Sunday, January 8, 2017

TungLok at Vivocity

If thinking of a place to celebrate your parents' birthday, i recommend dining at TungLok at Vivocity. I wanna praise their effort for the happy birthday poem written in Chinese calligraphy. We ordered 6 pieces of 'shou bao' (longevity bun) and brought a birthday cake along. They actually arrange them beautifully on a big plate!!! The Chinese calligraphy is hand-written and its gorgeous!

It was out of my expectation. haha. Not to mention that their food was also delicious! Overall meal cost was $220 (after 20% discount). Their chilli crab is different from Jumbo Seafood. Tunglok's is spicier and sweeter. The only dish i wont recommend is Black Pepper Chilli Crab because its slightly sweeter than the usual black pepper crab we eat. It is cooked with red pepper and the black pepper sauce is thick and kinda resembles the one which can be purchased at NTUC. Other than that, everything else is good!

Ok time to go! Ciao~!