Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Hello everyone! I haven't been posting for a very long time! I have so many reviews that i want to share but was just very lazy to transfer the photos to my laptop. That is why i've been procrastinating. But OK, let's start.


I notice that this shop always have long queues and i wondered why. "Is the food really nice?" because honestly i think this is the only shop that has long queue (Oh and Hai Di Lao) in Clarke Quay. Apparently Keisuke has many other outlets in Singapore but Clarke Quay is the only one with Lobster soup base. Ya u heard me correct, its lobster SOUP BASE. At first i thought there's really lobster meat in my ramen!!! LOL!


I like their shop front 

Thank god we arrived just 5 minutes earlier before the crowd came. The queue started to form by 6.15pm. 

In the restaurant, they serve you free tao geh (it has some chilli inside)... 

and free boiled eggs. Woah this is the first time i seen a restaurant giving me free eggs. lol. 

They are also well-known for the Green Tea Cola drink. $4 per bottle. To me, it tastes like lime soda. haha. 

We ordered 2 types of gyoza. Left is with pork and right is with prawn. 

I must say the prawn one is really good (for the price). You can skip the pork and go for the prawn if you can't finish 2 types of gyoza at once. 
Beef tataki. Not my kind of thing but worth a try! 

Fried Chicken with homemade TarTar sauce 

This is the Lobster ramen with clear soup base 

Lobster Ramen with thick broth 

There are 4 different kinds of soup base you can choose from: Clear soup, Rich soup, Miso soup and spicy Miso soup. 

Overall comment: Recommend to order rich soup with hard noodle. The soup itself really has lobster taste - which i think they probably just cook it with lobster head shell ... Too bad no lobster meat. Side dishes are worth the try. It is good overall ! And the prices are fairly competitive too! Just a side note... i got a little bit thirsty after eating the food, which HIGHLY LIKELY means got MSG inside la. But it is not that bad until i am super thirsty. (The one that made me SUPER DUPER ULTRA THIRSTY WAS HAI DI LAO MA LA SOUP BASE.) 

Worth to eat? YES 

For the prices in the menu, you visit the link here


Clarke quay 3C River Valley Road #01-07 The Cannery, Singapore 179022 
(It is just near the taxi stand in Clarke Quay) 

Opens from 6pm to 5am 

+65 6255 2928 
(They don't accept booking reservation. I've tried)


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