Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What i ate | March 2016

I love cooking. I love to make food and decorate the food presentation! This passion is inside me since young. So why not i collate food that i eat every month and post on my blog? Most are home cooked food. I spent a lot of money at NTUC shopping for groceries every week! haha. I'm literally an aunty when it comes to groceries shopping. Hopefully u can find some inspiration from my humble cookings :) . 

That day i really didn't know what to cook. So i added in all my remaining ingredients: Mushrooms, carrots & cucumber. Surprisingly it was really good! The only thing to comment is that i should soak the carrots with some sugar water to get rid of that "carrot" smell. 

Again, i'm using the leftover food. Had some leftover beans and frozen prawn. Let's do some pasta tonight for dinner! Topped with parmesan cheese. 

Breakfast is becoming more and more important to me now. I started my berries breakfast every morning (almost). 

Cooked my brunch. Banana pancake with lots of berries!!! This recipe is super easy. It took me only 10 minutes to mix everything up and start cooking. For the juice, i made myself raw almond milk (homemade) with banana, avocado and some cocoa powder. Super delicious! 

Since i had a leftover piece of japanese curry stock, i decided to cook japanese curry that night. That big piece of thing is chicken thigh. I did not chop it up because i was lazy. 

another morning with Avocado juice. 

Had japanese for dinner. Tsar-koshi udon at Jurong. Surprisingly it was really quite good! 

Carrots and a failed pan-fried egg because i used a wrong pan to cook it. Chicken wing marinated with soya sauce, some sugar and sesame oil. I ran out of oyster sauce if not i could make the marinating step MUCH easier. 

Had pancake again! This time without the banana because i ran out of bananas. haha. 

Made mashed potatoes. It was a 10minutes work. So fun to cook! 

Chicken thigh, mashed potatoes and rice. That with lemon juice is just AWESOME. 

My cute breakfast. I wanted to make hello kitty but i have a find a white sauce. Will do that next time. :) 

Another breakfast with lots of berries!!! They are great in antioxidants. I'm a beauty junkie so anything good for skin and body, I TAKE. 

That's all for now! I'll try to take as many meals as possible but some are really very simple meals. U can view them on my snapchat instead. My snapchat is babychooooo. 

Cooking is not a chore. 
Washing dishes is the chore. HAHA. 

goodnights lovely people! 

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