Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cecilia Westberry Brazilian Waxing | Honest Review

Just about a month ago, i went for my brazilian waxing at Cecilia Westberry (located just two bus stops away from Buona Vista MRT). Initially i was intending to book one appointment with Strip but they were fully booked for the Saturday. I didn't want to wait for another week! So i just googled and Cecilia Westberry came out in my search. Seems legit & the price is fairly cheaper too! It was only SGD42 for full brazilian waxing. (But ended up SGD42 was soft wax = meaning more painful. And hard wax is SGD62. About the same price as Strip). Then i went ahead & book an appointment with them. 

Honestly i haven't done waxing for about a year LOL. The thought of spending money and suffering during the wax really hesitated me. Why spend money to suffer? right? But anyway i couldn't stand the situation down there anymore so i need to get the wax done. LOL. Cecilia Westberry claims that it is almost pain free cause they are very experienced and fast. 

So during the day of appointment, i arrived & because i was 10minutes late, i couldn't get Cecilia to help me because she needed to attend to another customer who was arriving soon. I wasn't angry because they already told me i need to reach on time. haha. But i had work la. Cannot be early. I got a chinese lady. 

Ok hold on. Maybe i should describe how i felt the moment i entered into their shop. Very clean space. White & neat. Even saw a caucasian staff. Doesn't seem very friendly though... Just 2 minutes in the shop and a caucasian customer came in. Another 1 minute and another caucasian customer arrived. I waited less than 5 minutes and a chinese staff attended to me. 

Lied down on the bed and the waxing began. A true 15 minutes torture!! "Pluck Pluck Pluck" and i was done. VERY PAINFUL OK. I'm not sure if its because i did soft wax instead of hard wax?? 

And then went to the counter and waited for them to proceed with my payment. They look so busy and i even saw some commotions going on amongst the staff. One staff was saying dunno what "why did u take my room. My customer is coming." something like that. They just look super busy & irritated. LOL. But there were still 2 staff who were quite chill and smiled at me. 

Wait i haven't finish my story. So they asked me if i am first timer. I said yes thinking maybe i'll have a discount or something. But no discount. No nothing at all. Then why ask me if i'm first timer?? Didn't even ask me to buy package or who refers me. haha. At that point of time, i didn't want to care about them la. I just wanted to quickly pay and meet my boyfriend. 

Ok so after about 1.5 hours, i went to the toilet in the midst of shopping. And then......... OMG SHIT. Sorry to say this. It might sound a bit disgusting but i have to say it..... I saw small dots of blood stain on my underwear!!! At the left side. I was like WT~~~~F~~~~~... Must be the lady too rough la. I was really serious about that 15 minutes torture ok. Never once in my brazilian waxing i have blood stains. It means my skin was hurt !!!! I was damn mad for a while. 

I called them. But i was very kind enough i didn't scold them or ask for compensation or whatsoever. I just tell them to be MORE GENTLE next time. They tried giving me reasons to why i'm bleeding BUT DENGGGGGGGG ITS NOT MY FIRST TIME DOING BRAZILIAN WAXING... It doesn't make sense to come out with reasons. The only thing that make sense is I HAVE THIN SKIN, YOU ARE TOO ROUGH. YOU HURT MY SKIN. That's it. 

But anyway, we hung up. And a few minutes later they called back to check on me again to understand the situation better. I was being very nice to them. Didn't throw tantrum to them too. 

So my final thoughts? I won't go back again. 1. They made me bleed before. 2. I've seen their internal conflict & i think its not very professional to do it infront of customers. 3. Everything just happen very quickly. Not very customer oriented. 4. I thought it was SGD42 but end up hard wax is SGD62. Then might as well i do it at Strip since its just a few dollars difference. 

On a side note, i also had a bad experience with Strip years ago (you can read it here) but now they seem to be more friendly & professional and so far i had only done ONE TIME of waxing after the incident with them. I spent most of my brazilian waxing session with PINK PARLOUR. (But now i feel like the space in Pink Parlour is getting messier? And they will ask u to buy package.) 

There was ONLY ONE PLACE where i did my brazilian waxing once and it was SUPER AWESOME. NO PAIN, STAFF IS VERY FRIENDLY AND THEY REALLY TAKE THEIR TIME TO DO THE WAXING FOR U. But sadly i cannot remember the salon's name!!! -.- ... I can't even remember where the place was located because it was my friend who drove me there. But most probably the place would have closed down already because i remember it was pretty ulu. haha. 

Ok! Basically this sums up my waxing experience. I really need to find one good place to do my waxing. I'm giving Strip another try. 



  1. Thanks for your honest review! I almost wanted to go for cecilia westberry and came across your blog. I was looking out for other alternatives to my waxing session as the one I frequent to is fully booked for a week ;'(

    U can try blush wax @ midpoint orchard (my regular wax place) next time. I do recommend May or Lynn as they are gentle with the process and try to minimise the pain as much as possible. Their prices are so much cheaper too, and they don't hardsell :)

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