Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Hello everyone! I haven't been posting for a very long time! I have so many reviews that i want to share but was just very lazy to transfer the photos to my laptop. That is why i've been procrastinating. But OK, let's start.


I notice that this shop always have long queues and i wondered why. "Is the food really nice?" because honestly i think this is the only shop that has long queue (Oh and Hai Di Lao) in Clarke Quay. Apparently Keisuke has many other outlets in Singapore but Clarke Quay is the only one with Lobster soup base. Ya u heard me correct, its lobster SOUP BASE. At first i thought there's really lobster meat in my ramen!!! LOL!


I like their shop front 

Thank god we arrived just 5 minutes earlier before the crowd came. The queue started to form by 6.15pm. 

In the restaurant, they serve you free tao geh (it has some chilli inside)... 

and free boiled eggs. Woah this is the first time i seen a restaurant giving me free eggs. lol. 

They are also well-known for the Green Tea Cola drink. $4 per bottle. To me, it tastes like lime soda. haha. 

We ordered 2 types of gyoza. Left is with pork and right is with prawn. 

I must say the prawn one is really good (for the price). You can skip the pork and go for the prawn if you can't finish 2 types of gyoza at once. 
Beef tataki. Not my kind of thing but worth a try! 

Fried Chicken with homemade TarTar sauce 

This is the Lobster ramen with clear soup base 

Lobster Ramen with thick broth 

There are 4 different kinds of soup base you can choose from: Clear soup, Rich soup, Miso soup and spicy Miso soup. 

Overall comment: Recommend to order rich soup with hard noodle. The soup itself really has lobster taste - which i think they probably just cook it with lobster head shell ... Too bad no lobster meat. Side dishes are worth the try. It is good overall ! And the prices are fairly competitive too! Just a side note... i got a little bit thirsty after eating the food, which HIGHLY LIKELY means got MSG inside la. But it is not that bad until i am super thirsty. (The one that made me SUPER DUPER ULTRA THIRSTY WAS HAI DI LAO MA LA SOUP BASE.) 

Worth to eat? YES 

For the prices in the menu, you visit the link here


Clarke quay 3C River Valley Road #01-07 The Cannery, Singapore 179022 
(It is just near the taxi stand in Clarke Quay) 

Opens from 6pm to 5am 

+65 6255 2928 
(They don't accept booking reservation. I've tried)


Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Hello beautiful ones. I was thinking... HOW LONG HAVE YOU LAST SEEN MY FACE IN MY BLOG? hahaha. It seems like ages ago. So during my work trip in Okinawa, i had some free time to visit this beautiful island. Although it was a short trip, it was really good to visit Japan. Its my first time in Japan!!! The most disappointing thing was that i didn't eat any sushi. Strangely, BBQ beef is 'their thing'. I always thought i can eat plenty of sushi in Japan - maybe in Tokyo. 

I managed to do a 1min30secs video with minimal footage. Couldn't upload it directly into this blog so i had to upload as a youtube video - easier to watch too. Now u can see my face! Happy watching! :D

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Horrible Insurance Experience (Singapore)

Hello Everyone. Today I wanna talk about INSURANCE. Yes. Buying insurance in Singapore. I want to share with you my story on a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE with this insurance agent (and possibly the insurance company itself)!!! And to remind you how important it is TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH YOU ARE PAYING + WHO TO ASK if you have doubts + ALWAYS READ THEIR LETTERS MAILED TO YOU.

*I'm not going to state this insurance company but its super well-known in Singapore. 

Ok. 10+ years ago when i was still a child, my father bought me a hospital plan from this insurance company. So for the past 10 years he has been paying on yearly basis. Until recently last year, he wants to stop paying from his Medisave account and pay the premium by cash (i.e. thru AXS machine) instead.

Then there is this letter mailed to us informing us to make a payment. My father doesn't understand English and although i understand English (obviously), i don't know exactly know how much we need to pay via the AXS machine because the letter was so complicated.


So what did we do? Ask our insurance agent la. lol. Technically speaking, it is my father's insurance agent cum friend. Insurance agent told us to pay $75 via the AXS machine and our plan will continue to be covered. Next day, went to the AXS machine and paid $75. (Paid $75 each for my sister and my hospital plan. Yeap the agent screwed up both our plans).

And we happily carried on with our life... Thinking our hospital plan is covered.... Blah Blah fast forward 6 months.

I decided to do a surgery to remove my cyst on my wrist. My father checked with his insurance agent and he told us that my surgery will be covered under the insurance plan. So I was like "Ok, i will go and remove my cyst!"

Then the next day, the insurance agent gave us a shocking news - HE SAID MY PLAN WAS ALREADY LAPSED. AND MY SISTER'S PLAN WAS LAPSED TOO. I was super dumbfounded. My father was a bit blur and didn't know what was going on...

So immediately i asked my father to give me the insurance agent's number so i can call him to clarify the situation. Called him, line was pick up and started bombing him with a lot of questions.


The insurance agent didn't know the answer too. He said the system says our plans are lapsed and he will check with the company. The next day, he called me and said IT IS BECAUSE WE DIDN'T MAKE THE FULL PAYMENT SO INSURANCE COMPANY THOUGHT WE WANT TO CANCEL THIS PLAN AND SO THE PLAN WAS LAPSED.

Seriously guys. At that moment, i was speechless already. My anger started to boil. All my vulgarities almost choked out from my throat.

You were the one who told us to pay that amount. We even took a photo of the letter and showed you and asked you PROPERLY how much we need to pay to continue this plan. NOW YOU ARE TELLING US OUR PLANS GOT LAPSED??? This is ridiculous.

