Thursday, August 18, 2016

BrighterWhite Whitening Kits (Review)

Recently, i've been seeing teeth whitening kits that can be done easily at home and i decided to purchase one for myself and try. I did a lot of research on whitening kits and the different brands that i can go for and chose brighterwhite in the end. I guess it was mainly due to AmyPham haha. Her teeth is so white i can't help but to order the same thing as hers. So! here is my review!

I diligently used it 7 days straight as recommended. My teeth did become whiter but it wasn't as white as Amy Pham's or those that i see on Brighterwhite's instagram page. There is a comparison teeth color card that comes with the kit for us to compare before and after. My teeth was at number 3-4 after the 7th day. I was quite disappointed in that i thought maybe i can get at least to a 2. 3-4 is still a little yellowish. I didn't drink any tea or coffee or do anything that can possibly stain my teeth. So it is either i am not using the kit properly or that my teeth is naturally yellow. lol.

I searched up on how to use the kit. There wasn't a lot of information about it besides the website itself. So i'm just going to share on some information that might be useful for you guys!

The kit that i purchased comes with:

- 6 x BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Gel ($45.95 USD VALUE)
- 3 x Teeth Whitening Heat and Form Trays (1 spare) ($19.40 USD VALUE)

- 2 x BrighterWhite Desensitization Gel ($29.90 USD VALUE)

- 1 x BrighterWhite LED Teeth Whitening Light ($29.95 USD VALUE)

- 1 x Teeth Whitening Tray Container ($12.95 USD VALUE)

- 1 x BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening Pen ($29.95 USD VALUE)

- 1 x Step By Step Teeth Whitening Guide (FREE)
Bought it at $69.95 USD. It took about 2 working days to deliver to Singapore and to my house! I opted for the express delivery. My only problem with this kit is that i can't get a perfect teeth mould! This is a boil and bite technique whereby we use hot water to melt the dental tray and then bite the tray to form the mould. It becomes hard easily once it was away from the water and i can't get a good mould.
I emailed Brighterwhite the next day thinking that i may need to go to get a professional teeth mould. They were very efficient and replied the following day. They said there is no need for a perfect mould since the dental tray is only helping to keep the whitening gel on your teeth. 
The second problem is that i didn't get an even whitening effect on my teeth. Some parts of my teeth are whiter than the rest. However, those whiter parts get washed off after u rinse your mouth a few times. 
I also sense abit sensitivity around my teeth after consistently using it for 7 days. Currently, i'm only using it when i remember/feel like it. Will i purchase this kit again? Probably not but i would love a good set of white teeth! If there are anymore recommendation please feel free to comment down below and let me know! xx 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SIM-UOL FIRST CLASS HONOURS? (part 4 last part)

Thank you guys for all the emails and questions about UOL, i didn't know my posts have such high ratings. I'm glad to share whatever i know about UOL to you all and yes i'm graduating! Actually i shouldn't put an exclamation mark because i love schooling. I love to study and be in school. haha.

I received more emails than usual these two days and especially yesterday when results were out! If you read part 1, part 2 and part 3, u will know that my grades were totally unexpected each time. I did badly first year, and scored first class marks the second year due to a change of study techniques. I used the same technique to study for my third year (which is this year 2016) hoping to get a First Class Honours. I just needed 2 more As!!! I was pretty positive about getting FCH. I studied my materials extensively. And my results?

Recap on all my grades:

First year,
Principles of Accounting 55
Corporate Finance 55
Principles of Banking and Finance 43
Microeconomics 37 (failed)

Second year,
Financial Intermediation 75
Investment Management 70
Microeconomics 74 (retake)

Last year, 

EBIZ 66 
MSM 77 

I nearly died when i saw my marks. My most confident subject ESAP scored 64. I reflected and came to a conclusion that my section A scored badly because i only took 15 minutes to finish them and left the rest of the time for section B long essays questions. 

I took the recommendation of the examiner by writing less than one page for each question on section A. I wrote about 3/4 page each. During the exam, i forgotten the years of those theories. To be safe, i didn't write them down on my section A. I guessed i focused too much on section B and neglected section A. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. 

