Sunday, November 15, 2020

Getting Rid Off My Composite Veneer

Hello my beautiful people! I have finally gotten rid off my composite veneers after two weeks. It took me two visits to the clinic to completely remove my 16 teeth with composite veneers. Each visit took about 1.5hour. The first visit was to remove the top 8 and second visit to remove the bottom 8. 

So you imagine: I had my original top 8 teeth and fake bottom 8 teeth in-between my first and second visit. haha. But it didn't bother me much at all because we are working from home most of the time! If not, wearing a mask out! 

While lying on the dental chair with the dentist scrapping my composite off my tooth, I wonder if anyone thinking of doing veneers has consider the consequences? Do you know how much is it to remove your composite veneers year after? Do you know you need a really professional dentist to help you remove them so that your actual tooth won't be harm? Oh and if you are thinking about doing porcelain veneers, that is a life long commitment! This is because your original tooth surface will need to be shaved off a little bit to fit in the porcelain veneers, and so basically you simply CANNOT go back to the original state of teeth anymore. You will be stuck with porcelain forever. And veneers can get chip off easily. So, consider the expenses to maintain your new set of teeth. 

I am extremely grateful that I went to a professional dental clinic to get my composite veneer removed. This $1,500 was well spent (to have them removed, but stupidly I wouldn't be spending this IF I had not gone for composite veneers so impulsively. You can read part one here how i got my composite veneers done). 

This outlet even has a TV on the ceiling to distract me! lol. I watched the whole 'Baby Boss' movie while getting my top 8 composite veneers removed. That was how long it took. 

The effort put in to remove my composite wasn't easy. The doctor had to scrap off really hard and really carefully at the same time. The worst part was that the glue color is very similar to my original teeth color and thus it is very difficult to tell whether the glue is still on my teeth or not. Can you image that? 

That is no wonder the place where I did my veneers does not offer removal service. 

Nuffield Dental at Serangoon Garden outlet, with Doctor Ireen. 

Food get stuck in-between my teeth gaps so easily due the veneers. I have no idea why! And because the composite veneers wasn't super professionally done, my teeth could get really messed up years later with stain around the edges of the veneers. Yeeks! 

Ok... enough of sulking over this. I am just so grateful that I finally got it removed. This is perhaps the most stupid thing I did this year - getting the composites up and getting it removed 1 week later. lol. I could have bought the new iphone 12 pro with this money and still be left with hundreds. Ok... no more thinking about it. Very heavy lesson learnt. 

Hope you guys think carefully first before doing any big ticket stuff / getting veneers.