BEST PART was that he told me i can continue my plan now. I just need to renew it. At that time, i was very confused and blur so since he say i can renew it then i will just meet him up. In my mind, i thought it was going to be a very simple process. I thought my CURRENT plan can be continued as long as i renew it. So the next day, i met him after work.

ANOTHER BEST PART. HE BROUGHT HIS GIRLFRIEND WHILE MEETING ME because that day was actually his OFF WORK. WTF. Seriously, i had to share some of my personal information and your gf was there and she could hear everything. I remember he was asking me if i want to pay extra monthly to waive off the co-insurance. He explained to me how much i need to pay at my age & how much this will increase as i age. And then HIS GIRLFRIEND INTERRUPTED : "Oh? No wonder i need to pay so much." And began asking her boyfriend some questions..........

Ok maybe i should give a little background on this insurance agent first. He is not a young man anymore. My father bought our plans from him like 10+ years ago remember? From his look, he is most probably 40+ going 50. His GIRLFRIEND (and from accent i know its from China) is probably 40 already. Alright i don't want to judge. But can you imagine the whole situation i was going through during the meet up?

I agreed on paying the extra to waive off the co-insurance. In my mind, i just wanted to hurry and finish this. I asked him "So after signing this, my plan can be renewed and i can start claiming for my cyst right?" He said "Ya can". Ok, i signed. He skipped many information and let me signed page by page. Honestly at the back of my mind i didn't know what i was doing but simply listening to him and signing and hoping this would be done ASAP.

Last page. Signed. Off i went back home. I called my mother to update her immediately. She was mad that i signed that contract and asked me to cancel immediately. Because of one reason: WHY LET HIM EARN THE COMMISSION WHEN HE GAVE US SO MUCH SHIT?

Almost immediately, i texted the agent and told him i want to cancel this plan. I gave him a reason that its because i still don't quite understand how the whole plan works and i need time to re-think. He said ok he will cancel it.

That was the last time i talked to him.

During that time, i met a new friend who happens to be an insurance agent in that company too. So i asked him for his help. I told him about my whole messy insurance plan story and asked him how i can continue my old plan. I also called the insurance hotline to enquire about my plan and to understand why it was lapsed. It was almost a 2 hour long call. It was only WHEN I CALLED THE HOTLINE that i understand what my hospital plan is about. It was DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE THAT AGENT TOLD ME. The sum assured that he gave me was already wrong.

My friend/new agent met me in my house to talk about the plan. He told me that i cannot continue this plan anymore as its already lapsed. And by 'renewing' the plan, it means that I AM BUYING A NEW PLAN. Its not continuing this old plan that i have (this old plan that my father paid for 10years + !!! ). So I CANNOT CLAIM FOR MY CYST.

I tried to argue that my father was already paying this plan for so many years and now because of this stupid mistake that the agent done, my plan has to be lapsed and i cannot claim??? My new agent said yes. ............. DEHHHHHHHHHH i was so effing mad i swear.

Now you must be wondering how can this whole thing happen? How can it be that i paid and the plan was lapsed? And how can it be that i didn't know about the lapsed plan at all? How can an insurance agent be so unprofessional & lack of knowledge???

To answer your questions:
Q - How can it be that i paid and the plan was lapsed? 
A - I paid but it was not the full amount. The insurance agent gave us the wrong payment amount. (vulgarities coming out while i'm typing this).

Q - And how can it be that i didn't know about the lapsed plan at all? 
A - When the plan was lapsed, the insurance agent DID NOT INFORM US. He most probably didn't even read his emails.
(more vulgarities coming out while i'm typing this).
A lapsed letter was said to be mailed to us BUT WE DID NOT RECALL RECEIVING THIS. (Also part of our fault here. We always take letters foregranted.)

Q - How can an insurance agent be so unprofessional & lack of knowledge??? 
A - He is not a full-time insurance agent now. So a lot of information he got is out-dated. (And he still dare to sell insurance plans??? omg). 

So point 2 and 3 here: Know WHO TO ASK if you have doubts + ALWAYS READ YOUR LETTERS MAILED TO YOU. 

Call the hotline and ask instead of depending on your insurance agent thinking he will do everything for you. Always read the letters that your insurance company mail you. 

I do want to STRONGLY RECOMMEND SOME POINTS to all insurance companies. 

2. IF A PLAN IS GOING TO BE LAPSED, PLEASE MAIL OUT A RED COLOURED LETTER. This will at least alert people who don't usually read their letters as red indicates something important/urgent. 

What is the end of my story? 

- I bought a new hospital plan with my new agent. 
- My old plan was totally lapsed.
- My current cysts is totally excluded from my new plan (All thanks to the irresponsible agent) 

I also want to mention how troublesome it was for me to get back this plan. 

Initially they wanted to exclude my heart too because i visited a cardiac specialist when i was 14 as my mother and I were over-paranoid that time. My heart was perfectly fine and no issues at all. But in my medical history that the insurance company read in their stupid system, it only states one sentence 'irregular heartbeat'. They are not able to click in to view the whole report / read the FINAL conclusion about my heart. If they want to read, they need to pay. Which is stupid right? Idk if i'm understanding this correctly but this whole thing was so bullshit to me. First and foremost my old insurance plan was already on-going when i visited the cardiac specialist. Because of a stupid mistake the old insurance agent did, my plan was lapsed and now when i tried to re-purchase the plan, they dig out my medical history. 

