Saturday, August 15, 2020



Hello my beautiful people! The last time I did a collagen supplement review was years back and it was one of the most read posts on my blog. So here i am now trying out this rather well-known product - COLLAGEN PEPTIDES by VITAL PROTEINS 

I have seen a lot of youtubers sharing about this product. There was a sale on iherb one day I decided to order and give it a try! 

First of all this supplement is not cheap at all. I bought the 10oz for SGD38. It lasted me about one month solid. They have many different flavours and personally I would like to order the matcha one BUT it costed more than the original flavour... 

I add this powder into my daily smoothie and also coffee. It is very versatile. I also like the fact that it doesn't change the taste of my drink. The unflavored version is really tasteless, there is no awkward scent. 

Now comes the fun part -> DOES IT REALLY WORK ON MY SKIN? 

To be honest, I don't see any significance difference on my skin. But I also cannot discount the fact that I only consumed it for a month and it is really difficult to tell the results. You have to keep consuming it for at least 3 months to see any difference. However on the account balance sheet, I wouldn't spend SGD40 (including shipping) every month for this. Its a little bit expensive in my opinion. Moreover i would think the matcha powder would have more benefits than the original flavour since matcha is a great anti-oxidant ingredient to for our body. 

So! Here is my verdict :

It is a great product to try. I believe in the long run you will do see some improvement in your body (hair, skin, nails) but that would mean you need to spend about SGD40 a month to keep it up. And I think there are other products out there that can help me achieve the same results and at a lower cost. 

Not sure what you guys feel about this product? Feel free to share your reviews in the comments section below! 


Thursday, August 13, 2020


Hi my beautiful people! I have been experimenting with cheesecake baking recently. Trying to perfect the easy cheesecake recipe. Finally, i was able to find the perfect recipe (playing with the ingredients around) and i am so happy to share with you guys! 



2 blocks of cream cheese (cold) 
1 packet of whipping cream (cold)
150g evaporated cane sugar 
20g cake flour 
3 eggs 
Vanilla Extract (to your liking)


I have a tendency to not allow exactly what a recipe says and cook based on my gut feel. And I think the perks of cooking is really to enjoy the process instead of focusing on exactly how much ingredient you need. So, do not worry if your cake flour is not 20g. It can be 18g,19g,21g. It doesn't matter as long as the main ingredient is there - YOUR CREAM CHEESE. 


Make sure your whipping cream IS VERY COLD before whipping. This will allow the whipping cream to be whipped easily. Set aside the whipped cream in the fridge. 

Now we proceed to beating the cream cheese aka adding all other ingredients in bit by bit. 

I did not bother to sift the flour. Just make sure all ingredients are mixed smoothly. BUT BE CAUTION NOT TO OVER MIX IT. The texture of the mixture should be very creamy when its done - not liquid. 

Pour in mixture into a 8inch pan. Depending on your oven, i bake them for 28mins at 200 Degree Celsius. Your cheesecake should be jiggly in the middle when its done. If it doesn't jiggle, it means you over-bake them :) . 

Let it cool and fridge it for 3-5 hours. The cake will settle and READY TO INDULGE!

Viola~~~ Happy Baking