Wednesday, September 18, 2019


From mouldy dust smell to new wallpaper, repainted furnitures and fresh linen...

Hello beautiful ones, today i bring you through my journey on HOW I TRANSFORM MY HONG KONG APARTMENT (to the best i could).

Hong Kong, you've totally tested my limits and patience. As you would know, housing is a big issue in Hong Kong. Flats are ultra small. Old buildings with leaking water coming from the air-con. If you are thinking about moving to Hong Kong (on a non-expat package), you need to think twice about the housing condition here (whispering to you: its pretty bad).

I was lucky enough to rent a much bigger flat than most people. Two rooms, one living room, one kitchen a toilet. I was told not to expect much because this is an old flat. Everything is old. So i mentally prepared myself but i totally missed out something - if something is very old, you should also expect that moldy smell. I completely miss this out.

Strong mould smell greeted me when i opened that door. What have i got myself into? Why did i do this?! Anyhow, after staying for one week i know this flat needs to be tear down and rebuild (literally). Well at the very least, those old wallpaper needs to go. Its making my nose itch.

I spent a total of 4 weeks to complete everything. I only had the weekend free to do since i had my full time job during weekdays.

My bedroom before

In the process of renovation...

I also learned how to plaster wall. 

Adding on to the mouldy smell, my legs were ridiculously bitten by idk-wtf insects. I only realised its coming from beneath the mattress/the mattress when i was doing a deep clean in the bedroom.


I had a total 5 of these bites on both legs. The bites were so big even after 3 months, i'm still suffering from the scars. These idk-wtf insects were all living beneath the bed!!! So apparently the bed is a storage bed and apparently, the owner has his whole junk of items untouched which i predict for at least 5 years. 
I had to clear all these away.

After changing the wallpaper, repainting the furnitures, DIY cupboard knob, layering vinyl flooring, new curtains, new mattress and bedsheet, my bedroom is finally coming together. 

Isn't this looking SO MUCH BETTER?

Now comes the living room 

My living room before

And my living room after

You are welcome. Its looking so much better now.

Thing I've learned through this renovation: 
1. How to stick wallpaper
2. How to plaster the wall
3. How to overlay my floor with vinyl tiles
4. How to paint my furnitures and shine them

I purchased most of the renovating items from Taobao and that includes wallpaper and vinyl tiles. They are sold at a really affordable price!!!

To be honest, i'm very proud to how far i've come for this renovation. It took me so much patience and tolerance. I had to wait till weekend to continue my renovation because I had to work in the weekdays. There were a few times when i thought i should just change to a better apartment. But seriously, its really expensive to rent apartment in HK. They are expensive and ultra small.

I also have to thank my aunty, her husband and my boyfriend who came to help me. Without them, i really don't think i can make it. Its just too much work!

But i am glad that this is all over now.

So that's it my lovely ones! Hope you like this post I shared. And again, if you are thinking about moving to HK on your own, think again.


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