Because of this, i had to specially go a clinic to do a ECG to get a report. I also wrote a complain letter about this irresponsible agent and let the new agent submit to the management on my behalf. My plan was most probably approved because of the complain letter. lol. 

Alright. That is all for my ranting and story. I strongly urge everyone to get a responsible agent who will still care about you even though u won't buy anything else from them after that. (lol hard to find but i'm sure there are some out there). I also strongly urge everyone to fully understand what you are buying. End of the day, you need to depend on yourself and not your insurance agent. 

That's all. xx. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Hello everybody! Recently, i made a very important decision in my life. This will change my lifestyle forever. I finally decided to do LASIK!

I know i will be getting a LASIK one day but just not sure when. Just two months ago, this thought came out again and i was like "ok fine i'm gonna do it!!!". Since my eye degree is stable, i know i can do LASIK. There is just one thing i am very worried of - my cornea thickness.

If your cornea thickness is not thick enough (avg thickness is 550microns per eye), then you are not a good candidate for LASIK!

ok story cut short - I started asking around from my friends who did LASIK and went to google for good eye clinics for this surgery. My two friends did their LASIK at Shinagawa Eye Centre. I also have friends who did their LASIK at Eagle Eye Centre by Dr Julien Theng. If you have googled about lasik before, you will know Dr Julien Theng is very popular in this field.

After googling all the clinics, reviews and prices. I made a decision to go for Shinagawa Eye Centre for 4 reasons:
1. The next available appt to see Dr Julien Theng is 2 months later.
2. My friends who did their LASIK at Shinagawa recovers very fast and no side effect.
3. I saw a review that since Eagle eye centre is very popular, the clinic is packed with people and you don't feel the 'personal' space around you. This is clearly opposite in Shinagawa. In Shinagawa, the clinic is less crowded and you have feel the 'atas' feel. Or should i say- more comfortable in Shinagawa.
4. The assessment fee in Eagle eye was like $200+ while the assessment fee in Shinagawa was $22. I have no idea why this huge price difference. Can someone tell me? haha

If you are considering to do Lasik in Shinagawa and can't find much reviews. Then here it is for you!!! Click here for Shinagawa's Website.

In Shinagawa, there are 2 doctors (one male one female): Dr Lee Sao Bing and Dr Jovina See . When i called to make an appointment for eye assessment, the nurse asked if i have a preference to which doctor i want. Since my two friends did their LASIK each with different Doctor, i had no preference. The nurse asked if I am ok with Dr See and i said okay.

I called in on a Tuesday and i have a slot on that Saturday. Super fast right?

During your first appointment, the nurse will be running tests on your eyes to see if you are a suitable candidate. The whole assessment takes an hour or so. They test your eye sight and there a lot different machines for different purpose. Basically, there is no pain at all. No discomfort for me. At every test, the nurse will be telling me what i need to do and what she is going to do.

After all the tests, you get to see the Doctor for your consultation. i.e. Also telling you WHETHER YOU ARE A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR LASIK!

For me, my cornea thickness is as follow:
Right eye - 532 microns
Left eye - 521 microns

Wait what???! I'm less than the average?!!! In that split second i thought i couldn't do LASIK and then Dr See told me although i am slightly under average, i am still a good candidate for LASIK. Also, since my shortsightedness is not high, i have enough remaining cornea thickness after LASIK.

My degree:
Right eye -2.5 (i.e. 250 degree)
Left eye 3.0 (i.e. 300 degree)

My average corneal curvature:
Right eye -45.75D
Left eye -46.25D

Dr See said my cornea shape is round and all tests show consistency and there is no problem for me. Some questions you might want to know:

Q: What if my eye look away when i am doing lasik?? 
A: There will be something that holds your eye ball and you will be focusing on a light. Even if your eye starts to drift away, the doctor will alert you. The machine will also immediately stop if you are not looking at the correct direction.

Q:Hows the whole process like? 
A: I will explain in detail later!

Q:What are the chances of me getting blind from LASIK? i.e. LASIK FAIL
A:Chance is 0.000001% kind. The chances of you getting eye infection and then getting blind is higher than you doing lasik and get blind. (yes i asked the Dr this question. haha)

Q:Is it pain?
A:No pain at all. Just slight discomfort that's all.

Q:How long does the whole process take? 
A: The actual lasik took like less than 15 seconds per eye. The whole process took less than 30mins in total.

Q: Will i be able to see clearly immediately after LASIK?
A: I could see but it wasn't clear. For me, i had slight blurry eyes straight after LASIK. But i could walk normally and don't need to wear specs. I can still see and walk to the taxi stand. (of course accompanied by my boyfriend and mum).

Q:Is it painful after the LASIK?
A: When the anaesthesia wears off, my left eye felt stingy and i couldn't really open it. My right eye was still fine. But after a few hours of sleep, my eyes got better. The stingy feeling just feels like an eye infection that's all. It is nothing serious. Your wound takes time to heal ok!

Q: How much did i spend on LASIK?
A: I spent a total of $3904.11 This does not include the $22 eye assessment test. The $3.9K is inclusive of the LASIK surgery plus the medication. The LASIK itself cost $3588 based on referral. If no referral, it is $3888. You just need to provide the name and phone number of your friend who did LASIK there and you will get the $300 discount. (Sorry i cannot provide my own contact as referral. Imagine someone wants my telephone number & use this chance to get my number. LOL. I may be thinking too much but i want to avoid that 1% chance. I don't want to change my number in case that 1% possibility happens!) 