OVERALL, I ONLY NEEDED 4 MORE MARKS (making EBIZ 70 from 66) TO GET FCH. wts. 

So guys, i didn't get a FCH, i will be graduating with a Second Upper Honours. And i am not proud of it at all. My goal was first class. I worked hard for it but the marks were very unexpected. 

I also came to one very important conclusion: 


Ask them so u know what u need to do during exam and how u should be revising! Every subject has a different way of answering questions. I scored well for my FI, getting 75 and so i picked up two more theory mods for my last year (EBIZ and ESAP) thinking that i should be able to handle theory mods. Sigh.

As for EBIZ, i have nothing much to say. I was super stressed out over this module because i don't understand a single thing my lecturer was talking about. I thought i understand and by the time i go home, i forgot everything. It was the UK revision class that saved my ass. Pick your lecturer properly. Go and clash other lecturer's classes if you feel your lecturer isn't helping you and do this early (properly during the 1st of 2nd lesson) because every lecturer has different speed and way of teaching. 

As for MSM, i thank Mr Quek for helping me. He gave this number to the class and i texted him during my revision and he replied me. There was once when i was doing a self-test during 9pm and i texted him at 9.30pm thinking its late to disturb ur lecturer but he replied me at 10pm. haha. 

I should have scored better for MSM, like a 80+ to make his help worthwhile. But i did my very best for MSM. 

Overall, the most disappointing subject is ESAP. I nearly cried last night upon seeing my results. Everyone told me i did well because they have seen the efforts i put in. If this is so, then i must have either started my revision late or i'm stupid because these efforts only led me to a second upper??? 

I wanted to end my university with a perfect note. I'm really disappointed. But u know what? There is still a Master's degree :))) . I've been wanting to take a Masters but since everyone says it is pointless to do that and i should get work experience first, then so be it. Currently i'm still finding a job. Tight economy this year i guess. Cannot anyhow work in an ABC company too. 

Although i'm still disappointed and sad, i couldn't change my marks. What's done is done. The most important thing is to ask myself if i have any regrets. Any tiny bits of regrets will make you disappointed. Had i started my revision earlier like in December instead of February, i might be able to push to a FCH? Had i practise more on Section A on Esap, i might get an A? Those 2 were my regrets. 

On a side note, i really do enjoy my revision period. I had a lot of fun practising my essays, trying to remember stuff, drawing tons of graphs and discussing answers with my friends. And also emailing lecturers for clarification. Those were my happy moments and is what that comforts me. Yuen man, you did your best. Give yourself a pat on your back. 

Like what my boyfriend says, this is not the only highlight in my life. We fall and we learn. But this is also a very heart pain memory for me. From doing badly in year 1 to scoring As in year 2 and suddenly having the chance of getting FCH but a twist in year 3. I'm trying to console myself now. haha. I still need time to process all these things.

Alright guys! I'll be happy if you share your results below the comments or email me! I'm a graduate now! I will miss school! I will miss studying 14 hours a day!  

Officially ending my UOL post. xx

PS: Although i didn't get A for my ESAP and EBIZ, i am selling my notes (in softcopies). Inclusive of self-written essays and other additional materials. Just to note that i have a friend who uses my ESAP notes too and he got 70. So it is a matter of writing style i guess. Email me for rates! 

Update Aug2017:

Many have been asking me about the chances of landing yourself in a job after graduating from a private university. Here is a post i wrote about my job hunting experience (you can read it here). Overall, it took me 3 months to get myself into a permanent job. I am currently working in a MNC. Great staff benefits, great boss, everything is great. I am seriously very lucky. I also get to travel to other country for work trips. My starting salary was above 2.5k market rate. (Almost near 3k).

Most of my friends who graduated in UOL too were offered a pay range of between 2.4k-2.6k. If you want to start working in a bank, probably a personal banker, your pay would be 3k + (excluding your commission).

I am helping a reader to do a shoutout to sell his notes. He just got back his results!

To purchase ESAP/FR
Contact person: Zhiwei
ESAP - 89
FR - 91
Below is prove:

Good luck! xx