Tuesday, May 19, 2020


It has been so long since i blogged! Hello my beautiful people I hope everyone is maintaining their sanity during this Circuit Break / Lockdown / Quarantine. This pandemic has harshly affected many of us for sure. I cannot wait till the end of the lockdown so i can dye + trim my hair, have my facial treatment and Brazilian IPL. I also want to try lip blushing. #essential #firstworldproblem 

Since we are spending everyday at home now, we have so much time to cook / bake. I also spend a lot of time making tiktoks which i really enjoy. I miss my friends and i miss hanging out at bars and dining at restaurants. I miss everyone's laughters and i miss hugging my friends. This lockdown has definitely make us realise the small things that we took for granted for. On the bright side i really enjoy working from home. I think the best combination would be to continue working from home but with the bars and restaurant reopen. Ideal? :) 

How are you spending your lockdown? 

Below are some lifestyle photos I took this month (mainly food and all homecook!). 

Cooked fried rice

Baked burnt out cheesecake

The sunset was beautiful 

The reflection

The purple pink hue sunset 

This would really be the best time for me to decorate my room which Im still half ass-ing on. Its taking ages! lol. I'm trying to find meaningful photos to frame them up and hang on the wall. Also looking for a comfy one seater couch. Sadly i'm not feeling it now. Nothing caught my eye. 

Ok i will stop here. 


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