Saturday, June 13, 2020

Consultation at Shens Clinic for Fats Grafting Breast Surgery

Hello beautiful people! This is kind of random but i thought it would be interesting to share a bit of my consultation experience with Dr Shen at Shens Clinic for my fats grafting breast surgery. 

A few weeks ago i was hit by a sudden thought (and mainly might be due to covid stay home period) - wouldn't it be nice to have a breast surgery now since i am technically working from home? It only seems convenient to do it now than later. I have been thinking about the 'what if my boobs is slightly bigger' thought for a while. I'm not looking for a full C cup and the ideal size would be a full B for me. Definitely not a greedy person. 

And i found out that you could actually transfer your own fats to your boobs via your thighs / tummy / love handle fats! I didn't want a silicon inside my body so implants is out of my option. 

I did some research on which are the best clinics in Singapore. I did think about going to Korea but my main objective is to have it done while i still have the luxury to work from home so flying overseas is out. 

I found out through articles and forums that Shens Clinic seems to be very popular and yeah I called them and booked for a consultation with Dr Shen. The consultation fee is *ah hem* SGD 160.50 . 

The waiting time wasn't very long. The nurse took my blood pressure and took some photos of my boobs before the consultation. When i lifted up my sleeve for her to take my blood pressure, she gave me a very casual remark "wah you so skinny don't seem like a right candidate for fats transfer you know..." my heart sank (literally). haha. Then she said the doctor will give me advice later to see if i'm suitable for this surgery or not. 

Met with Dr Shen. He showed me pictures of the before and after, explained to me where he got the fats from and where he inserted into the patient. He also told me that he makes very small incision to do liposuction. It is done very close to your pubic hair area so you can't see the scar if you wear a bikini. 

I prepared a list of questions to ask him and before i could proceed with these questions, it was only right for him to look at my body to see if i even have any extra fats in the first place. 

He took a good look at my body, squeezed my thigh 'fats' and tummy 'fats' and told me "You only have these little fats"... We were both trying to hold off our laughter lol. Then i told him my upper thigh is quite big aren't those fats? He said those are muscles and not really fats. And he taught me the difference between seeing fats and muscles. They are different. 

So all in all, I am not a suitable candidate for fats grafting breast surgery because I do not have enough fats. 

But I want to make full use of this consultation (SGD 160 man...) so I still asked him some questions regarding breast surgery and below is what he answered (not exactly the same words by words but the meaning is there): 

1. Will my boobs still be able to bounce with fats transfer / implantation? I heard the boobs cannot bounce with silicon implantation. It only feels natural to touch but cannot bounce. Is this true? And with fats transfer, since it is natural fats, then can it bounce? 

Ans: Both types of surgery will make your boobs bounce. If it doesn't bounce, it is probably the type of silicon  / surgeon's problem. 

2. I tend to have more stubborn fats on my thighs than on my tummy. My tummy fats can go away very quickly if i lose weight but not my thigh fats (my thigh fats are harder to get rid off), then would it mean that transferring my thigh fats has better chance of fats survival in the surgery? Since technically, these fats are more stubborn. 

Ans: Normally we get the fats from a patient's tummy or love handles and it doesn't matter which part of the fats they are all the same. 

*Pause here* I was listening to this answer and honestly i don't quite believe it because i've watched somewhere on youtube via an American plastic surgeon that fats have memory and where you get the fats from can also impact the survival rate in the fats grafting purpose. So personally i believe that getting fats from a more stubborn area than any area seems more understandable. 

3. If i don't have enough fats now, what about coming back to do after giving birth? Since technically, i would probably gain some weight

Ans: Some people have very high metabolism and you can lose weight fast after pregnancy. If you have those extra fats, then yes come and consult. 

4. But these are only temporary fats right? Would that mean these fats will likely be gone in my breast after fats grafting? 

Ans: Well for here he said something about maintaining the diet you have and the type of exercises you do. If you have heavy exercise / very lean diet and with the type of metabolism you have, then you can lose weight fast and chances are your breast will also lose those fats.


Anyway, guess what? I totally forgot to ask him for a quotation. lol. But from what the nurse told me, a fats grafting costs 14K and an implantation costs 17K. I guess it also depends on how much fats / what size silicon you wanna get. 

So here are all my sharing! I hope this little piece of information has been helpful and all the best to you if you are considering to get one done. 


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  1. hey babe, what is your current size? and how was the photo taking experience etc, do share more!