Q:What is that collagen cross-linking thing about? And how much is it? 
A: For people with thin cornea, it is recommended to add an additional step during your LASIK procedure. This additional step is called LASIK XTRA whereby it adds Vitamin B (and dunno what other stuff) into your eye thru UV light. This will extend the LASIK surgery by 30seconds more to each eye.

The cost for both eye is $1K +. So if you do cross-linking on top of your LASIK. You will be paying $5,081.11 (remember i got $300 off from referral). Did i do cross-linking? I didn't because i have enough cornea bed and this is just optional for me. But for people with super thin cornea, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to do it.

Q: Do i have any side effects after LASIK?
A: Thank god i don't have. I guess i am very lucky. I could see very clearly without blur vision just 5 hours after LASIK. Didn't experience dry eyes also. No halo vision or dunno what kind of other side effects that you read from reviews. The next day, my eyes were completely perfect and normal. It was only when i start looking at the computer on Day 5 and my eyes tend to get dry easier and faster. Just keep putting on eye drop and that's it.

Q: How many days MC was i given? 
A: You will be given 3 days MC from the day of surgery. And MC for the review session one week after the surgery.


I am going to explain it in a very layman terms. For the machine that Shinagawa is using and the explanation of the procedure in more chim terms, you can visit their website.

I scheduled my surgery about 1 month after my eye assessment.

On the day of surgery.... 

1. Wear the surgery gown and cap and their slipper.
2.Tested your blood pressure. No more eye tests needed because it will tired your eyes.
3. Anaesthesia eye drops were applied on my eyes. I think the nurse applied at least a good 5-6 times before i went for the surgery. I was also given a pill for calming purpose.
4. After 6-10 minutes of waiting, doctor did last check on my eye before proceeding to create the air bubble on my cornea.
5. Laid down and focused on the white light. Just keep looking at the white light. The light might become blurry but as long as u keep looking at the white light, you are fine. Dr See also continuously say "You are doing very good. Just focus on the white light. Ok now the machine is going to create the air bubble" ...
6. Just 15 seconds per eye and i was done with the first step.
7. Then i was escorted out of the room. Sat on a chair and waited for the air bubble in my eye to dissolve. Waited for about 5-6 minutes.
8. Dr See came back. Checked that all air bubbles were gone and carried on for the ACTUAL lasik procedure.
9. Went into another room (actually just 6 steps away from where i seated. lol). Laid down. Head stationed and now focus on a green light.
10. The green light was very sharp at first but after Dr See did something to my eye, it became blur. Don't worry. All a part of the procedure. Just keep focusing on the blurry green light now.
11. The Laser ran over my eye. Smelt something burning. Then done for one eye. Go to the next eye. Takes only 20seconds for one eye.
12. Dr See will keep calming you down and explaining to you what she is going to do next.
13. After reshaping my cornea (i.e. the burning smell via the laser), she washed my eyes with some water and that's it. I was done!!!
14. Escorted to a sofa and rested awhile.
15. The nurse came with a bag of eye drops and eye shield. She explained each eye drop's purpose clearly. LIKE SERIOUSLY, VERY CLEARLY and patiently.
16. Had my eyes checked again with Dr See before i went home.

First 5 hours after surgery.... 

- Eyes slight blurry but can still see
- Reached home and started feeling sleepy
- Slept with my eye shield. But wake up every 1 hour to apply all the eye drops.
- Left eye feeling more discomfort than right eye. While i was doing the surgery, i could already feel that my left eye is more tired than my right eye. Left eye almost couldn't be opened. But i continued sleeping.
- 5 hours later, my eyes were back to ok status!

One day after surgery.... 
- Must go back to the clinic for review the next day. Dr See checked on my eyes. She said my cornea is healing very fast. Everything is very good. Just keep applying the eye drops.
- Cannot let water get into your eyes.
- Basically, my eyes are fine liao... Nothing much to write already.

Two days after surgery....
- Eyes feeling better and better everyday!

Seven days after surgery .... 
- Go back for review. Dr See said almost cannot see my cornea flap already. Healing very well.
- Can stop using the disinfect eye drop. And gave me one gel tube to lubricate my eyes.
- Can start washing my face like normal after 7 days and put on make up. BUT DON'T RUB YOUR EYES HARD.

Ten days after surgery ....
- Today is the 10th day. My eyes are perfect already. Even when looking at the computer, it doesn't get very dry too. But i just keep applying eye drops to lubricate my eyes every hour still.

So everything is very good now! I must protect my 6-6 vision now! I am not going to wear specs anymore. At the end of the day, we must choose a really good doctor. I trusted Dr See and i am very happy with my results!

If you wish to share your LASIK experience, you can comment down below.

That's all for now. Ciao~! xx

***Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored by Shinagawa to do this review. And as much as i like to but, please do not contact me for referral discount. Had a crazy stalker issue. Thanks for understanding.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cecilia Westberry Brazilian Waxing | Honest Review

Just about a month ago, i went for my brazilian waxing at Cecilia Westberry (located just two bus stops away from Buona Vista MRT). Initially i was intending to book one appointment with Strip but they were fully booked for the Saturday. I didn't want to wait for another week! So i just googled and Cecilia Westberry came out in my search. Seems legit & the price is fairly cheaper too! It was only SGD42 for full brazilian waxing. (But ended up SGD42 was soft wax = meaning more painful. And hard wax is SGD62. About the same price as Strip). Then i went ahead & book an appointment with them. 

Honestly i haven't done waxing for about a year LOL. The thought of spending money and suffering during the wax really hesitated me. Why spend money to suffer? right? But anyway i couldn't stand the situation down there anymore so i need to get the wax done. LOL. Cecilia Westberry claims that it is almost pain free cause they are very experienced and fast. 

