Friday, June 28, 2019


Hello beautiful ones! I terribly apologise for the lack of posting. I spent a few months reflecting and enclosing myself "in a circle". Really want to thank all my friends and family who showed me support and care. I am feeling much better now.

And if you are not following my Instagram, which i am very active on, you are missing out! I have moved to Hong Kong! It has been a month since i came here, back to my old hometown. Just a brief background about myself: I was born in Hong Kong and migrated over to Singapore when i was 5. After graduated, I landed myself in a very good company and after 2.5 years of rolling, a thought came across my mind. "It is now or never". And here i am, transferred to Hong Kong. A whole new experience, new colleagues, new work environment.

There are so many things i want to talk about since moving here! My housing issue... the people here... It's just crazy. And that's when a thought suddenly came up (sorry i have many random thoughts everyday) - I CAN DO VLOGS!!!

Still working on it now. There are just that many hours in a day for you, for me, for everyone and really only these much you could do a day. So let's all work hard.

A sunset picture for you that i took in Beijing when i was having a meeting there two weeks ago.

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