Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hydraboost Treatment @ CSK Laser Aesthetics Clinics| Honest Review

Hi everyone! Last week, i decided to try out Aesthetic treatment instead of going for a traditional facial treatment. I have been eyeing on CSK Laser Aesthetics Clinics since they opened in West Gate at Jurong East. Seems legit and trustworthy, plus they have premier outlets in Orchard as well.

I booked for a hydraboost treatment. This treatment has 3 machines: the first is to remove dead skin, the second is to insert vitamin C into your skin and the last is for hydrating purpose where they did it with aloe vera.

The vitamin C was what caught me because i'm really into fair skin! haha.

Secretly took some quick pictures of the clinic. 

Ok let me share the whole process. When i reached the clinic, i was persuaded to do the Lazar whitening treatment with the hydraboost treatment. So a total of 4 machines. I'm a first timer so i get to do the trial treatment. Lazar whitening was $68 and hydraboost was $68 too. And i wasn't ready to pay anything more than $100 ! Then... the staff reduced the price and said i can do both treatments at $98 (before GST). Which means the Lazar whitening was only at $30. 

If you buy package for the hydraboost treatment, it was about $980 (think before GST) for a total of 8 sessions (this is inclusive of 2 free sessions for u). But let's just count it as $980 for 8 sessions. There's no free lunch in this world. 

So...I was like ok since its just another $30, i will do it. The whole treatment was performed by the staff, not a doctor. 



Lazar whitening - This is not a laser treatment. It is LAZAR. (i don't know if i spell it correctly but u read it as La-sa. The machine emits a red light that is said to make your skin fair. No pain at all. Its just like red light shooting into your face. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 1: removal of dead skin - The machine produces a kind of sound that resembles a dolphin voice? Its goes like "" when it touches your skin. No pain for this too. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 2: Vitamin C - Fuck this is the most painful machine i ever tried. OMG. You feel like someone punched onto your face and you feel really dizzy when the machine touches your forehead. Your gum feels super sensitive when it touches your chin. It is not so painful on the cheeks. I was like "omg. so painful! Why is Vitamin C so painful?!!" Then again i thought about the outcome = fair skin, and i just clenched my fist and let the machine torture my face. 

Hydraboost Treatment Machine 3: Aloe Vera for Hydrating Purpose - Not pain at all. Its just a cool machine that goes around your face after putting on aloe vera on your face. 

Last Step: A MASK 

All in all the whole process took about 50 minutes. There was no extractions, although you can always add more money for this part. 

And now comes my honest review: 

I was very eager to see my face after the facial.

Here is a picture of my face during the facial: 
Looks good hor? But really its cause the lighting was good la. haha. 

I looked into the mirror again after my treatment. Hmm... honestly no much difference leh. Felt the same and my skin felt dry after the treatment too, even though they did the aloe vera thing which was supposed to hydrate my face. To be fair my skin is dry type, so i'm not saying that this treatment will make your skin dry. 

I thought the effect might kick in a later while more? So i waited till the next day to see the effect. Again, not much difference. Just slightly lighter? Or maybe this is just a placebo effect? 

Honestly i think the traditional facial treatment is better for my skin as they do extractions as well. But then again if i had done the extractions in CSK clinic, the outcome might be better? 

Guys, this is your call whether to try this treatment or not. Also to be fair maybe the effect can only be seen after a few tries. If you ask me, i won't buy this package. Firstly, the Vitamin C was really painful. Secondly, the steps are really simple (cleanse, machine, mask). But they have already mentioned that there is no steaming and no extractions as this is an Aesthetic treatment. Thirdly, my skin feels dry after the treatment. 

So conclusion, i like this clinic but i won't do this treatment again. There are many other treatments in their service menu. Maybe i should try the skinbooster treatment? Just a heads up for you guys. In the menu, it says skinbooster trial only at $198. But that's $198 (for the ingredient) +  another $100 (for the needle) for one time. But i think the skinbooster will really make a difference to your skin. Hyaluronic acid is inserted right into your face. I'm very tempted to try this! Will do a review if i do this. 

And that's it guys. This sums up my honest review for Hydraboost treatment in CSK clinic. 



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