Saturday, April 16, 2016


Before you start thinking if i am clubbing too much, nope i am not but I WAS. I was walking passed my polytechnic today and a lot of memories flashed across, especially to the days where i was partying a lot.

Partying was fun and fantastic. U get to meet new friends every week, and you party like no one's business. U can jump and scream and drink and nobody will say no to you. (unless you are drinking too too much to the extend tt u might die)

If you look back at my old posts all the way back in 2012, i was a party freak. I didn't know how it happen and why it happen, it just happen. But i wasn't just partying, i was working too. I worked as a club promoter when i was 18. I didn't know what it was but when i did, i was already earning a lot of pocket money that it just kept me staying. On an average clubbing night, i could make $300 (in cash payment) from 10.30pm to 2am where guest list close for the promoters. 

I went to the club every single week for straight 3 months. Sometimes i go one night, other times i can go up to 3 nights a week (wednesday, friday and saturday). Can you imagine coming back home at 6am when people are actually going to wake up but you are going to sleep? 

During those days, i was having my internship too. So Wednesday was very hectic for me. I went to work at 8am, leave office at 6pm. Reached home at 8pm and prepared to go out at 10pm. Then i work/party until 3am. By the time i sleep, it was already 5am. And i had to wake up at 7.30am. So i took taxi to work (my internship is at CHANGI AIRPORT) almost every Thursday. 

What was weird was that i didn't feel extremely tired. I had this strange energy that kept me going. 

I'll be completely honest here: I drank too much and partied too much. After 5 months into this routine, i noticed a difference in my body. I can tell my skin wasn't as healthy as before. The worst part was that my hair, somehow, started to get really thin and flat? I was like "oh no. i think the alcohol and late night sleeps are doing no good." 

That was also when i quit my promoting job (btw i was studying full time in poly). Two months later, i wasn't partying anymore but i was still working in the night scene. I was a door girl. And this lasted for a good 7 months i think. Fortunately i don't get a weekly schedule. Because there were a lot of other door girls, i was only scheduled maybe twice or thrice a month. But for the first two months, i was working every damn party night because there was only me and another door girl. 

Then i was preparing to enter University in 2014. In February 2015, I OFFICIALLY BID FAREWELL TO THE NIGHT SCENE. I was 21 then. 3 years of night life. I was done with it. No more loud music ringing on my ear, no more stupid cigarette smell staining my body & hair, no more seeing of pukes when i go toilet, no more alcohol and no more having to sleep late. 

I was back on the 'normal' life once again, just like when i was 17. 

The consequence of clubbing too much is the damage done to the body. I took a long time to heal this body. My hair started to become healthy again. My skin felt less dull again. Girl i was back on track!!! Also, there was no more heavy makeup. haha. 

Although i earned quite a lot of pocket money those time, i wasn't looking back. That money can't buy me youth again ok!!! 

Ever since then, i have not been to a club. I haven't had a vodka cranberry juice or jagerbomb. The only alcohol i drink now (and only on special occasion) is wine. 

So guys, partying too much is no good ok. You ruin your health. Nevertheless, i think i've learned a lot from that 3 years. I met so many new people from different background. I learned about different lifestyles. I see the other side of the world- the party world. It is a lesson to learn and also learn not to neglect my health. I am not getting younger. I spent my precious golden period (age 18 to 20) consuming alcohol where i could be doing yoga and exercising. 

Right now, i'm so over the party scene. I can't even take loud music anymore haha. I have to sleep by 2am. And i am taking skin care very seriously too. 

Honestly, this post doesn't really have a meaning does it? lol. I'm just thinking about things to share and i thought maybe i can share about what i feel about partying and the consequences of partying too much. 

ok! that's it for now! Talk again soon! bye!  

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