So during the day of appointment, i arrived & because i was 10minutes late, i couldn't get Cecilia to help me because she needed to attend to another customer who was arriving soon. I wasn't angry because they already told me i need to reach on time. haha. But i had work la. Cannot be early. I got a chinese lady. 

Ok hold on. Maybe i should describe how i felt the moment i entered into their shop. Very clean space. White & neat. Even saw a caucasian staff. Doesn't seem very friendly though... Just 2 minutes in the shop and a caucasian customer came in. Another 1 minute and another caucasian customer arrived. I waited less than 5 minutes and a chinese staff attended to me. 

Lied down on the bed and the waxing began. A true 15 minutes torture!! "Pluck Pluck Pluck" and i was done. VERY PAINFUL OK. I'm not sure if its because i did soft wax instead of hard wax?? 

And then went to the counter and waited for them to proceed with my payment. They look so busy and i even saw some commotions going on amongst the staff. One staff was saying dunno what "why did u take my room. My customer is coming." something like that. They just look super busy & irritated. LOL. But there were still 2 staff who were quite chill and smiled at me. 

Wait i haven't finish my story. So they asked me if i am first timer. I said yes thinking maybe i'll have a discount or something. But no discount. No nothing at all. Then why ask me if i'm first timer?? Didn't even ask me to buy package or who refers me. haha. At that point of time, i didn't want to care about them la. I just wanted to quickly pay and meet my boyfriend. 

Ok so after about 1.5 hours, i went to the toilet in the midst of shopping. And then......... OMG SHIT. Sorry to say this. It might sound a bit disgusting but i have to say it..... I saw small dots of blood stain on my underwear!!! At the left side. I was like WT~~~~F~~~~~... Must be the lady too rough la. I was really serious about that 15 minutes torture ok. Never once in my brazilian waxing i have blood stains. It means my skin was hurt !!!! I was damn mad for a while. 

I called them. But i was very kind enough i didn't scold them or ask for compensation or whatsoever. I just tell them to be MORE GENTLE next time. They tried giving me reasons to why i'm bleeding BUT DENGGGGGGGG ITS NOT MY FIRST TIME DOING BRAZILIAN WAXING... It doesn't make sense to come out with reasons. The only thing that make sense is I HAVE THIN SKIN, YOU ARE TOO ROUGH. YOU HURT MY SKIN. That's it. 

But anyway, we hung up. And a few minutes later they called back to check on me again to understand the situation better. I was being very nice to them. Didn't throw tantrum to them too. 

So my final thoughts? I won't go back again. 1. They made me bleed before. 2. I've seen their internal conflict & i think its not very professional to do it infront of customers. 3. Everything just happen very quickly. Not very customer oriented. 4. I thought it was SGD42 but end up hard wax is SGD62. Then might as well i do it at Strip since its just a few dollars difference. 

On a side note, i also had a bad experience with Strip years ago (you can read it here) but now they seem to be more friendly & professional and so far i had only done ONE TIME of waxing after the incident with them. I spent most of my brazilian waxing session with PINK PARLOUR. (But now i feel like the space in Pink Parlour is getting messier? And they will ask u to buy package.) 

There was ONLY ONE PLACE where i did my brazilian waxing once and it was SUPER AWESOME. NO PAIN, STAFF IS VERY FRIENDLY AND THEY REALLY TAKE THEIR TIME TO DO THE WAXING FOR U. But sadly i cannot remember the salon's name!!! -.- ... I can't even remember where the place was located because it was my friend who drove me there. But most probably the place would have closed down already because i remember it was pretty ulu. haha. 

Ok! Basically this sums up my waxing experience. I really need to find one good place to do my waxing. I'm giving Strip another try. 


Friday, May 19, 2017

Taste Paradise @ ION Orchard

I LOVE TO EAT! Today i will be writing about my review on Taste Paradise. 

Taste Paradise concept: 
Listed as one of Singapore’s Top 10 Chinese Restaurants, award-winning Taste Paradise prides itself as a strong upstart in Chinese fine dining. Dubbed ‘Chinese cuisine with a difference’, Taste Paradise offers an elaborate menu of fine Cantonese and contemporary Chinese cuisine with a showcase of the finest and most innovative Dim Sum and roasting fare.
Taste Paradise features exquisitely prepared creations with a touch of sophistication. One of the signature dishes is the Classic Shark’s Fin in Supreme Broth accompanied with a Crispy Spring Roll served in Japanese Stone Pot. This truly renowned dish has set a benchmark for shark’s fin dishes in the new era. Other creations include Crisp-fried Tofu in Black Truffle Sauce and Pan-seared Foie Gras with Peking Duck Reduction. It’s a traditional Cantonese cuisine infused with modern twist. Taste Paradise is also famous for its XO Carrot Cake which has won 100 pointers from multiple food critics.
Set in the opulence of ancient elegance, Taste Paradise is set to impress guests from the very moment they step into the restaurant. "

L. Without further ado, let me start with the first dish! 

Si Chuan style poached chicken SGD 9.80 
Rating 5/5 
This is really just good. Chicken is smooth and tasty, soaked with deep flavours. Just in case you don't know, it is served as a starter and is a cold dish. 我给个👍

Second dish
Spare Rib Sweet Plum Sauce SGD 24.00 
Rating: 4.8/5 

Did you just thought that this pork rib would have that slightly hard texture like the ones you eat in typical S-11 western food stall? Turns out the texture was so soft and easy to bite!!! It kind of melts into your mouth when you take a first bite. There are a lot of effort put into cooking this spare rib, from what i heard from the chef. Why did i give 4.8 and not a 5 then? Did you see those little golden balls on top of the spare rib?? First glance i thought it was really gold. So atas... No wonder its $24. When i eat the 'gold' balls, the taste was completely bland. It is exactly those decorations that you would put on cupcakes. You know what i mean? The presentation looks more attractive with a hint of gold, but it brings down the overall taste and experience of the dish. 多此一举. 

