Tuesday, December 10, 2019

HONEST REVIEW: Q-Switch and V-Beam Laser Treatment at Clifford Clinic

Hello beautiful people! It has been such a long time since i've blogged. I've been wanting to write about this post for the longest time. Throughout these years, i have been suffering from acne problems. This was my first acne encounter back in 2016 you can read it here (click here).

Then in 2018, i got another lapse of acne breakout. This time, since i was already working and had more disposable income, i decided to try out laser treatment. So i went to one of the most famous laser clinics in Singapore - The Clifford Clinic in the hopes of getting my acne marks/scars treated. Dr Ee was my doctor and suggested me to do Q-switch and V-beam. A total of 10 sessions (alternating between 5 sessions of Q-Switch and 5 sessions of V-beam). The total cost of this laser treatment package is a whooping SGD2800. He also prescribed me with their clinic's moisturizer and a Vitamin A cream which was another SGD150 (around there). The moisturizer itself cost SGD90.

I'm going to cut this story really short because i know you guys only want to know if this is really worth it!

Ok here we go: After the first 2 treatments (doing Q-switch first then V-beam 2 weeks later), I saw tremendous result. My acne scars were literally diminishing! I went back after a month for Q-switch since my acne marks were already much less noticeable.

Then i went back after 2 months for V-beam since by that time i already didn't care much as my acne marks were almost entirely gone. lol.

But the problem CAME BACK afterwards. Somehow, i don't know why, my acne marks started coming out again. And i started having some breakouts again. Its on and off. But every time after i visited the clinic, my acne would seem to be much better.

For the rest of the 4 treatments, it took me closed to 8 months to finish it. The longest hiatus i took was a 4 month period. Actually it was not because i was lazy to go, the actual reason was really because THE WAITING TIME IS SO DAMN F* LONG !!!!

Even if i had book an appointment, i could still wait up to 45 minutes ! And mind you the laser treatment itself was only 3-4 minutes max. I really don't understand how the staff manage the bookings.

There was one time i waited for an hour. My appointment was 6pm, i came in at 6.05pm and i waited until 7.05pm for my turn. I was so hungry by then, just got off from work, really tired and the last thing i needed was waiting. That explains why i took a 4 months hiatus from getting my next treatment. I really dislike the waiting time.

In summary and to be fair, the laser treatment will work and i feel you need to really be consistent with the treatment. And i certainly think 10 sessions weren't enough for me. Below are the AFTER pictures (sorry i do not have the before but just imagine it as 3x worse):

My left profile after 5 sessions of V-beam and 5 sessions of Q-switch 

My right profile after 5 sessions of V-beam and 5 sessions of Q-switch 

These photos were taken back in June 2019 and just a note for it : It was a beginning of another lapse of acne breakout for me. You can clearly see a new pimple on my left cheek and one inflamed buddy on my right cheek. Right now as i'm writing this post (i.e. 6 months after), my acne has subsided AGAIN but i'm left with alot of acne marks AGAIN (god i don't know how many times i need to go through this) For one shocking fact, the cause and types of acne i'm getting in all these 3 episodes of acne breakout was quite different. I'm still trying to figure it all out. All i can say for this latest acne breakout was mainly due to stress and diet. We will talk about this another day. 

So here's the end of my post. Disclaimer: I paid for everything in this laser treatment and am not sponsored to speak or promote in any way. Take away: I recommend you to try out Q-switch and V-beam but really do be consistent with your treatment. And also, just be sure that you have already cured the root of your acne problem before going for this treatment. 

Thanks for reading this honest review.


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