Saturday, February 25, 2017

Haircut @ APGUJEONG HAIR STUDIO | Honest Review

Two weeks ago, i wanted to trim my hair and tried the new hair salon, Apgujeong Hair Studio, in Jem at Jurong East. They heavily advertise that they are Korean Hair Salon, which means must be nice right? Like Kpop... Or at least decent haircut.

I went in, paid $48 and got a senior korean hair stylist to cut my hair. Ok i just want to go in straight to my conclusion: I HATE MY HAIRCUT. 

I was about to cry LOL. Firstly, she couldn't really understand my English. Secondly, my blow dry hair style was very curl and it makes me look like 30 years old. I am very used to a C curl, not a full curl. SUPER UGLY. Lastly, i just wanted to trim my hair NOT CUT SHORT. Aiya i don't know what she did la. Can you imagine i was pissed off the whole entire week because of my hair cut? 

Let me show you: 

I don't understand this. Someone can enlighten me??? Is this the most in korean hair cut that i don't know of? My hair look fking messed up. Looks like an octopus. I WANT TO CRY. 

After a week, i really cannot tahan it so i went back to the hair salon at JEM, PRO TRIM, that i did the other time and asked them to save me. 

Lisa cut my hair last time and i asked her to help me again this time. 


Have to cut short it because of the damage incurred. I was growing long hair initially okay??!!! Now i have to regrow them. 

And Lisa gave me a beautiful C curl afterwards. Everything just looks so much better now and i'm really loving my current haircut. Thank you!!! 

So my honest review???? You can go to other Apgujeong Hair Studio in other outlets BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE ONE IN JEM. Or at least NOT THE SENIOR KOREAN HAIR STYLIST that cut my hair. I think it is also a bit of my fault. She asked me if i wanted to layer. I told her to layer a bit. But i don't know why she layer until like this. I was really sad. Ok, i shall end my post here. xx 


  1. The hair salon layout look the same for both picture??

    1. I was at the pro trim when the two hair styles are taken. One is before hair cut, one is after hair cut.

  2. My hair got screwed up badly too hais

  3. me too... it's horrible. At their Clementi salon

  4. hi may i know the name or at least initials of the senior hair stylist? thanks alot

  5. Pro Trim is it reali good ? Lisa is a Korean Hairstylist at Jem

  6. had my hair cut at clementi branch by Asstistant director and very very dissapointed. i don recommend that palace. paid 58sgd but the quality of the hair cut like 5 sgd one..very very unsatisfied wif my hair now

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  8. i always perm my hair at couples of reputable korean salon here, so this time decided to cut and perm at apgujeong tiong bahru plaza with korean stylist. super disappointed. wasted $600+ and looks like old auntie. went there again few days later to get it fixed (cut ugly permed off and re-perm again) but instead of making it better, it looks worse (of course it's foc). now i have to spend another money to fix it but definitely not going back there again. this is not my first time getting permed and also not that my standard is high. but apgujeong TB plaza is out of my list as for now. will try pro trim next month after my hair grow a bit longer. (ps. from my observation, their local stylists are better than korean stylists)

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  10. Very disappointed to jroungpoint oulet too senior korean hairstyle name soo
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