But overall, i will still give a 👍. Order this when you come to taste paradise. And try the gold balls if you don't believe me. 

Third dish
荷花蟹罗米蒸  SGD 32.00 
Rating: 4.9/5 

The rice was soft, fragrant and tender. The crabs were fresh. Looks like a simple steam rice with crab but so much efforts are put into it. The idea of the presentation is very cool too. It makes the whole dish look so appetising! 我给个👍 . Where does the -0.1 mark comes from? Once cold it doesn't taste as nice as while eaten hot. But i can deal with that! It really doesn't matter haha. 

Fourth dish
Classic Shark's Fin in Supreme Broth SGD 80.00 
Rating: 5/5 

Let me tell you something. Taste Paradise serves one of the best soups around all the Chinese restaurants that i've eaten. Their soup is really 👍👍👍👍👍. In their big cooking pot, 65% is their ingredients and around 35% is their water. And boil for very long hours. Superb. Normally people put 35% ingredients and the rest is water to save cost. 

Back to this shark's fin soup. It is one of the SIGNATURE DISHES. Soup was amazingly cooked and they were creative in adding a crispy spring roll to pair with the soup. You can dip the spring roll into the soup and eat it. Just like eating You Tiao with porridge. If you are in Taste Paradise, definitely try this out. 

However, i just want to quickly comment on something. Having this as signature dish? Hmm... I think a lot of people are saying NO TO SHARK FINNING. To protect the sharks and the ecosystem. I'm not really sure if its really a good idea to have this in the menu in the long run? In terms of brand value? 

Fifth Dish. Dessert! 
Mango Puree Sago Pomelo
Avocado Puree Coffee Ice cream
Aloe Vera Lemongrass 
Glutinous Rice Coconut Ice cream
SGD 6.80 each 
Rating: 4.9/5 

Which dessert would you choose? I go for the Avocado Puree Coffee Ice cream! It is my first time eating avocado with coffee. lol. Great experience. It got me thinking that i can pour in some coffee into my avocado smoothie next time. All the desserts were flavourful and delicious! I think slightly lacking behind is the glutinous rice. I trust my boyfriend's father can make an even nicer glutinous rice than them. Aloe Vera lemongrass was really refreshing because it has a sour and sweet taste in it. Overall, i give a 👍 ! 

That sums up my review. Actually this wasn't the first time i'm dining in Taste Paradise but i just feel like doing a review on this restaurant since i've never posted one before. The overall experience is really good and you get very good view inside the restaurant too. Have you dine in Taste Paradise before? Feel free to share your comment. 

Till then. xx

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Canto Paradise at Marina Bay Sands

Recently i was at MBS and decided to dine at Canto Paradise. I had posted my reviews about Canto Paradise that was opened in AMK hub a few years ago (you can read here). It was bad! And since then, i haven't step into any Canto Paradise outlet, until now. I need to give it another try right? Maybe the food has already changed.

We ordered some duck, some tofu with sea salt and pepper, wanton noodle and steamed plain cheong fun.

My verdict? The food has really improved! The cheong fun is much better than the one i ate at 2013. lol. Everything has improved. But if you wanna take this to compare with Imperial Treasure, there's still quite a long way to go. Imperial Treasure's dim sum is still the best in Singapore.

But good job Canto Paradise!!! I will definitely go back again.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Eyelash Perming at Skinn Beauty & Body Thru GROUPON | Honest Review

Hello Everyone! I've finally waited long enough to confirm my opinion in this post: EYE LASH PERMING BY SKINN BEAUTY & BODY (brought through Groupon).

It was my FIRST TIME purchasing from Groupon. I heard from my colleague that Skinn does nice eyelash perm and can be purchased from Groupon. So, i went ahead to buy it since i've been wanting to try eyelash perm for quite some time. And as you know, since this is my first time, i was so nervous! I don't know if the result will be good or not. I don't know if this is a scam or not. I tried googling about Skinn's eyelash perm review but i could not really get any info.

How is what they are offering:

1 session for $16 instead of $1283 sessions for $45 instead of $384 


I bought the 3 sessions of the 3D Japanese Eyelash Perming package because i thought the perming would only last at most 2-3 weeks per session. Purchased this on Thursday (23rd Feb 2017) and immediately made a call to book for appointment to do it. They had an available slot on that Saturday at 4pm, the rest of the weekend slots were basically full. 

I just share a bit of my experience with you guys first before i comment on my final review. I reached the salon on time at 4pm. I filled up a form with my personal details to them, they served me tea and i sat and waited. I waited.... and i waited.... and i waited.... 20minutes passed,  i stood up and asked the staff is it my turn soon? The staff said yes 5 minutes very soon! 

Then i waited... and waited.... 10minutes later i asked again is it my turn already? The staff was very perplexed and went to ask the other staff if my room is ready or not. You know what happened? The room which i was supposed to go in to was ACCIDENTALLY taken away by another customer. SO I HAD NO ROOM TO DO IT. Afterwards, she apologised to me. I was already a bit annoyed la. I waited for 30minutes already leh. 

