Monday, July 18, 2016

Bee House Taipei

Hi everyone! I was traveling to Taipei last week and Bee House was one of my selected accommodation for the first two nights in my stay. I do not have any pictures of them but what you see from their website is what you get.

Location of Bee House: It is very near Taipei Main Station. You can basically take a 5 minute walk and you will reach their underground Main Station. Their underground is huge. You will pass by a lot of shops before you reach the actual ticket counters. If you are at Taipei Main station and you are feeling lazy, you can also take a taxi. I remember the fare was 80 NTD.

Food around Bee House: There is a 7-11 just opposite Bee House, very convenient. Walk out of Bee House and walk less than 2 minute and you will see this Japan Stall along the road which is packed with people! I discovered this while exploring the area. They sell fresh sashimi! When you buy their food, they give you free banana and soup in the afternoon and free dessert at night. Cool right?

The shop name is called 三多屋.

Bee House Room: I think there are only two words to describe their room in general: VERY SMALL.  If you are have a phobia of small space, then i think you can cross out this accommodation in your list. Once you put two luggages in the room, you can barely walk haha. When you open the door, your left side is a basin, your right side is a TV attached on a wall and the bed in front of it. The toilet is next to the basin. 

I didn't have a good sleep for two nights. Atmosphere feels weird. Maybe it was because the space is too small!!! 

Nevertheless, the toilet bowl has a cleaning butt system. Has a bathtub -which i didn't use. Overall the  room is clean and neat. Except sometimes i can smell a little foul smell coming out from the toilet. I have a sensitive nose. If you nose is blocked, like my boyfriend's, then you probably won't be able to smell anything. 

Price: Affordable. S$85 per night. Booked on 

Worth to stay or not: I think you can find a larger room with this price. The only advantage of this hotel is that it is near the Main Station which was why we booked it in the first place. However, i realise that taxi fare is affordable and there are a lot of empty taxi everywhere! If you are living around Zhongshan area, taxi fare is reasonable. I'd rather pay for a cab to get to Taipei Main Station from my hotel room, instead of staying in Bee House. So conclusion, NOT WORTH. 

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