Sunday, March 6, 2016

Origins Active Charcoal Mask | Most Honest Review

My skin type: Combination Oily, Sensitive, Skin Is Thin

Hello everyone! Today i'm gonna review on the Origins Active Charcoal Mask. You can see this product appearing on various magazines and websites as well, claiming its benefits. But here i am writing my most honest review here. Ok let's start. 

I purchased this near end of 2014. So i have this product in my beauty closet for more than a year now. The beauty consultant in at the Origins counter introduced it to me, saying this is one of the most popular product that every lady is buying. Being a beauty craze, i decided to try it out too because i want to give a try to charcoal mask! She also told me that i should put just on my forehead and nose since it might be too strong for me as i have sensitive skin. 

I tried it out straight that night. Was hoping for super good result as this is one pricey mask. When i washed the dried mask away, i noticed my forehead and nose were red. And then i know i didn't like it. In my dictionary, a product shouldn't make your face red or feel any discomfort. If it does, it means that is not the right product for you. 

But i just purchased it! I've got to give it another try! A few days later, i tried it again. This time, i tried it on my whole face (i didn't know why either haha). Turned out, my whole face was red like a monkey butt. Is this supposed to be the case? My face felt a little warm too. 

And then this poor charcoal mask was left neglected in my beauty closet for the longest time, until i noticed it again recently. Decided to give it a try again! 

BAM. Same thing happened. *crying face* 

Because of the redness, i couldn't tell if my face was any better than before. As i mentioned, my skin felt warm too due to the redness. It was just uncomfortable for me. 

I used this product on a total number of less than 5 times. What will i do with the leftover product? I think i will put it on my leg & test it out. 

For those who have sensitive skin, i do not recommend this product. It is too harsh. Let's it for now! See you all soon!

Worth to buy or not: NO
Final Rating: 0.5/5 
Retail Price: S$50

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