5 minutes later she came back to me with 2 eye masks for me to apply as COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE and gave me a few samples to try at home to express their apology. But at that point of time, i just wanted MY DAMN EYELASH PERM SESSION TO START. 

Fast forward 20 minutes (which means I WAITED FOR A TOTAL OF 50 MINUTES), it was finally my turn!!!! From a 4pm appointment to a 5pm appointment. 

In the room, the beautician gave me a complimentary facial wash (WHICH I THANK YOU BUT I SERIOUSLY DIDN'T WANT IT BECAUSE I WAS IN A RUSH. I was supposed to play mahjong with my friends at 6pm. And i have waited long enough i want the eyelash perm to start RIGHT NOW. It would be better if they can give this complimentary facial wash for my next appointment but they said it cannot be done.). 

I chose M size eyelash perm. Its either M size or Natural. The whole process took about 1 hour 45 minutes. (inclusive of the 10 minutes facial wash + massage). When they perm your lashes, the smell of the solution that they use is very similar to those hair dye chemicals that you smell in the hair salon.

The result??? IT WAS FANTASTIC. lol. Despite the SUPER LATE appointment, they did my eyelash really well. My eyelash doesn't look un-natural. It was super perm. 

How did it last? As i'm writing this post now, my eye lash is still 10% perm. IT LASTED FOR MORE THAN A MONTH!!! And i didn't take extra efforts to maintain the lashes. I rub my eyes like i normally would. I wash my face like how i always wash it. 

Did i put mascara on my eyelashes? No i don't have to because it was already very perm. 

But also because this eyelash perm lasted for so long, it makes me think WHY I WENT TO BUY THE 3 SESSIONS???? The terms and conditions are that i have to use all 3 sessions within 4 months of purchase. It has already passed 2 months now. I can at most use up till the 2nd session only. 

So a word of advice : YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY 3 SESSIONS (if condition is that you need to finish within 4months). 

Any negative comment? Besides the ultra long waiting period (which actually you don't need to wait this long normally. i was just very unlucky that day), my eyelashes WERE FALLING OUT. I remember about 7 eye lashes from both eyes fell in the first week after my treatment. I guess the chemical was too strong? But luckily i have enough lashes on my eyes so you cannot really tell the difference. In the second week, my lashes fell too. 

Given this fall out of lashes, i'm hesitating if i should go and do the 2nd session. If i wait longer, it may pass the 4 months and it will be equivalent of me buying a one session @ $45.

Frequent eyelash perming can be very damaging to your eyelash, just like how frequent hair dye can damage your hair. Same logic. I guess i will just make a call to Skinn and ask when is the expiry date of my package then decide when to go again.

I have 2 pictures below to show you - ONE MONTH AFTER THE TREATMENT

I'm not sure if you can see it clearly through this picture, but it is still very perm in real life. 

Overall, if you want nice perm lashes, you can go for Skinn and buy it on Groupon. You can give it a try. It really makes your eyes look more awake. But just be careful some of your lashes may fall out. 

Thanks for reading xx.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chui Huay Lim TeoChew Restaurant

I don't have a lot of things to comment about this restaurant except one word : AMAZING. 

They serve amazing TeoChew food! Enough said, let the pictures do the talking. 

I apologise i do not know the exact name of the dishes as they were ordered based on Chef's recommendation. 

But typically those are the things i eat when i patronise Chui Huay Lim. Jumbo has a pretty good standard of food so i'm not surprise that Chui Huay Lim serves pretty good food too! 

Address: 190 Keng Lee Rd, #01-02 Chui Huay Lim Club, 308409 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

味香园甜品 Wei Xiang Yuan @ Chinatown Singapore

Mei Heong Yuan Dessert has been around in Singapore for many years. And surprisingly i have never tried their dessert before >< , until last week. Not really much of a Chinatown person because i tend to avoid crowds and outdoor area. lol. yeah.. I'm missing out so much! 

Their price is pretty affordable and i couldn't wait to try them! 

Almond Black Glutinous Rice SGD4.00. so cheap!!! 
Rating: 3.5/5  

Coconut Pudding: SGD3.00. 
VERY CHEAP and the portion is quite big too! The flavour is good but i do feel it has too much coconut in it. The last few bites felt very overwhelming due to the intense flavour. If lesser coconut in it, the taste will be more balance. 
Rating: 4/5 

Mango Roll SGD3.50 
Again, i can't emphasize on how affordable this is! The mango is sweet and cut nicely into big cube size. My only comment is the skin. It does taste a bit 'hard'? I don't know the exact words to describe it but i feel the skin should be softer and have more rice flavour! 
Rating: 4/5

Sesame Snow Ice SGD5.50 
For this price and this flavour, i am very impressed haha. It doesn't taste like shave ice at all. It's texture is slightly creamy like ice cream and has deep sesame flavour in it. Overall very impress. 
Rating: 4.9/5 

My overall comment: SUPER WORTH IT! 

                       ADDRESS:   No. 63 - 67 Temple Street  Singapore 058611


                       TELEPHONE: 6221 1156

                       OPERATING HOURS: 12PM to 9.30PM (TUESDAY TO SUNDAY)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Haircut @ APGUJEONG HAIR STUDIO | Honest Review

Two weeks ago, i wanted to trim my hair and tried the new hair salon, Apgujeong Hair Studio, in Jem at Jurong East. They heavily advertise that they are Korean Hair Salon, which means must be nice right? Like Kpop... Or at least decent haircut.

I went in, paid $48 and got a senior korean hair stylist to cut my hair. Ok i just want to go in straight to my conclusion: I HATE MY HAIRCUT. 

