Sunday, June 7, 2020


Hello my beautiful people, its me again and I am back with another honest review! You know by now that i love to share my honest opinions whenever I try something new or have something exciting to talk about. Today, I want to give my honest opinion on Rigel Parlour Hair Salon. They are located at Bugis Cube. 

I booked an appointment for hair dye, hair perm and hair cut. Initially I was concern if i can do perm and dye at the same time because it sounds very damaging to my hair. I consulted the in-charge regarding my concern and he said I could add in Keratin Treatment to protect my hair and I would be able to do perm and dye at the same time. In addition, he emphasised that they are trained from Korea and the products they use are all Korea technology. 

I totally give him my trust and let him handle my perm and color. I showed him the kind of curl i would like to achieve (picture below): 

And he said this is Korean Wave Perm. He would give me this effect. OK. Korean Wave Perm it is! He went ahead to perm my hair after my Keratin Treatment. 

Perming my hair 

The duration of the perm took 30minutes? Honestly its been 8 years since i do permanent curl on my hair so i'm not really sure of the technology now and he told me the process of perming is much faster than 8 years ago. 

He moved on to color my hair afterwards. I totally trust him with his color suggestion and agreed to getting a green undertone hair color. Normally I go for brown because it compliments my skin the most but he said this greenish color would give me a WOW effect. 

Washed my hair and starting blow dry. I was really eager to see the final result but as the person continued to blow dry, my mind started getting a lot of question marks. I honestly don't see much curls. The hair dresser also kept twirling my hair so that it stays curled. Honestly, if the perm is perfect, you wouldn't need to keep twirling. 

When my hair was done, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was just..... " W T F " in my mind because I really couldn't see a proper curl. And i know for sure my hair would go straight just two weeks time. I have naturally very straight and fine hair which i also share to the in-charged and he ensure me that their 'KOREAN TECHNOLOGY' will make it last for more than 3 months. 

I told him the perm is not obvious at all and it looks rather ugly and asked him 'so how?'. He told me to give it one week and see. I was already very unhappy with the result. If they had not charge me with the perming cost, i would just take it and see them as being professional. 

I spent a total of SGD254. It includes: Keratin Treatment + Dye + Perm + Free Cut. FYI the free cut was just a few snips and that's it. 


For God's sake my curls don't even look like a curl on Day 1. It just looks as normal as it is. Not to mention also I actually don't really like the hair color. Its just not my style. But partially me to blame because I saw the color sample and i agreed to it, trusting the hair dresser's taste. 

And so i've wasted SGD 250 on a shitty treatment like this. My hair still looks frizzy even after Keratin Treatment. 

If you have been following me for a very long time, you would know the last time I did a bad review was years back on Apujeong Salon (which I have not visited since). You can read it here

I'm regretting this so much I think its still the safest to stick back with Pro Trim at Jem. I have been doing my hair cuts with them since the bad experience with Apujeong and Pro Trim never disappoints. In addition, my friend Teddy is working as a hairstylist in that outlet and his hair cut is amazing. My friend did her hair perming with him and it lasted her for more than 8 months. 

Now i have to suck my thumb and wait patiently for two months before i can re-dye my hair. Honestly at this exact moment while writing this, my hair is basically 'straight' and frizzy. Also, my scalp is feeling itchy and i have a slight burning sensation at some parts of my scalp now. 

I wanted to share their IG profile with you all here as well and i just realised they have blocked me on IG !!! WHAT........? This is very unprofessional. No compensation and not even an apology. This is very unethical.  

I have been blocked and this is very unprofessional. SUCH A SHAME!!! 

Please do not engage in their services. They were so confident with their treatment and technologies and training background and yet they can't handle a negative review with professionalism. I have give you my warning. 

That is all for my honest review today and hopefully the next time when i do another honest review, it would be something that is exciting and happy. 

Till then... xx 


  1. They are a scam. I went in march 2019 and I wrote google review cos they blocked me on all social platforms. I wasnt the only one. lots of others chimed in to share their horrible experiences there. They did something to their google location such that my old review was attached to some random salon in ang mo kio. Just readded my review to their google review because i cannot believe they r still in operations!!!

    1. omg how could they! :( i wish more people know about this.

  2. 100% true! I would have read your comment before I get my hair done by them. They literally killed my hair. Expensive and worthless.

  3. Hey thanks for your review. I would have gone to them today for their promo. But I decided not to after ur experience!

    1. You are so lucky ! Yeap there are better places to go than this :)

  4. Thanks for your honest helpful review! Was researching if they are worth going! Omg so scary

  5. Hello there! Do you have any other affordable hair salons for rebonding/perm? :) I was about to visit their salon too!

  6. Hello there! Do you have any other affordable hair salons for rebonding/perm? :) I was about to visit their salon too!

  7. I went there recently too. Should have seen this post earlier. :( It was so bad, worst salon I have been to. Oh I even have a bunch of hair that was burnt at the tip.

  8. Hi All, is Keolleo Bar By Rigel Parlour same as RIGEL PARLOUR HAIR SALON, at Bugis too?
    Add: 470 North Bridge Road, #03-15, Bugis Cube 188735 Singapore , their website:
    I recently book an appointment with them on coming weekend, appreciate if you can share please, TQVM.

    1. Yes they are the same. They change the name becos of too many bad reviews under Rigel Parlour alr. And they think that by changing to a new name, ppl won’t be able to find all those bad reviews as they start afresh. 😂 So silly of them to think that way!

  9. hi girls. i had a horrible experience today. the hairstylist insisted to trim my hair instead of letting me choose what hairstyle i really want. after the hair color was done, he trimmed 2 inches of my hair, then straight away payment. so disappointing!

    i was really looking forward to a short bob, but he told me, i will look fat in it. i had bob cut all the time, and got no problems. im not going back there.

    1. he was rushing all the time. felt like he dont value me, cos ok i only pay $78 and didnt get the keratin treatment. but the entire service i received was so poor!!!! beware girls!!

    2. I feel so bad for you !!! :(