Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Composite Veneers : Pls Read Before Getting Them! (Singapore Edition)

 Hello my beautiful people. Hope everyone is doing well. Have you ever thought about getting the 'perfect smile' ? Then I am sure you would know this technique called Veneers. Essentially there are two types of veneers that you can choose: Composite Veneer and Porcelain Veneer. Trust me I thought I did all my research and really I did. I was planning to go Vietnam for crowning to fix my 4 upper front tooth but due to the pandemic, this plan was postponed. I also know that i would only go for porcelain veneer because I know that composite veneer is not natural-looking. I had consulted many doctors last year.

BUT...... I didn't know what got into my brain that day. Here is my story: 

I was swiping my IG stories one morning and saw my friend's advertisement on veneers. She did her veneers at Royal Smile and she is very happy with her results. Curiously I clicked into Royal Smile's IG page and i was impressed with their before and after. The price was also very affordable at only SGD1,188 for full set (top 8 teeth, bottom 8 teeth). 

I only remember that excitement washed my brain and i immediately booked an appointment for my veneers treatment that same day! Yeah, very impulsive? I think i just lost my brain that day. I did not ask if its porcelain or composite. I did not about the material used. I did not ask if i can choose shades. Basically, I just booked and went for it. 

At the back of my mind somehow, i kept thinking that it would be porcelain veneer. Seriously i really didn't know what happen to my brain that day. 

Anyway, i reached the place. It is not an actual clinic. They were located in an office building. There was only 1 lady in the office and she was the one who did my veneers. Can i also add that she was smoking a bit in the room? Yeap she did. Basically I was pretty shock at the whole environment. However my whole mind was just to get this done and i would have the nice smile. 

I lied down on the bed and she began her work. It took only 2.5hours to finish the whole set. As i mentioned i kept thinking that it would be porcelain veneer so at the back of my mind, i was wondering where is that piece of small porcelain that she's gonna stick onto my teeth? 


There wasn't much of a Q&A before the treatment anyway. Everything went by super fast. You enter the room, you sign a form, you lie down, treatment begins. 

2.5 hours later... I looked myself into the mirror and i got a shock of my life period. 

MY 2 FRONT TEETH LOOKED SO BULKY SUDDENLY. They look very thick and much bigger than my actual teeth. The whole set of teeth looked thick and unnatural. It looks like a denture LITERALLY. 

I asked the lady if she can thin my veneer even more and she said this kind of veneer is like this. She did, however, try to reshape my two front tooth. I was really bothered at just how big my teeth were looking. 

She said i need some time to get used to this. I was like OK.... I will just wait a few days. 

Honestly in photos and videos, my teeth look OK. But in real life, oh man.... i'm not even joking it really does look like i got a denture. My sister even joked that I look like halloween vampire with those fake teeth. 

VERY HUGE TWO FRONT TEETH... Everything just look much bigger and thicker. 

Ok so i cut the story short. On the next day, I knew i won't be able to get used to it and i wanted it removed. I don't feel like myself at all. 

Unfortunately Royal Smile does not provide removal service. I voiced out my opinion to them and asked if they could do a 50% refund. After several back & forth, they finally agreed to refund me 30%. I honestly think this is very fair and they have been very kind to try and help me fix my dissatisfaction. 


1. Unnatural - because the composite is added on your existing tooth without any shaving of your tooth, your teeth will definitely look much thicker than before. 

2. Materials used - please check with your doctor the materials they use to glue and the composite itself. I watched on youtube that composite veneer has components of plastic material in it, with BPA. Can you imagine yourself eating harmful material everyday? 

3. Food get stuck easier - There are food stuck in-between my teeth much more than before. This could be due to the workmanship - how well they shape your teeth. 

4. It is not PERFECT SMILE - composite veneers go with your natural teeth shape. There is only so much they can do to reshape your teeth with this method. 

5. Get stain easily - I drank coffee and ate some dark colored food. You can immediately see the color change in your teeth. Your teeth gap also becomes darker. 

6. Removal Cost - Please check for removal cost. Touch wood if you don't like your composite veneer, can it be removed free of charge? The cost of my full set 16 teeth removal cost SGD1,500  ($90 per tooth) in the clinic that im going to go for. THIS IS EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE THAN PUTTING IT ON! 

However, I have to be fair and also stated some pros in composite veneer. My friend really like her new teeth with composite veneer. There are also really satisfied customers. 


1. Non-invasive - This is the least invasive smile treatment. Basically you will have your original teeth back if you remove the composite carefully. There is no shaving off the surface of your original teeth like porcelain veneer. 


So yes I will be going to get them remove this weekend. Very unfortunately and stupidly, this is how I wasted 2.7K. I could literally buy an iphone 12 pro with this money. 

I urge everyone to think twice before getting composite veneer done. I take this as a heavy lesson for myself. 

One more photo before i go. It doesn't look bad through photos / videos but it looks unnatural in real life. I really miss my old teeth. lol.

Thanks for reading. Think twice!!!