I was about to cry LOL. Firstly, she couldn't really understand my English. Secondly, my blow dry hair style was very curl and it makes me look like 30 years old. I am very used to a C curl, not a full curl. SUPER UGLY. Lastly, i just wanted to trim my hair NOT CUT SHORT. Aiya i don't know what she did la. Can you imagine i was pissed off the whole entire week because of my hair cut? 

Let me show you: 

I don't understand this. Someone can enlighten me??? Is this the most in korean hair cut that i don't know of? My hair look fking messed up. Looks like an octopus. I WANT TO CRY. 

After a week, i really cannot tahan it so i went back to the hair salon at JEM, PRO TRIM, that i did the other time and asked them to save me. 

Lisa cut my hair last time and i asked her to help me again this time. 


Have to cut short it because of the damage incurred. I was growing long hair initially okay??!!! Now i have to regrow them. 

And Lisa gave me a beautiful C curl afterwards. Everything just looks so much better now and i'm really loving my current haircut. Thank you!!! 

So my honest review???? You can go to other Apgujeong Hair Studio in other outlets BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE ONE IN JEM. Or at least NOT THE SENIOR KOREAN HAIR STYLIST that cut my hair. I think it is also a bit of my fault. She asked me if i wanted to layer. I told her to layer a bit. But i don't know why she layer until like this. I was really sad. Ok, i shall end my post here. xx 

Hydraboost Treatment @ CSK Laser Aesthetics Clinics| Honest Review

Hi everyone! Last week, i decided to try out Aesthetic treatment instead of going for a traditional facial treatment. I have been eyeing on CSK Laser Aesthetics Clinics since they opened in West Gate at Jurong East. Seems legit and trustworthy, plus they have premier outlets in Orchard as well.

I booked for a hydraboost treatment. This treatment has 3 machines: the first is to remove dead skin, the second is to insert vitamin C into your skin and the last is for hydrating purpose where they did it with aloe vera.

The vitamin C was what caught me because i'm really into fair skin! haha.

Secretly took some quick pictures of the clinic. 

Ok let me share the whole process. When i reached the clinic, i was persuaded to do the Lazar whitening treatment with the hydraboost treatment. So a total of 4 machines. I'm a first timer so i get to do the trial treatment. Lazar whitening was $68 and hydraboost was $68 too. And i wasn't ready to pay anything more than $100 ! Then... the staff reduced the price and said i can do both treatments at $98 (before GST). Which means the Lazar whitening was only at $30. 

If you buy package for the hydraboost treatment, it was about $980 (think before GST) for a total of 8 sessions (this is inclusive of 2 free sessions for u). But let's just count it as $980 for 8 sessions. There's no free lunch in this world. 

So...I was like ok since its just another $30, i will do it. The whole treatment was performed by the staff, not a doctor. 



Lazar whitening - This is not a laser treatment. It is LAZAR. (i don't know if i spell it correctly but u read it as La-sa. The machine emits a red light that is said to make your skin fair. No pain at all. Its just like red light shooting into your face. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 1: removal of dead skin - The machine produces a kind of sound that resembles a dolphin voice? Its goes like "eee..eee...ee" when it touches your skin. No pain for this too. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 2: Vitamin C - Fuck this is the most painful machine i ever tried. OMG. You feel like someone punched onto your face and you feel really dizzy when the machine touches your forehead. Your gum feels super sensitive when it touches your chin. It is not so painful on the cheeks. I was like "omg. so painful! Why is Vitamin C so painful?!!" Then again i thought about the outcome = fair skin, and i just clenched my fist and let the machine torture my face. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 3: Aloe Vera for Hydrating Purpose - Not pain at all. Its just a cool machine that goes around your face after putting on aloe vera on your face. 

Last Step: A MASK 

All in all the whole process took about 50 minutes. There was no extractions, although you can always add more money for this part. 

And now comes my honest review: 

I was very eager to see my face after the facial.

Here is a picture of my face during the facial: 
Looks good hor? But really its cause the lighting was good la. haha. 

I looked into the mirror again after my treatment. Hmm... honestly no much difference leh. Felt the same and my skin felt dry after the treatment too, even though they did the aloe vera thing which was supposed to hydrate my face. To be fair my skin is dry type, so i'm not saying that this treatment will make your skin dry. 

I thought the effect might kick in a later while more? So i waited till the next day to see the effect. Again, not much difference. Just slightly lighter? Or maybe this is just a placebo effect? 

Honestly i think the traditional facial treatment is better for my skin as they do extractions as well. But then again if i had done the extractions in CSK clinic, the outcome might be better? 

Guys, this is your call whether to try this treatment or not. Also to be fair maybe the effect can only be seen after a few tries. If you ask me, i won't buy this package. Firstly, the Vitamin C was really painful. Secondly, the steps are really simple (cleanse, machine, mask). But they have already mentioned that there is no steaming and no extractions as this is an Aesthetic treatment. Thirdly, my skin feels dry after the treatment. 

So conclusion, i like this clinic but i won't do this treatment again. There are many other treatments in their service menu. Maybe i should try the skinbooster treatment? Just a heads up for you guys. In the menu, it says skinbooster trial only at $198. But that's $198 (for the ingredient) +  another $100 (for the needle) for one time. But i think the skinbooster will really make a difference to your skin. Hyaluronic acid is inserted right into your face. I'm very tempted to try this! Will do a review if i do this. 

And that's it guys. This sums up my honest review for Hydraboost treatment in CSK clinic.