old. I suddenly remember how i didn't know that i have a sister until .. let me think.. until i start to have memories? hahaha.

There is this scene that i remember very clearly right until now. It happened when i was less than 4 years old. I was playing in the playground with my parents. This girl, apparently, keeps going to my mother's side. I was playing with her and all along i was treating her as a friend. And then the situation turned weird because i just don't know why this girl keeps tagging around us!

Then i asked my mother, "Mommy... who is she?" AND THAT WAS WHEN MY MOTHER TOLD ME SHE WAS MY SISTER. At that time, i didn't even know what a sister is. LOL. You know? Everything that was happening back then was a first time experience.

My mood is quite mixed up now because i don't know if i should be laughing over it or be angry about it. My sister and I always have fights since young. I come to think about it maybe if my mum HAD TOLD ME i have a sister before i asked her, i would treat my sister differently. Believe it or not from young, i had not called my sister "mei mei" (in chinese). It sounds super weird to my ears whenever i call her that so i decided to call her by her name, ever since young. She had been calling me "jie jie" (in chinese) but stopped when she went secondary school. So now she calls me by my name too. Isn't it weird? I just find that my family is super weird.

I think my mother was too young when she gave birth to both of us she didn't realise the impact of it. My mother was only i think 20? haha. All along i was treating my sister as a stranger at home. So i got really confused why this stranger can be living in our house. Guys, i was only less than 4 years old. My vision and thinking was blur.

If my mother had told me she is my sister, way before i start having memory... maybe things would change. She would have told me how to love and take care of your sister... Then i wouldn't form a first hand impression that she is a stranger. U get what i mean?

I told my sister about this before. U know what she told me? She said she had the same thinking as me back then. hahaha. So she was actually asking her mother (i.e. also my mother) who this girl is (i.e. me). MUMMY... ITS OKAY.. U WERE TOO YOUNG BACK THEN... WE FORGIVE U.

So both of us have the first impression of each other's sister as a STRANGER. yup. totally weird.

Alright! That's it for now! xxx

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